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Glennie Kindred

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  • Walking with Trees by Glennie Kindred
    Walking with Trees (English, Paperback) Glennie Kindred

    In Walking with Trees, Glennie Kindred takes us on an intimate and profoundly connecting walk with thirteen of our native trees

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  • Letting in the Wild Edges by Glennie Kindred
    Letting in the Wild Edges (English, Paperback) Glennie Kindred

    In Letting in the Wild Edges, Glennie Kindred encourages us to celebrate the bounties of nature and reconnect with the Earth. Season by season we are given tips for foraging wild foods, learn how to grow edible and native plants in our gardens and are given recipes for making simple medicines from our finds.

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  • A Hedgerow Cookbook by Glennie Kindred
    A Hedgerow Cookbook (English, Paperback) Glennie Kindred

    A little book of magical mouthwatering wild plants and rambling recipes beautifully prepared and seasonally presented by travelling artist and writer Glennie Kindred.

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  • Sacred Earth Celebrations by Glennie Kindred
    Sacred Earth Celebrations (English, Paperback) Glennie Kindred

    Suitable for those seeking to celebrate the changing rhythms and seasons of the Earth and her cycles, this book explores the eight Celtic festivals, how they were celebrated and understood in the past, the underlying changing energy of the Earth, and the ways we may use this energy to deepen our connection to the Earth and our fellow human beings.

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  • Herbal Healers by Glennie Kindred
    Herbal Healers (English, Paperback) Glennie Kindred

    Many of the common plants around you are powerful medicines. In this simple and useful book of herbs and potions, renowned hedgewitch Glennie Kindred shares her essential natural medicine cabinet for the first time, packing these small pages with ancient potions and lotions, salves, ointments, and simple country wisdom.

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  • Earth Wisdom by Glennie Kindred
    Earth Wisdom (English, Paperback) Glennie Kindred

    Suitable for those who want to learn about tree lore, Celtic festivals, the five elements, Moon energies or simply how to make a connection with the Earth, this book includes ways to experience the seasonal cycles and ways to heal and develop our relationship with the Earth, the trees and the plants through practical and heart-centred interaction.

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  • Earth Alchemy by Glennie Kindred
    Earth Alchemy (English, Paperback) Glennie Kindred

    Show us how to work with each seasonal and alchemical shift, and use the natural energy of transformation to experience ourselves in a new way. This title takes us on a journey of discovery, to find our gold, the source of our healing and happiness.

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  • The Alchemist's Journey by Glennie Kindred
    The Alchemist's Journey (English, Paperback) Glennie Kindred

    In this account of 12 months in her life, a much-loved author explores the powerful fusion of alchemy with the eight Celtic festivals, and shows us how to tap in to the natural energy of transformation inherent in the earth's cycles.

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