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  • The Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book
    The Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book (English, Paperback) Aye Jay Morano

    From the creator of the bestselling Gangsta Rap Coloring Book comes a new activity book for kids and kids at heart - all the fun of a heavy metal parking lot without all the moshing and beer stains on your favourite band T shirt. With a foreword by party anthem master Andrew WK, the book gives headbangers the chance to colour legends like Metallica, Danzig and Panter; help get Spinal Tap through a...

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  • Black Metal
    Black Metal (English, Paperback) Dayal Patterson

    Here is the most comprehensive history yet of this fascinating offshoot of extreme heavy metal.

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  • White Line Fever
    White Line Fever (Paperback) Lemmy Kilmister

    "When I go, I want to go doing what I do best. If I died tomorrow, I couldn't complain. It's been good!". The updated autobiography of the greatest frontman of the loudest rock band there has ever been. Accept no other story from journalists. This is Lemmy's story from his own mouth.

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  • Too Much Horror Business
    Too Much Horror Business (English, Hardback) Kirk Hammett

    For as long as he can remember, Kirk Hammett has found fascination, escape and even love within the world of horror movies. As the lead guitarist of rock superstars Metallica, Hammett has been able to indulge this passion and procure the art and artefacts from the world of fantasy and horror. This is a record of his collection.

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  • The Ultimate Metallica
    The Ultimate Metallica (English, Hardback) Ross Halfin, James Hetfield

    Legendary music photographer Ross Halfin has documented Metallica for nearly 25 years, from their beginnings as a scrappy, furious garage band to their current status as the heaviest and most popular metal band in the world.

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  • Slash: The Autobiography
    Slash: The Autobiography (English, Paperback) Slash, Anthony Bozza

    It seems excessive...but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

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  • Choosing Death
    Choosing Death (English, Paperback) Scott Carlson

    This exciting history, featuring forewords by famed DJ John Peel and Repulsion cofounder Scott Carlson, regales readers with the improbably journey of death metal and grindcore music through three decades.

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  • The Art Of Godmachine
    The Art Of Godmachine (Hardback) Godmachine


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  • What Does This Button Do?
    What Does This Button Do? (English, Hardback) Bruce Dickinson

    A long-awaited memoir from the larger-than-life, multifaceted lead vocalist of Iron Maiden, one of the most successful, influential and enduring rock bands ever....

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  • Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers
    Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers (English, Paperback) Martin Popoff

    ?Motörhead, remember me now, Motörhead, alright!?...

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  • So Let It Be Written
    So Let It Be Written (English, Paperback) Mark Eglinton

    The first biography of singer and guitarist James Hetfield of Metallica, the biggest rock band of the modern era!

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  • Lords Of Chaos - 2ed
    Lords Of Chaos - 2ed (English, Paperback) Didrik Soderlind, Michael Moynihan

    In Black Metal music, the "most evil" wins.

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  • Metallica: Back To The Front
    Metallica: Back To The Front (English, Hardback) Matt Taylor

    Metallica: Back to the Front tells the amazing, fully authorized story of the band's seminal Master of Puppets album and tour....

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  • Lemmy and Motorhead
    Lemmy and Motorhead (English, Paperback) Jake Brown

    Motörhead were always a band whose reputation for the rock ?n' roll lifestyle preceded them, but along the way they also accumulated a legendary, Grammy-winning back catalog full of classic songs. In this book, re-released to mark Lemmy Kilmister's tragic passing, their creativity and musicianship is explored via exclusive interviews to create an authorized account of the band in the studio....

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  • Seven Deadly Sins
    Seven Deadly Sins (Paperback) Corey Taylor

    'I was 22 years old, a hard-on with a pulse: wretched, vice-ridden, too much to burn and not enough minutes in a hour to do so'The action begins in West Des Moines, Iowa, where Corey Taylor, frontman of heavy metal bands Slipknot and Stone Sour, systematically set about committing each of the Seven Deadly Sins.

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  • Kiss and Make-Up
    Kiss and Make-Up (Paperback) Gene Simmons

    Gene Simmons has also acted in films and on television, has written and produced albums for other recording artists, has managed the recording career of, among others, Liza Minelli, and was founder and president of his own recording label, Simmons Records/RCA.

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  • My Appetite for Destruction
    My Appetite for Destruction (Paperback) Steven Adler

    From original Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler comes a tale of sex, drugs, excess, hairspray and and intense 20-year struggle with addiction.

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  • A Fast Ride Out of Here
    A Fast Ride Out of Here (English, Hardback) Pete Way, Paul Rees

    By turns hilarious, heart-rending, mordant, scabrous, self-lacerating, brutally honest and entirely compulsive, Pete Way's autobiography, A Fast Ride Out of Here, will be a monument to rock'n'roll debauchery on an epic, unparalleled scale.

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  • Metal Music Manual
    Metal Music Manual (English, Paperback) Mark Mynett

    Intended for students, engineers, and producers, Metal Music Manual addresses concepts and techniques specific to this style of music....

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  • I'm the Man
    I'm the Man (English, Hardback) Scott Ian

    The long-awaited and vastly entertaining autobiography of Scott Ian, guitarist and founder of ground-breaking and influential thrash metal legend Anthrax

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