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Greg Bailey

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  • Game of Queens by Greg Bailey
    Game of Queens (English, Cards) Greg Bailey

    Who is the most outrageous?Trixie Mattel or Divine? Who is the funniest?Coco Peru or Lily Savage? Enter the world of huge hair, sparkling make-up, glitter galore, fake eyelashes, and ... the fine art of the tuck and tape, with Game of Queens! Pitch queen against queen from across the carnival court of drag, from the female impersonators who pioneered drag performance in the 1970s up to the...

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  • Alright Darling? The Contemporary Drag Queen Scene:The Contempora by Greg Bailey
    Alright Darling? The Contemporary Drag Queen Scene:The Contempora (English, Paperback) Greg Bailey

    Alright Darling? is a visual celebration of the uninhibited, unapologetic and unafraid wonderland of contemporary drag. Showcasing the world's fiercest drag queens, along with their wild fashion ? and the wit, realness, backstage antics and outrageous shade of drag culture ? the book includes fresh shots of the ringleaders of this world, including:...

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  • The Sociology of Early Buddhism by Greg Bailey
    The Sociology of Early Buddhism (English, Paperback) Greg Bailey, Ian Mabbett

    Early Buddhism flourished because it took up the challenge represented by buoyant economic conditions in the newly emergent Indian states from the fifth century BCE. This book begins with the apparent inconsistency of Buddhism, a renunciant movement surviving within a strong urban environment, and draws out the implications of this.

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  • Love Lyrics by Amaru
    Love Lyrics (English, Hardback) Amaru, Hari Bhartri

    Short lyrical poems in a Sanskrit-English bilingual edition.

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