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Gunsmoke Westerns S

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  • Trigger Law by Jackson Cole
    Trigger Law (English, Hardback) Jackson Cole

    Roma's raiders were a vicious crew with a thirst for murder. By plunder and terror, they were about to steal an empire, and only Jim Hatfield stood in the way. But, Hatfield was a Texas Ranger and wouldn't scare. And, as the killers sent their threats and the deadly pressure mounted, Hatfield answered the only way a Ranger could.

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  • Guilt of a Killer Town by Lewis B. Patten
    Guilt of a Killer Town (English, Hardback) Lewis B. Patten

    The minute he rode into his old hometown, Medicine Arrow, Frank Kaily knew something was wrong. Behind the blank stares of his former friends lurked a terrible secret...a secret that directly involved him. What it was, Kaily didn't know. But one thing was perfectly clear. Because of it, the whole town was ready and eager to kill--and Kaily was their number-one target

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  • Rayhide Runyan by Chuck Martin
    Rayhide Runyan (English, Hardback) Chuck Martin

    Rawhide Runyan builds up a cow outfit in the Arizona Strip near the Utah border. A superb fighting man built of rawhide and whalebone, with an aversion to outlaws in general and cattle rustlers in particular. His ranch is well-known as the Double Diamond R. Slow Joe Hill, Rawhide's right-hand man, is a reformed outlaw, and their adventures occur in the Arizona Strip and the surrounding country...

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