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  • My Life, Our Times by Gordon Brown
    My Life, Our Times (English, Paperback) Gordon Brown

    Reflecting on the personal and ideological tensions within Labour and its successes and failures in power, he describes how to meet the challenge of pursuing a radical agenda within a credible party of government.

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  • England: The Complete Record by Jack Gordon Brown
    England: The Complete Record (English, Hardback) Jack Gordon Brown

    Fully updated ahead of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, England: The Complete Record is the definitive account of one of the world's most recognisable and historic national teams. Participants in the first official international association football match ever played ? a 0-0 draw with Scotland at Hamilton Crescent on 30 November 1872 ? England have remained a domineering and pioneering force in the...

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  • Sea Kayak by Gordon Brown
    Sea Kayak (English, Paperback) Gordon Brown

    Serving as a manual for intermediate and advanced sea kayakers, this book covers topics of kayaking history, physiology, boat and paddle dynamics, seamanship and navigation, safety and rescue, weather forecasting, caves, rockhopping and tidal races, expeditions and overnighting, as well as a wealth of tips and resources for the sea paddler.

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  • John Bryne: Sitting Ducks by John Byrne
    John Bryne: Sitting Ducks (English, Paperback) John Byrne, Gordon Brown

    A guide to the portraiture of John Byrne, selected by the artist himself, to accompany an exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.

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  • Marjorie Her War Years by Patricia Skidmore
    Marjorie Her War Years (English, Paperback) Patricia Skidmore

    Sent away from her family and England to an isolated farm where she was at the mercy of a tyrannical "cottage mother," Marjorie Arnison had to learn to forget her identity in order to survive in her unfamiliar and hostile new home. It was only much later in her life that the memories of where she came from began to resurface.

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  • Mate of the Caprice by Gordon Brown
    Mate of the Caprice (English, Paperback) Gordon Brown

    In the 1930s, hundreds of barges sailed the crowded waters of the Thames estuary carrying up to 100 tons of every sort of cargo - wheat and barley, coal, gun powder, cement and gravel. These remarkable craft were worked by a crew of two - skipper and mate. Here, the shipmate tells his story.

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  • The Future of Socialism by Anthony Crosland
    The Future of Socialism (Paperback) Anthony Crosland

    Sets out the philosophy for the New Labour project. This book contains the key for reviving the fortunes of the Party of the future.

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  • Bloody Scotland by Lin Anderson
    Bloody Scotland (English, Hardback) Lin Anderson, Gordon Brown

    Crime fiction inspired by Scotland's iconic buildings: in Bloody Scotland twelve of Scotland's best crime writers use the sinister side of the country's built heritage in stories that are by turns gripping, chilling and redemptive.

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  • Deepest Wounds by Gordon Brown
    Deepest Wounds (English, Paperback) Gordon Brown $11.48
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  • Under Drake's Flag by G. A. Henty
    Under Drake's Flag (English, Paperback) G. A. Henty, Gordon Brown

    Adventure on the high seas as seen through the eyes of young Ned Hearne, who experiences a harsh seafaring life, visits strange lands, and witnesses the destruction of the Spanish Armada.

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  • The Roads to Modernity by Gertrude Himmelfarb
    The Roads to Modernity (English, Paperback) Gertrude Himmelfarb

    Gertrude Himmelfarb's elegant and wonderfully readable work, The Roads to Modernity, reclaims the Enlightenment from historians who have downgraded its importance and from scholars who have given preeminence to the Enlightenment in France over concurrent movements in England and in America.

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  • Anthropology in Action by G. Gordon Brown
    Anthropology in Action (English, Hardback) G. Gordon Brown, A. McD Bruce Hutt

    Originally published in 1935, when the province of Iringa in what is now Tanzania was still under British administrative control, this book is inevitably a product of its time, but nonetheless it represents an important project in collaboration between an anthropologist and a government official. Factors such as tribal organization and changes of it to aid administration are discussed as well as...

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  • Access, Property and American Urban Space by M. Gordon Brown
    Access, Property and American Urban Space (English, Paperback) M. Gordon Brown

    This book explains why the earliest cities had grid-form street systems, what conditions led to their being overwhelmingly preferred for 5000 years throughout the world, why the Founding Fathers wanted gridform cities and how they affect economic transactions. Real property has been instrumental in forming urban settlements for 5000 years, but virtually all urban form commentary, theory and...

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  • Courage by Gordon Brown
    Courage (English, Paperback) Gordon Brown

    Explores the lives of eight outstanding twentieth-century figures, in order to better understand courage. These eight heroes are very different people, with very different strengths and frailties, but all share an extraordinary and inspirational courage.

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  • Can Finance Save the World? by Bertrand Badre
    Can Finance Save the World? (English, Paperback) Bertrand Badre, Gordon Brown

    "The world is changing, but innovative answers can be found in tradition. Badre offers comprehensive outlines as to how finance is the key to ensuring a sustainable future, ripe with growth, eradication of poverty and modernization"--

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  • My Scotland, Our Britain by Gordon Brown
    My Scotland, Our Britain (English, Hardback) Gordon Brown

    A personal and powerful book on the Union from passionate Scot and ex British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown

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  • Symptom as Symbol by Barbara Somers
    Symptom as Symbol (English, Paperback) Barbara Somers, Ian Gordon-Brown Currently Unavailable More details
  • Being British by Matthew D'Ancona
    Being British (English, Paperback) Matthew D'Ancona

    What does being British actually mean today? Depending on your age, it can conjure up imagery of the Battle of Waterloo, Queen Victoria's Empire, the British Lions rugby team or that famous Union Jack dress Geri Halliwell wore at the Brit Awards.

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  • My Life, Our Times by Gordon Brown
    My Life, Our Times (English, Hardback) Gordon Brown

    THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLERGordon Brown has been a guiding force for Britain and the world over three decades. And by showing us what progressive politics has achieved in recent decades, he inspires us with a vision of what it might yet achieve today.

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