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  • The Education of Hyman Kaplan
    The Education of Hyman Kaplan (English, Paperback) Leonard Ross

    The humorous adventures of Hyman Kaplan, the irrepressible student at the american Night Preparatory School for Adults, and his personal war with the English language. A classic work of american humor.

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  • Chrysalis
    Chrysalis (English, Paperback) Kim Todd

    Today, an entomologist in a laboratory can gaze at a butterfly pupa with a microscope so powerful that the swirling cells on the pupa's skin look like a galaxy. She can activate a single gene or knock it out. What she can't do is discover how the insect behaves in its natural habitat?which means she doesn't know what steps to take to preserve it from extinction, nor how any particular gene may...

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  • The Prince of the Marshes
    The Prince of the Marshes (English, Paperback) Rory Stewart

    In August 2003, at the age of thirty, Rory Stewart took a taxi from Jordan to Baghdad. A Farsi-speaking British diplomat, he was soon appointed deputy governor of Amarah and then Nasiriyah, provinces in the remote, impoverished marsh regions of southern Iraq. He spent the next eleven months negotiating hostage releases, holding elections, and splicing together some semblance of an infrastructure...

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  • Diary of Virginia Woolf
    Diary of Virginia Woolf (English, Paperback) Anne Olivier Bell

    An account of Woolf's life during the period in which To the Lighthouse and The Waves were written. "Her steel-trap mind and elegant prose...make this a most valuable and pleasurable book" (Publishers Weekly). "Volume three is as witty and intelligent as its predecessors" (Atlantic Monthly). Edited by Anne Olivier Bell, assisted by Andrew McNeillie; Index.

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  • A Story Like the Wind
    A Story Like the Wind (English, Paperback) Laurens Van der Post

    Van der Post's incomparable knowledge of Africa illuminates this epic novel, set near the Kalahari Desert, about a boy on the verge of manhood, his experiences with the wonder and mystery of a still-primitive land, and his secret friendship with the Bushman whose life he saves. The narrative of A Story like the Wind continues in A Far-Off Place.

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  • Eden
    Eden (English, Paperback) Stanislaw Lem

    Six men crash-land on a planet in another solar system and, in an attempt to communicate with its inhabitants, they encounter violence and human cruelty

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  • Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow
    Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow (English, Paperback) Faiza Guene

    Disarmingly funny and fresh, Gune's debut novel is a hopeful, wise, and intimate portrait of Arab immigrant life, as it follows Doria, a 15-year-old Muslim French girl living in the infamous Paradise projects of suburban Paris.

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  • Godfather of the Kremlin
    Godfather of the Kremlin (English, Paperback) Paul Klebnikov

    From nuclear superpower to impoverished nation, post-communist Russia has become one of the most corrupt regimes in the world. Paul Klebnikov pieces together the previous decade in Russian history, showing that a major piece of "the decline of Russia' puzzle lies in the meteoric business career of Boris Berezovsky....

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  • Men in Dark Times
    Men in Dark Times (English, Paperback) Hannah Arendt

    Collection of essays which present portraits of individuals ranging from Rosa Luxemburg to Pope John XXIII who the author believes have illuminated "dark times"

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  • His Master's Voice
    His Master's Voice (Multiple languages, Paperback) Stanislaw Lem

    A pulsating stream of neutrino radiation from a source with the power of a sun has been detected on earth and a team of scientists assembled to study and decode the mysterious message. As the scientists wranle among themselves, clashing and conspiring while jockeying for favor and position, Lem produces a witty and inventive satire of "men of science" and their thinking. In the race to discover...

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  • The Diary of Anais Nin 1931-1934
    The Diary of Anais Nin 1931-1934 (English, Paperback) Anais Nin

    This celebrated volume begins when Nin is about to publish her first book and ends when she leaves Paris for New York. Edited and with a Preface by Gunther tuhlmann; Index.

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  • Republic of Pirates
    Republic of Pirates (English, Paperback) Coli Woodward

    The Republic of Pirates features the 18th-century pirates Edward ?Blackbeard? Teach and ?Black Sam? Bellamy, both of whom rose from England's underclass to become wealthy, notorious, and enormously powerful. Along with their associates in the Bahamas-based "Flying Gang," Teach and Bellamy banded together to form a pirate cooperative, culminating in a form of government in which blacks were equal citizens, the rich were imprisoned, and a sailor could veto his captain by egalitarian means. For a brief, glorious period they were astoundingly successful, and so disruptive to shipping that the governors of Jamaica, Virginia, Bermuda, and the Carolinas all began clamoring for intervention. One man volunteered to take on the pirates--a man named Woodes Rogers, once a privateer himself and now the owner of a merchant fleet. Rogers vowed he would not rest until he had destroyed Teach and Bellamy. Here is the true story of the rise and fall of the Republic of Pirates.

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  • Byrne's Complete Book of Pool Shots
    Byrne's Complete Book of Pool Shots (English, Paperback) Robert Byrne

    A comprehensive shot-by-shot instructional guide from billiards expert Robert Byrne...

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  • The End of Mr. Y
    The End of Mr. Y (English, Paperback) Scarlett Thomas

    A cursed book. A missing professor. Some nefarious men in gray suits. And a dreamworld called the Troposphere?Ariel Manto has a fascination with nineteenth-century scientistsespecially Thomas Lumas andThe End of Mr. Y, a book no one alive has read. When she mysteriously uncovers a copy at a used bookstore, Ariel is launched into an adventure of science and faith, consciousness and death, space and...

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  • In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens
    In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens (English, Paperback) Alice Walker

    A selection of thirty-seven articles and essays by the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer includes reviews of other noted authors, reports on Cuba, the civil rights and peace movements, and autobiographical anecdotes.

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  • The Diary of Anais Nin 1934-1939
    The Diary of Anais Nin 1934-1939 (English, Paperback) Anais Nin

    Beginning with Nin's arrival in New York, this volume is filled with the stories of her analytical patients. There is a shift in emphasis also as Nin becomes aware of the inevitable choice facing the artist in the modern world. "Sensitive and frank...[Nin's] diary is a dialogue between flesh and spirit" (Newsweek). Edited and with a Preface by Gunther Stuhlmann; Index.

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  • No Man is an Island
    No Man is an Island (English, Paperback) Thomas Merton

    The Trappist monk reflects upon important aspects of spiritual life.

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  • I Have the Right to Destroy Myself
    I Have the Right to Destroy Myself (English, Paperback) Young-ha Kim

    In the fast-paced urban landscape of Seoul, C and K are brothers who have fallen in love with the same woman - Se-yeon - who tears at both of them as they all try to find real connection in an atomized world. A spectral, nameless narrator haunts the edges of their lives as he tells of his work helping lost and hurting find escape through suicide.

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  • The Fur Hat
    The Fur Hat (English, Paperback) Vladimir Voinovich

    When Yefim Rakhlin, an insecure but prolific adventure novelist, learns that the Writers' Union is giving fur hats to members--with the quality of the fur denoting the importance of the writer--he becomes obsessed with learning his evaluation by the Union

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  • The World Doesn't End
    The World Doesn't End (English, Paperback) Charles Simic

    In this collection, winner of the 1990 Pulitzer Prize, Charles Simic puns, pulls pranks. He can be jazzy and streetwise. Or cloak himself in antiquity. Simic has new eyes, and in these wonderful poems and poems-in-prose he lets the reader see through them.

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