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Hans Fallada

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  • Alone in Berlin (Slipcase Edition) by Hans Fallada
    Alone in Berlin (Slipcase Edition) (English, Paperback) Hans Fallada

    Berlin, 1940, and the city is filled with fear. At the house on 55 Jablonski Strasse, its various occupants try to live under Nazi rule in their different ways: the bullying Hitler loyalists the Persickes, the retired judge Fromm and the unassuming couple Otto and Anna Quangel.

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  • Iron Gustav by Hans Fallada
    Iron Gustav (English, Paperback) Hans Fallada

    Gustav Hackendahl's will is law. Known as 'Iron Gustav', he runs his family and his Berlin carriage business with stern, unyielding discipline. But his children have wills of their own, and soon they slip from his control - some to better lives, some towards disaster.

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  • Tales from the Underworld by Hans Fallada
    Tales from the Underworld (English, Paperback) Hans Fallada

    Features short stories.

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  • Nightmare in Berlin by Hans Fallada
    Nightmare in Berlin (English, Paperback) Hans Fallada

    Available for the first time in English, here is an unforgettable novel about the desolation of Hitler's post- war Germany.

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  • Every Man Dies Alone by Hans Fallada
    Every Man Dies Alone (English, Paperback) Hans Fallada

    ?To read Every Man Dies Alone, Fallada's testament to the darkest years of the 20th century, is to be accompanied by a wise, somber ghost who grips your shoulder and whispers in your ear: 'This is how it was. This is what happened.'?...

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  • Der Alpdruck by Hans Fallada
    Der Alpdruck (German, Paperback) Hans Fallada $11.29
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  • Ein Mann Will Nach Oben by Hans Fallada
    Ein Mann Will Nach Oben (German, Paperback) Hans Fallada $25.18
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  • Kleiner Mann - Was Nun? by Hans Fallada
    Kleiner Mann - Was Nun? (German, Paperback) Hans Fallada $14.32
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  • Once a Jailbird by Hans Fallada
    Once a Jailbird (English, Paperback) Hans Fallada

    For Willi Kufult, prison life means staying out of trouble, keeping his cell clean, snagging a precious piece of tobacco, and dreaming of the day of his release....

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  • Meta ELE by Hans Fallada
    Meta ELE (Spanish, Mixed media product) Hans Fallada $24.00
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  • The Drinker by Hans Fallada
    The Drinker (English, Paperback) Hans Fallada

    Written in an encrypted notebook while incarcerated in a Nazi insane asylum and discovered after his death, The Drinker may be Hans Fallada's most breathtaking piece of craftsmanship. It is an intense yet absorbing study of the descent into drunkenness by an intelligent man who fears he's lost it all.

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  • Little Man, What Now? by Hans Fallada
    Little Man, What Now? (English, Paperback) Hans Fallada

    This is the book that led to Hans Fallada's downfall with the Nazis. The story of a young couple struggling to survive the German economic collapse was a worldwide sensation and was made into an acclaimed Hollywood movie produced by Jews, leading Hitler to ban Fallada's work from being translated. Nonetheless, it remains, as the Times Literary Supplement notes, 'the novel of a time in which public...

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  • Wolf Among Wolves by Hans Fallada
    Wolf Among Wolves (English, Paperback) Hans Fallada

    A sprawling saga of the collapse of a culture, its economy and government and the common man's struggle to survive it all. Set in Weimer Germany soon after their defeat in WWI, a young gambler looses it all in Berlin and flees the city for the countryside. However, he is greeted by a defeated German army that has camped there to foment insurrection. Somehow, amidst all the chaos, he finds romance....

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  • A Stranger in My Own Country by Hans Fallada
    A Stranger in My Own Country (English, Hardback) Hans Fallada

    I lived the same life as everyone else, the life of ordinary people, the masses. Sitting in a prison cell in the autumn of 1944, the German author Hans Fallada sums up his life under the National Socialist dictatorship, the time of inward emigration .

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  • Geschichten aus der Murkelei by Hans Fallada
    Geschichten aus der Murkelei (German, Paperback) Hans Fallada

    Es waren die eigenen Kinder, zunächst Uli, dann Mücke und Achim, die die Geschichten des Vaters nicht nur hören, sondern auch lesen wollten. Hatte Fallada bisher Geschichten über Kinder geschrieben, so erzählte und schrieb er jetzt Geschichten für Kinder. "Immer, wenn eine neue fertig ist", berichtete er am 28. Oktober 1933 dem Freund Kagelmacher, "wird sie Uli vorgelesen, und es ist ihm...

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  • Der Alpdruck by Hans Fallada
    Der Alpdruck (German, CD-Audio) Hans Fallada

    <p>April 1945: Der Krieg ist vorbei, doch nachts verfolgt den Schriftsteller Dr. Doll der Traum vom Bombentrichter, der ihn nicht freigibt - ihn und das ganze deutsche Volk nicht. Er will etwas tun gegen den Alpdruck der Mitschuld, doch niemandem kann er es recht machen als Bürgermeister einer mecklenburgischen Kleinstadt, eingesetzt von der Roten Armee. Er stiehlt sich fort und flüchtet...

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  • Kleiner Mann - was nun? by Hans Fallada
    Kleiner Mann - was nun? (German, Paperback) Hans Fallada $12.46
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  • Der eiserne Gustav by Hans Fallada
    Der eiserne Gustav (German, CD-Audio) Hans Fallada

    Berlin, zwischen 1914 und 1924: Gustav Hackendahl, genannt der eiserne ...

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  • Jeder stirbt fur sich allein by Hans Fallada
    Jeder stirbt fur sich allein (German, Paperback) Hans Fallada

    "Die literarische Wiederentdeckung des Jahres." Der Tagesspiegel ...

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  • Este corazón que te pertenece / This Heart that Belongs to You by Hans Fallada
    Este corazón que te pertenece / This Heart that Belongs to You (Spanish, Paperback) Hans Fallada

    Hannes is the spoiled child from a wealthy family who leaves his home due to a family dispute and decides to try his luck in the United States. After four months in Boston, he returns to Berlin without having found his place in the world. Home doesn't feel like home, though. Soon he meets a young woman named Hanne who works at a market stall. From that moment on, the two become inseparable and, together, they fight the many obstacles in their way, especially the disapproval of Hannes's family.

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