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Graham Simons

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  • Colours in the Sky by Graham Simons
    Colours in the Sky (English, Hardback) Graham Simons

    A comprehensive and colourful history of Autair and Court Line, the prominent British holiday charter airline of the 1970s.

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  • Airbus A380 - a History by Graham Simons
    Airbus A380 - a History (English, Hardback) Graham Simons

    A comprehensive and extensively illustrated history of the Airbus A380; the iconic double-decker, wide-body, 4 engine jet airliner. Details each aspect of its developmental history, both its career milestones and the legacy it looks set to provide to a new generation of aviation engineers, enthusiasts and passengers.

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  • Concorde Conspiracy by Graham Simons
    Concorde Conspiracy (English, Paperback) Graham Simons

    After their failure to be the first nation to develop a jet airliner for transatlantic flight or to send spacecraft into space, the US Government was adamant that they would beat other nations to the goal of supersonic flight and so development of the SST began.

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  • Fighters Under Construction in World War Two by Graham Simons
    Fighters Under Construction in World War Two (English, Paperback) Graham Simons

    Works to highlight the great initiative of aviation engineers working during one of the most pivotal periods of military/aviation history

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  • B-17 Memphis Belle by Graham Simons
    B-17 Memphis Belle (English, Paperback) Graham Simons

    Without doubt Boeing Flying Fortress B-17F 41-42285 Memphis Belle and her crew generate an image that is an all-American icon.

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  • Consolidated B-24 Liberator by Graham Simons
    Consolidated B-24 Liberator (English, Hardback) Graham Simons

    This book focuses on the design, engineering, development and tactical use of the many variants throughout the bombers service life.

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  • Bristol Brabazon by Graham Simons
    Bristol Brabazon (English, Paperback) Graham Simons

    Large and luxurious, it carried only 60-80 passengers, and with a range of 5,000 miles, a 225ft wing span and eight engines buried in the wings with enough fuel to reach New York, the `100-ton bomber' was more impressive and capable than the B-29: the ultimate passenger airliner was born.

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