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  • All Around Us by Gonzalez
    All Around Us (English, Hardback) Gonzalez, Garcia

    Circles are all around us. We just have to look for them. Sometimes they exist in the most unusual places.

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  • The Privileged Planet by Gonzalez
    The Privileged Planet (English, Hardback) Gonzalez, Richards

    Arguing that life may be rarer than some astronomers and philosophers have said, the author details the delicate balance of factors that make life possible on this planet and reveals the rarity of these conditions in the universe.

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  • Consideration of the Guitar by Gonzalez
    Consideration of the Guitar (English, Paperback) Gonzalez

    Thirty new poems and ample selections from six of Gonzalez's previous poetry books.

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  • Test Tube by Gonzalez
    Test Tube (English, Paperback) Gonzalez

    Follows three people living in a faceless city of decrepit movie theaters, girlie nightclubs, and paper thin apartment buildings.

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  • Three Months with Matthew by Gonzalez
    Three Months with Matthew (English, Paperback) Gonzalez

    Translated by the author, this week-by-week study offers a profound message for readers in simple, easy-to-understand language. Includes 13 detailed Bible studies with daily readings. The study is divided into three sections: See (observations), Judge (historical context), Act (reflection). Journaling is encouraged and a small group study section appears at the end of each week. These Bible...

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  • Three Masterpieces of Cuban Theatre by Gonzalez
    Three Masterpieces of Cuban Theatre (English, Paperback) Gonzalez

    Three great plays of Cuban theater published here for the first time.

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  • Cool Auditor by Gonzalez
    Cool Auditor (English, Paperback) Gonzalez

    A new prose poem collection by award-winning poet and master surrealist Ray Gonzalez.

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  • The Hawk Temple at Tierra Grande by Gonzalez
    The Hawk Temple at Tierra Grande (English, Paperback) Gonzalez

    An essential collection of the Chicano and Southwestern literary canon.

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  • El Guiton Onofre by Gonzalez
    El Guiton Onofre (Spanish, Paperback) Gonzalez $13.07
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  • Beautiful Wall by Gonzalez
    Beautiful Wall (English, Paperback) Gonzalez

    Set in the desert Southwest, Beautiful Wall straddles current realities of immigration and border violence, and a beautiful, familial past.

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  • El Recurso H?drico En Tamaulipas by Arcos
    El Recurso H?drico En Tamaulipas (Spanish, Paperback) Arcos, Gonzalez $22.78
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  • Cuba and the Fall by Gonzalez
    Cuba and the Fall (English, Paperback) Gonzalez

    The literature of Cuba, argues Eduardo González in this new book, takes on quite different features depending on whether one is looking at it from "the inside" or from "the outside," a view that in turn is shaped by official political culture and the authors it sanctions or by those authors and artists who exist outside state policies and cultural politics. González approaches this issue by way...

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  • de Parocho Religioso Eiusque Superiore Locali by Gonzalez
    de Parocho Religioso Eiusque Superiore Locali (Latin, Hardback) Gonzalez

    CUA Press is proud to announce the CUA Studies in Canon Law. In conjunction with the School of Canon Law of the Catholic University of America, we are making available, both digitally and in print, more than 400 canon law dissertations from the 1920s to 1960s, many of which have long been unavailable.These volumes are rich in historical content, yet remain relevant to canon lawyers today. Topics...

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  • El Recurso H?drico En Tamaulipas by Arcos
    El Recurso H?drico En Tamaulipas (Spanish, Hardback) Arcos, Gonzalez $34.18
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  • Doc/Undoc by Gomez-Pena
    Doc/Undoc (English, Paperback) Gomez-Pena, Rice

    MacArthur Genius Guillermo Gómez-Peña and award-winning book artist Felicia Rice create a multi-media border-crossing hybrid: the book as performance art.

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  • Pepon Osorio by Gonzalez
    Pepon Osorio (English, Paperback) Gonzalez

    Pepon Osorio is an internationally recognized artist whose richly detailed installations challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions that shape our view of social institutions and human relationships. Osorio's colorful, often riotous installations are constructed from found objects and things that he customizes or creates. With a wry sense

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  • Three Months with the Spirit by Gonzalez
    Three Months with the Spirit (English, Paperback) Gonzalez

    Three Months with the Spirit is popular author Justo Gonzalez study of the Acts of the Apostles. Eminently readable, the study uses the see-judge-act method to bring readers closer to the text and informs and challenges the daily life of the Christian. ...

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  • Local Portraiture by Gonzalez
    Local Portraiture (English, Paperback) Gonzalez

    This thoughtfully and meticulously researched book explores the work of indigenous Iranian photographers and the way in which their photographs reflect their society and surroundings. In order to highlight how photography reflects local culture, Carmen Pérez González, a photographer herself, offers a comparative visual analysis of nineteenth-century Iranian photographs and paintings...

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  • Poema De Pernain by Gonzalez
    Poema De Pernain (Spanish, Paperback) Gonzalez Currently Unavailable More details