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  • The Nag Hammadi Scriptures by Marvin W. Meyer
    The Nag Hammadi Scriptures (English, Paperback) Marvin W. Meyer, James M. Robinson

    The Nag Hammadi Scriptures, edited by Marvin Meyer, is the most complete, up-to-date, one-volume, English-language edition of the renowned library of Gnostic manuscripts discovered in Egypt in 1945, which rivaled the Dead Sea Scrolls find in significance.

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  • Not in His Image by John Lamb Lash
    Not in His Image (English, Paperback) John Lamb Lash

    Basing much of Not in His Image on the Nag Hammadi and other Gnostic writings, John Lamb Lash explains how a little-known messianic sect propelled itself into a dominant world power, systematically wiping out the great Gnostic spiritual teachers, the Druid priests, and the shamanistic healers of Europe and North Africa. They burned libraries and destroyed temples in an attempt to silence the...

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  • Introduction to "Gnosticism" by Nicola Denzey Lewis
    Introduction to "Gnosticism" (English, Paperback) Nicola Denzey Lewis

    Introduction to "Gnosticism": Ancient Voices, Christian Worlds is the first textbook on Gnosticism, guiding students through the most significant of the Nag Hammadi texts, grouping them by theme and genre, and revealing to the uninitiated their most inscrutable mysteries.

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  • The Secret History of the Gnostics by Andrew Phillip Smith
    The Secret History of the Gnostics (English, Paperback) Andrew Phillip Smith

    A long-awaited illumination of the mystical movement that teaches 'Gnosis' - knowledge of God as opposed to unquestioning faith.

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  • Divine Intelligence by Jayne Gardner
    Divine Intelligence (English, Paperback) Jayne Gardner $21.14
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  • Prolegomena to a History of Islamicate Manichaeism by John C. Reeves
    Prolegomena to a History of Islamicate Manichaeism (English, Paperback) John C. Reeves

    Prolegomena to a History of Islamicate Manichaeism provides an annotated anthology of primary sources highlighting Manichaeism, a dualist religion emerging in Mesopotamia in the third century and which spread rapidly throughout the Roman and Sasanian empires until it was violently suppressed by both polities.

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  • Gnosticism by Stephan A. Hoeller
    Gnosticism (English, Paperback) Stephan A. Hoeller

    Gnosticism developed alongside Judeo-Christianity over two thousand years ago, but with an important difference: It emphasizes, not faith, but direct perception of God--Gnosticism being derived from the Greek word gnosis, meaning "knowledge." Given the controversial premise that one can know God directly, the history of Gnosticism is an unfolding drama of passion, political intrigue, martyrdom, and mystery. Dr. Hoeller traces this fascinating story throughout time and shows how Gnosticism has inspired such great thinkers as Voltaire, Blake, Yeats, Hesse, Melville, and Jung.

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  • Voudon Gnostic Workbook
    Voudon Gnostic Workbook (English, Paperback)

    A long-awaited new edition of the seminal text on the spiritual system that is a convergence of Gnosticism and Haitian voodoo, The Voudon Gnostic Workbook is a singular sacred work that is comprehensive in scope from "how to be a lucky Hoodoo" to how magick and voodoo intersect energetically, to esoteric time travel. Complete with charts and graphs and instructive interdimensional physics, The...

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  • Lost Books of the Bible by Joseph B Lumpkin
    Lost Books of the Bible (Hardback) Joseph B Lumpkin

    The Lost Books of the Bible: The Great Rejected Texts - Eighteen of the most sought after books available, which shed light on the evolution of our faith, our theology, and our church. Translations and commentary by the author of the best selling book, "The Lost Books of Enoch," Joseph Lumpkin. - Section One: Lost Scriptures of the Old Testament- First Book of Adam and Eve, Second Book of Adam and...

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  • The Gnostic Bible by Willis Barnstone
    The Gnostic Bible (English, Paperback) Willis Barnstone, Marvin Meyer

    Gnosticism was a wide-ranging religious movement of the first millennium CE?with earlier antecedents and later flourishings?whose adherents sought salvation through knowledge and personal religious experience. Gnostic writings offer striking perspectives on both early Christian and non-Christian thought. For example, some gnostic texts suggest that god should be celebrated as both mother and...

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  • Secret Book of John by Stevan L. Davies
    Secret Book of John (English, Paperback) Stevan L. Davies

    Provides deeper insight into the understanding that in Gnosticism the distinction between savior and saved ceases to exist?you must save yourself and in doing so save God.

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  • Way of Thomas by REV John R Mabry
    Way of Thomas (English, Paperback) REV John R Mabry $21.18
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  • The New Gnosis by Roberts Avens
    The New Gnosis (English, Paperback) Roberts Avens

    Gnosis, in the hands of Roberts Avens, is a perennial philosophy of the heart. This book provides a readable, uncomplicated, and reliable introduction to Gnostic thought in the works of Martin Heidegger and James Hillman.

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  • Pistis Sophia by G. R. S. Mead
    Pistis Sophia (English, Paperback) G. R. S. Mead

    A document of paramount historical importance, not only in terms of Christianity but also with respect to the development of Western religion. It chronicles the teachings of Jesus, who explains life's mysteries to his disciples and Mary Magdalene. Their discussions take place after Christ's resurrection and include accounts of his ascension into heaven.

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  • World Gnosis by Mark Amaru Pinkham
    World Gnosis (English, Paperback) Mark Amaru Pinkham

    Presents the history and teachings of the Left Hand Path - which includes the world's gnostics, alchemists, secret societies, and mystery school initiates - and its continual battle with the patriarchal adherents of the Right Hand Path.

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  • Gnostic Return in Modernity by Cyril O'Regan
    Gnostic Return in Modernity (English, Paperback) Cyril O'Regan

    Looks at the influence of Gnosticism in modern intellectual history, philosophy, and theology.

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  • The Lesser Key of Solomon by Aleister Crowley
    The Lesser Key of Solomon (English, Hardback) Aleister Crowley $30.46
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