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Helen Jane Nicholson

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  • A Brief History of the Knights Templar by Helen Jane Nicholson
    A Brief History of the Knights Templar (Paperback) Helen Jane Nicholson

    This fully updated edition is recognised as the most comprehensive history of the Knights Templar

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  • The Crusades by Helen Jane Nicholson
    The Crusades (English, Paperback) Helen Jane Nicholson

    Presenting a survey of the Christian crusades to the Holy Lands, this book offers an overview of the many contemporary campaigns against non-Christians throughout Europe and the Middle East.

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  • Knight Templar 1120-1312 by Helen Jane Nicholson
    Knight Templar 1120-1312 (English, Paperback) Helen Jane Nicholson, Wayne Reynolds

    The order of the Temple was a military-religious organisation that was set up to protect pilgrims and settlers in the Holy Land. The Templars believed they were God's warriors fighting on God's behalf and developed a fearsome reputation among the neighbouring Muslim rulers. This book examines the men who joined the order and why they joined it, focusing on those who fought in the Holy Land. Based...

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  • The Knights Hospitaller by Helen Jane Nicholson
    The Knights Hospitaller (English, Paperback) Helen Jane Nicholson

    Nicholson, one of the UK's leading historians of the medieval military orders...has a flair for clear and uncluttered explanations enlivened with telling detail and quotation. And her account is comprehensive. An attractive volume. HISTORY

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  • A Brief History of the Knights Templar by Helen Jane Nicholson
    A Brief History of the Knights Templar (English, Paperback) Helen Jane Nicholson

    Much has been written about the Knights Templar in recent years, most of it highly speculative and with no historical foundation. Helen Nicholson is a leading specialist in the history of this legendary medieval order and offers here a full account of the knights of the order of the Temple of Solomon, bringing the latest findings to a general audience.

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