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  • The Bitter Kingdom
    The Bitter Kingdom (English, Hardback) Rae Carson

    A conclusion to the trilogy that includes The Crown of Embers finds 17-year-old sorcerer-queen Elisa and her daring companions embarking on a rescue mission into unknown enemy territory, a journey that leads to profound revelations. 100,000 first printing.

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  • The Book of Boy
    The Book of Boy (English, Hardback) Professor Catherine Gilbert Murdock

    A young outcast is swept up into a thrilling and perilous medieval treasure hunt in this literary page-turner by acclaimed bestselling author Catherine Gilbert Murdock....

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  • Chrysanthemum
    Chrysanthemum (English, Paperback) Kevin Henkes

    Loving her name until the first day of school, Chrysanthemum is embarrassed when Victoria teases that she is named after a flower, and she learns an important lesson in self-esteem. Storytime Book. Reprint.

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  • Our Dark Duet
    Our Dark Duet (English, Hardback) Victoria Schwab

    A New York Times bestseller...

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  • The Very Worst Monster
    The Very Worst Monster (English, Paperback) Pat Hutchins

    When Billy Monster was born, his father said, "My son is going to grow up to be the Worst Monster in the World." However, Billy's sister Hazel proved that she was the Worst Monster in a way that older siblings can cheer. "A monstrously wonderful a addition to any picture book collection."--School Library Journal.

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  • Round Trip
    Round Trip (English, Hardback) Ann Jonas

    This book isn't just the story of a round trip--it is a round trip! Read forward and look at the sights, then flip the book over to see something different on the way back. Ann Jonas's amazing two-way trip is guarnateed to change the way you look at things!

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  • This Savage Song
    This Savage Song (English, Hardback) Victoria Schwab

    #1 New York Times Bestseller * An Amazon Best Book of the Year...

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  • Resist
    Resist (English, Paperback) Sarah Crossan

    Alina, Quinn and Bea, now outlaws and outcasts, make their way to the last enclave of the Resistance but once there, they discover they can count on no one but each other and may, in fact, have to betray those they considered allies. 75,000 first printing.

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  • A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars
    A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars (English, Hardback) Seth Fishman, Isabel Greenberg

    "This picture book is one in a gazillion."?Jane O'Connor, the New York Times?bestselling author of the Fancy Nancy series...

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  • You'll Soon Grow Into Them, Titch
    You'll Soon Grow Into Them, Titch (English, Paperback) Pat Hutchins

    When Titch outgrows his clothes and the hand-me-downs are too big, his mother buys him brand-new clothes and he gets to be the hand-me-downer. Reprint.

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  • The Headless Horseman Rides Tonight
    The Headless Horseman Rides Tonight (English, Paperback) Jack Prelutsky

    "In a companion volume to Nightmares, poet and artist again collaborate to elicit feelings of exquisite terror."--Horn Book. "Prelutsky's rhymes are as lethal, lithe, and literate as ever, and Lobel wrings every atmospheric ounce out of them."--School Library Journal.

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  • Waiting
    Waiting (Paperback) Kevin Henkes $27.24
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  • The Line Up Book
    The Line Up Book (English, Hardback) Marisabina Russo

    "Lunch!" Sam heard his mother calling. But Sam was very busy. "Just a minute," he called back. Sam wasn't ready in a minute. Sam's mother was about to lose her patience, but when she saw what Sam had been doing, all was forgiven. An ingenous first picture book with bold, brilliant illustrations.

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  • Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs
    Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs (English, Paperback) Byron Barton

    Shows the many kinds of dinosaurs that once roamed the earth

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  • Chrysanthemum
    Chrysanthemum (English, Hardback) Kevin Henkes

    Written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes, the nationally bestselling and celebrated creator of Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, Owen, and Kitten's First Full Moon, Chrysanthemum is a funny and honest school story about teasing, self-esteem, and acceptance to share all year round....

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  • The Spook's Tale and Other Horrors
    The Spook's Tale and Other Horrors (English, Paperback) Joseph Delaney

    Enter a land where creatures of the dark creep out of the shadows...

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  • Sam Who Never Forgets
    Sam Who Never Forgets (English, Paperback) Eve Rice

    Could Sam the zookeeper have forgotten to feed Elephant, the other zoo animals wonder. "Like Sam, Rice never, never forgets her audience."--School Library Journal.

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  • "Could Be Worse!"
    "Could Be Worse!" (English, Paperback) James Stevenson

    "Unexcitable Gramps surprises everyone with a whopping tale of derring-do that proves there's life in the old boy yet. Stevenson's watercolors couldn't be better."--School Library Journal.

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  • A Chair for My Mother
    A Chair for My Mother (English, Hardback) Vera B Williams

    A child, her waitress mother, and her grandmother save dimes to buy a comfortable armchair after all their furniture is lost in a fire.

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  • Parade
    Parade (English, Paperback) Donald Crews

    "Showing the same dynamic energy and brilliant colors as in Freight Train and Truck, the author-artist conveys the breathless anticipation and delighted enjoyment generated by a parade."--Horn Book.

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