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  • The Flexible Body
    The Flexible Body (Paperback) Roger Frampton

    Just 10 minutes of training per day can help you work towards unlocking your body's full potential. Beginning with a basic squat (which we as children do naturally but then as adults struggle to perform), `The Flexible Body : Move better anywhere, anytime in 10 minutes a day' guides you through a series of positions, stretches, rolls and balances that re-train your body to move like it once could....

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  • Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics
    Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics (English, Paperback) Lindsay Broomfield

    Complete Guide to Primary Gymnastics is a book and DVD package for primary school teachers and club coaches working with pupils in reception to year 6. It presents the five basic shapes and applies actions to them to develop gymnastics skills. The DVD has video clips of the shapes, skills and techniques as well as progressions for the entire primary curriculum.

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  • The Science of Gymnastics
    The Science of Gymnastics (English, Paperback) Monem Jemni

    The Science of Gymnastics provides the most comprehensive and accessible introduction available to the fundamental physiological, biomechanical and psychological principles underpinning performance in artistic gymnastics....

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  • Courage to Soar
    Courage to Soar (English, Hardback) Simone Biles, Michelle Burford

    In Courage to Soar, the official autobiography from US Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, Simone presents the story of how she overcame early childhood challenges to become the most decorated US female gymnast and the only female gymnast to ever win three consecutive World Championship titles.

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  • Head Over Heels about Gymnastics! Volume 1
    Head Over Heels about Gymnastics! Volume 1 (English, Spiral bound) Gemma Coles

    Whether you're a coach, physical education teacher or even a budding gymnast yourself, this book contains everything you need to know about developing a range of essential gymnastics skills. The attractive modern format is ideal for teaching anyone how to develop the crucial building blocks that make a successful gymnast: balance, strength, flexibility, co-ordination and positive body awareness.Inside this book you will find clear insightful coaching tips, born out of years of teaching and coaching experience. Accompanying them are a range of full-colour photographs, which clearly demonstrate the correct body positions and technique required for performing each skill. Progress charts will help you to master the wide range of key floor skills and gymnastic elements whilst tracking your improvements.An absolute must-have for anyone with an interest in gymnastics.

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  • The Complete Strength Training Workout Program for Gymnastics
    The Complete Strength Training Workout Program for Gymnastics (English, Paperback) Correa (Professional Athlete and Coach)

    The Complete Strength Training Workout Program for Gymnastics: Develop flexibility, speed, agility, and stamina through strength training and proper nutritionThis training workout program will change how you look and how you feel. If you follow the program you should see great results fast. Both a NORMAL and an INTENSE version of this training program are included to make sure you are challenged...

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  • Head Over Heels about Gymnastics! Volume 2
    Head Over Heels about Gymnastics! Volume 2 (English, Spiral bound) Gemma Coles

    "Head Over Heels About Gymnastics, Volume 2: Pair and Trio Balances" is the second in the series of the successful Head Over Heels About Gymnastics tutorial guides. This book is packed full with ideas to incorporate gymnastics skills into pair and trio gymnastic balances.Through working together the gymnasts will develop teamwork, cooperation and trust whilst having hours of fun with friends. These are key transferable life skills which can be used in everyday situations. This book is recommended for children between the ages of 6-16 and will encourage children of different ages to work together. The attractive modern format provides eye catching images of the skills, accompanied by top tips, technical detail and little bits of insider coaching knowledge. "As much fun as you could possibly have with your gymnastics' friends."

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  • Gymnastics
    Gymnastics (Paperback) Rita Brown $30.88
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  • Boy's Gymnastics
    Boy's Gymnastics (Paperback) Rita Brown $48.28
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  • Coaching Youth Gymnastics
    Coaching Youth Gymnastics (English, Paperback) Lloyd Readhead

    A resource for both new coaches and also for more experienced teachers. It explains the various disciplines of gymnastics, together with how they fit into the framework of international gymnastic competition. It also discusses various coaching styles and how they might best be applied in different circumstances.

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  • Gymnastics Journal
    Gymnastics Journal (English, Paperback) Karen Goeller

    The gymnast will write all about their gymnastics events, competitions, and goals in this amazing journal and save the memories forever. This is the only gymnastics journal your gymnast will need the entire gymnastic season.There are spaces for gymnastics competition scores, event goals, future goals, and much more. The gymnast will be encouraged to set goals for the near and distant future. Many...

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  • Artistic Gymnastics
    Artistic Gymnastics (English, Paperback) Idan Boaz

    Throughout history, gymnastics has always been regarded as a physical performance art, developing one's flexibility, coordination and agility. Today, it is enjoyed as a sport celebrated internationally through competitions. Gymnastics is an activity that is popularly selected among the youth (and their parents) who are looking for an active sport.Help your child ease into the fun world of...

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  • Over & Above
    Over & Above (English, Paperback) Jack Kelly

    Jack Kelly is one of the most successful coaches in trampoline gymnastics and has led several athletes to World Championships. In this book, he outlines a process for developing world class skills. His methods have helped remodel the technique of numerous advanced performers, enabling them to break through to the next level.

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  • Flipping Out
    Flipping Out (English, Paperback) April Adams $14.88
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  • Gymnastics
    Gymnastics (Paperback) Rita Brown $53.52
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  • Baton Twirling Master
    Baton Twirling Master (English, Paperback) Susan Style

    Want to become the finest baton twirler and lead the parade? This is your essential guide that covers everything you need to know in a step by step easy to follow method. ...

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  • Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Gymnastics
    Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Gymnastics (English, Paperback) Robert G. Price

    A comprehensive gymnastics-specific training guide. It contains descriptions and photographs of over 80 of the most effective weight training, flexibility, and abdominal exercises used by athletes world-wide. It features year-round gymnastics-specific weight-training programs to improve your performance and get you results.

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  • Parent's Guide
    Parent's Guide (English, Paperback) Deborah Sevilla

    Deborah Sevilla, creator of the Dream Believe Achieve Athletic sport-specific journals and scorebooks, has reached out to help parents ease into the world of competitive gymnastics. This helpful guide was created with the help of coaches from different gyms, judges, sports psychologists, and fellow gym parents from around the world.When Deborah’s own daughter entered into the world of...

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  • How to Do a Handstand
    How to Do a Handstand (English, Paperback) Grant Michaels $13.94
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  • The 1st Three Years of Acro, Gymnastics, & Tumbling
    The 1st Three Years of Acro, Gymnastics, & Tumbling (English, Paperback) Gina Evans

    No matter if your program is completely new or you have been at it for 30 years, this book develops a common base from which all of your teachers can build their classes. Giving students a strong, balanced gymnastics education in their early years will allow students' individual talents, education, and creativity to thrive during classes in later years.This book also provides a perfect model for...

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