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Gregory J Chaitin

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  • Goedel's Way by Gregory J. Chaitin
    Goedel's Way (English, Paperback) Gregory J. Chaitin, Francisco A. Doria

    Kurt Gödel (1906-1978) was an Austrian-American mathematician, who is best known for his incompleteness theorems. He was the greatest mathematical logician of the 20th century, with his contributions extending to Einstein's general relativity, as he proved that Einstein's theory allows for time machines....

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  • Proving Darwin by Gregory J. Chaitin
    Proving Darwin (English, Hardback) Gregory J. Chaitin

    The author of Meta Math! explains how evolution works on a mathematical level, arguing that mathematical theory is an essential part of evolution while highlighting mathematical principles in the biological world. 25,000 first printing.

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  • Metamaths by Gregory J. Chaitin
    Metamaths (English, Paperback) Gregory J. Chaitin

    Now in paperback: one of the world's greatest mathematicians explains his revolutionary hypothesis about the enigma at the heart of maths: omega (?). 'Chaitin comes across as a kind of mathematical Richard Feynman, intuitive and high-spirited, irreverent and plain-spoken.' Peter Pesic, TLS

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