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  • Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes by Greg James
    Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes (Paperback) Greg James, Chris Smith

    The second, epically funny adventure starring Murph Cooper and the Super Zeroes from Greg James and Chris Smith...

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  • Run Smart by John Brewer
    Run Smart (English, Paperback) John Brewer

    Renowned marathon expert and leading sports scientist John Brewer reveals why many of the concepts surrounding marathon training and running are wrong, and suggests how the latest sports science research transforms the way marathons should be approached.

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  • The Thing Behind the Door by Greg James
    The Thing Behind the Door (English, Paperback) Greg James

    The Old School stood alone and abandoned on the edge of the Old Town, somewhere in the South-East of England. It was a place of horror and old nightmares; where shadows gathered and the silence was haunted by the voices of the dead. Clifton, Jenna and Louise are being drawn back to the Old School, drawn by something shaped from their own darkness and despair. It waits for them, it calls to them,...

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  • The Stone of Sorrows by Greg James
    The Stone of Sorrows (English, Paperback) Greg James

    Armies of Fellspawn march upon Highmount. The Iron Gods have awoken from their slumber. E'blis, the Prince of Pain, is preparing a very special sacrifice to raise the Fallen One from his tomb. Sarah Bean must beseech the Kay'lo to join the war and help her to save Seythe from total destruction. Will they agree to help her? Can Highmount survive such an onslaught of evil? Or will this be the...

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  • Under a Colder Sun by Greg James
    Under a Colder Sun (English, Paperback) Greg James

    Khale the Wanderer: dark warrior of legend, a reaver with a demon's soul.King Alosse: ruler of Colm, willing to risk everything to save his city and its people.Princess Milanda: an innocent, kept pure since birth, unknowing of her fate.Neprokhodymh: the cursed city of sorcerers where Khale must make a choice that will scar him for life, or fall into darkness forever.

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  • London Ghost Story by Greg James
    London Ghost Story (English, Paperback) Greg James

    John Greyerson is the same as you and me. He gets up in the morning. He goes to a tedious dayjob. He goes home afterwards and tries to forget about what his life has become. Every day the same. Not much changes. Little worth living for. John Greyerson is not quite the same as you and me. He has met a ghost. Her name is Daria Lee and she has introduced him to the strange, twilight world which...

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  • This Darkness Mine by Greg James
    This Darkness Mine (English, Paperback) Greg James

    The City is a house of flies, slowly rotting away. Soho Ghetto is a place of riots, sex, abuse and disease but it is no worse than the corporate meat-markets that staff their offices with the corpses of recently-deceased employees. Have you ever been to The Shop? Would you know a Bottom-Feeder if you saw one? Do you know what it feels like to be eaten alive by a Redundancy Package? Would you like...

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  • The Clowns Outside by Greg James
    The Clowns Outside (English, Paperback) Greg James

    Emma Ashley has never liked clowns, so when she meets one on an afternoon walk through the woods she is certain he is up to no good. After he attacks her and she runs deeper into the woods, she discovers a conclave of clowns performing a sacrifice. Their leader appears to be the spawn of her childhood nightmares. How can a figment of her imagination have come to life? Will Emma escape with her...

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  • The Door of Dreams by Greg James
    The Door of Dreams (English, Paperback) Greg James

    A BRAND NEW YOUNG ADULT DARK FANTASY / FAIRY TALE ADVENTURE FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE BEST-SELLING AGE OF THE FLAME TRILOGY!Once upon a time, there was a girl with no time for fairy tales. Her name was Willow Grey. The doctors had told her she was sick and she wasn't going to get better. But then, she found the magical land of Tirlane where she met Henu, the sprightly wizard of the woods. He tells...

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  • Hordes of Chaos by Greg James
    Hordes of Chaos (English, Paperback) Greg James

    Khale: a wanderer no more, he sits on the throne of Tumenfell as usurper. The Gorenwald: the endless forest-sea where a nameless evil lurks. The White Sons: zealots who have bred a monstrous army to conquer Tumenfell. Leste the Red: tortured for years ? full of hate and pain ? she comes to take Khale's head. Could this be the end for Khale? Will he fall to the approaching hordes of chaos, or to...

