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Hamid Dabashi

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  • The World of Persian Literary Humanism by Hamid Dabashi
    The World of Persian Literary Humanism (English, Hardback) Hamid Dabashi

    Humanism has mostly considered the question "What does it mean to be human?" from a Western perspective. Dabashi asks it anew from a non-European perspective, in a groundbreaking study of 1,400 years of Persian literary humanism. He presents the unfolding of this vast tradition as the creative and subversive subconscious of Islamic civilization.

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  • The Arab Spring by Hamid Dabashi
    The Arab Spring (English, Paperback) Hamid Dabashi

    In this landmark book, Hamid Dabashi argues that the revolutionary uprisings from Morocco to Iran and from Syria to Yemen were driven by a 'delayed defiance' - a point of rebellion against domestic tyranny and globalized disempowerment alike - that signifies no less than the end of Postcolonialism.

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  • Persophilia by Hamid Dabashi
    Persophilia (English, Hardback) Hamid Dabashi

    From antiquity to the Enlightenment, Persian culture has been integral to European history. Interest in all things Persian shaped not just Western views but the self-image of Iranians to the present day. Hamid Dabashi maps the changing geography of these connections, showing that traffic in ideas about Persia did not travel on a one-way street.

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  • In Search of Lost Causes by Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature Hamid Dabashi
    In Search of Lost Causes (Paperback) Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature Hamid Dabashi

    Almost a quarter century after his pioneering work on the iconography of the Iranian revolution of 1977-1979, Hamid Dabashi returns to a precipous collection of revolutionary posters from the pre-revolutionary period to wed them critically to the contemporay social and political causes of our time.

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  • Islamic Liberation Theology by Hamid Dabashi
    Islamic Liberation Theology (English, Paperback) Hamid Dabashi

    Presenting criticism of contemporary politics, this title argues that after 9/11 we have not seen a new phase in a confrontation between Islam and the West, but that such categories have in fact collapsed and exhausted themselves.

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  • Brown Skin, White Masks by Hamid Dabashi
    Brown Skin, White Masks (English, Paperback) Hamid Dabashi

    Picking up where Fanon left off, examining the negative influence of intellectual immigrants as facilitators of American imperialism.

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  • A Fundamental Fear by S. Sayyid
    A Fundamental Fear (English, Paperback) S. Sayyid

    In this provocative book S. Sayyid analyses of the conditions that have made Islamic fundamentalism possible.

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  • Can Non-Europeans Think? by Hamid Dabashi
    Can Non-Europeans Think? (English, Paperback) Hamid Dabashi

    In this challenging and thought-provoking book Dabashi pulls together a unique constellation of historical and theoretical reflections on current affairs to argue that we need to break down the ethnographic gaze that is evident with intellectual thinking in the Arab world.

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  • Shi'ism by Hamid Dabashi
    Shi'ism (English, Paperback) Hamid Dabashi

    Exposes the soul of Shi'ism as a religion of protest - successful only when in a warring position, and losing its legitimacy when in power. This book makes a case through a detailed discussion of the Shi'i doctrinal foundations, a panoramic view of its historical unfolding, and a varied investigation into its visual and performing arts.

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  • Iran by Hamid Dabashi
    Iran (English, Paperback) Hamid Dabashi

    Iran's nuclear ambitions have thrust the country into the international spotlight, attracting media attention to a degree not seen since the late 1970s. Iran's population of 70 million people - a majority of it young and radicalised - sits atop one of the largest reserves of oil on the planet. A balanced understanding of this nation is vital to make sense of events unravelling in the region and...

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  • Corpus Anarchicum by Hamid Dabashi
    Corpus Anarchicum (English, Paperback) Hamid Dabashi

    Dabashi's newest book is a meditation on suicidal violence in the immediate context of its most recent political surge and a critical examination of the radical transformation of the human body, supported by close readings of cinematic and artistic evidence.

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  • Koorosh Shishegaran: The Art of Altruism 2017 by Hamid Dabashi
    Koorosh Shishegaran: The Art of Altruism 2017 (English, Hardback) Hamid Dabashi, Abbas Daneshvari

    First monograph on one of the leading lights of the contemporary Iranian art movement, showcasing his various artistic phases and outlining his progressive approach to art-making and distribution.

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  • Dreams of a Nation by Hamid Dabashi
    Dreams of a Nation (English, Paperback) Hamid Dabashi

    A collection of essays and interviews in which filmmakers, critics and scholars reflect on Palestinian cinema.

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  • Staging a Revolution: the Art of Persuasion in the Islamic Republic of Iran by Peter J. Chelkowski
    Staging a Revolution: the Art of Persuasion in the Islamic Republic of Iran (English, Hardback) Peter J. Chelkowski, Hamid Dabashi

    A visual survey of the public myths and collective symbols used in the making of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the subsequent war with Iraq, from the fiery words of Ayatollah Khomeini to revolutionary posters, graffiti, slogans, murals, posters and banners.

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  • Conversations with Mohsen Makhmalbaf by Hamid Dabashi
    Conversations with Mohsen Makhmalbaf (English, Hardback) Hamid Dabashi

    Born in Tehran in 1957, film-maker Mohsen Ostad Ali Makhmalbaf grew up in the religiously and politically charged atmosphere of the 1960s. In this title, he reflects on the relationship between cinema and violence, tolerance, and social change, as well as the political and artistic importance of the autonomy of the film-maker.

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  • Iran Without Borders by Hamid Dabashi
    Iran Without Borders (English, Hardback) Hamid Dabashi

    A history of the cosmopolitan forces that made contemporary Iran

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  • Iran by Hamid Dabashi
    Iran (English, Paperback) Hamid Dabashi

    Through a careful study of contemporary Iranian history in its political, literary, and artistic dimensions, Dabashi decouples the idea of Iran from its colonial linkage to the cliche notion of "the nation-state," and then demonstrates how an "aesthetic intuition of transcendence" has enabled it to be re-conceived as a powerful nation.

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  • Under Three Flags by Hamid Dabashi
    Under Three Flags (English, Paperback) Hamid Dabashi

    An exploration of fin-de-siecle politics and culture that spans the Caribbean, Imperial Europe and the South China Sea. This book explores the impact of avant-garde European literature and politics on the Filipino political novelist Jose Rizal and his contemporary, the pioneering folklorist Isabelo de los Reyes.

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  • Conversations with Mohsen Makhmalbaf by Mohsen Makhmalbaf
    Conversations with Mohsen Makhmalbaf (English, Paperback) Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Hamid Dabashi

    Born in Tehran in 1957, filmmaker Mohsen Ostad Ali Makhmalbaf grew up in the religious and politically charged atmosphere of the 1960s, and the June 1963 uprising of Ayatollah Khomeini constitutes one of his earliest memories. In 1972, Makhmalbaf formed his own urban guerrilla group and two years later attacked a police officer, for which he was arrested and jailed. He remained incarcerated until...

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  • The Shahnameh by Hamid Dabashi
    The Shahnameh (English, Hardback) Hamid Dabashi

    Hamid Dabashi insightfully traces the history, authorship, poetic significance, complicated legacy, and enduring significance of the Iranian epic poem the Shahnameh. In addition to explaining what makes it such a distinctive literary work, he makes a powerful case that we need to rethink the notion of "world literature" in light of the Shahnameh.

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