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  • All Things True by Greg James
    All Things True (Paperback) Greg James $11.29
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  • The Sword of Sighs by Greg James
    The Sword of Sighs (English, Paperback) Greg James

    Sarah Bean lives a quiet life in Okeechobee, Florida until the day when she is transported from our world to the fantastic realm of Seythe. She meets a wayfaring wizard called Ossen who saves her from the dreaded black riders, servants of a being known only as the Fallen One. Together, they will have to undertake a treacherous journey to the far-away Fellhorn mountain where Sarah must find the one...

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  • Shapes in the Mist by Greg James
    Shapes in the Mist (English, Paperback) Greg James

    London's most notorious murderer walks its streets once more. Whitechapel, 1917. Jerry Reinhart, an American fighter-pilot, returns to London to convalesce after losing an aerial joust with the German ace, Baron von Richtofen. Sick and unstable, he loses himself in the seedy streets, unaware that he has brought back something unspeakable with him from the Western Front. Something that begins to...

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  • The Eyes of the Dead by Greg James
    The Eyes of the Dead (English, Paperback) Greg James

    Vampires are loose in the trenches of the First World War. Passchendaele, 1917. Private Reg Wilson is a man with a name but no memories. A soldier who remembers nothing of life before the fighting began. Until he comes to Black Wood, a tainted place that knows him intimately. There, he will discover a darkness buried long ago by time and dust. An appetite that has been awoken by war. A hunger that...

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  • Night Residue by Greg James
    Night Residue (English, Paperback) Greg James

    Come here, into the space that exists between the light and the dark...where a masked god plays with the blind puppet-folk who worship him...where a woman dying to get out of this life finds black salvation in an old shop across the street...where churches and theatres become places of dismal communion...where dreams and nightmares guide the unwitting and unwilling through the broken patterns of...

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  • Hell's Teeth by Greg James
    Hell's Teeth (English, Paperback) Greg James

    Out at sea, off the coast of Gallipoli, the black teeth of Cape Helles await! Gallipoli, 1916. The campaign is lost. The Turks are driving the Anzacs from their dugouts. Amongst them is Tom Potter, a man who left England in disgrace, hoping to start his life over in New Zealand. But his ghosts have not let him go and, when he is cast adrift, lost at sea, they seek him out, they maroon him upon a...

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  • Sevengraves by Greg James
    Sevengraves (English, Paperback) Greg James

    Jim Hendrice thinks he's going insane, or worse. Unemployed and living alone ? he's no-one important; so why is he being followed? Why does he see mysterious faces staring at him from the windows of empty houses? Something is very wrong with the town of Sevengraves, but Jim only begins to understand how wrong when he sees a woman die ? and becomes a suspect for her murder.

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  • Voyage of the Pale Ship by Greg James
    Voyage of the Pale Ship (English, Paperback) Greg James

    The land of Tirlane has fallen to the evil Lamia, but Willow Grey and Henu the Wealdsman escape her clutches aboard the legendary Pale Ship. To free Tirlane, they embark on a voyage that will take them to islands where cats rule over men, ruined cities are inhabited by living statues, and stranger places where spirits can make the wildest and darkest of dreams come true. But it is beyond these...

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  • The Sceptre of Storms by Greg James
    The Sceptre of Storms (English, Paperback) Greg James

    The armies of the Fallen One have invaded the Three Kingdoms. A traitor sits upon the throne of Highmount. Malus, the Necrodragon, has been unleashed to lay waste to Seythe. The only hope left is Sarah Bean. But she has disappeared. Will she return and fulfil her destiny as the Living Flame? Or will she let the armies of the Fallen One conquer Seythe and plunge it into the Age of the Shadow...

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  • Made for the Dark by Greg James
    Made for the Dark (English, Paperback) Greg James

    From Lovecraftian grotesquerie to Aickmanesque peculiarity all the way along to pure pulp gross-out worthy of Guy N. Smith; this collection has something to offer every discerning horror fan!Above a pub in King's Cross, London, a masked performer entices a select audience to shed their inhibitions. Beneath the ruins of a castle in the Scottish Highlands, the monstrous experiments of a missing...

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