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Helge Kragh

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  • Higher Speculations by Helge Kragh
    Higher Speculations (English, Paperback) Helge Kragh

    A historical account of highly ambitious attempts to understand all of nature in terms of fundamental physics. Presenting old and new 'theories of everything' in their historical contexts, the book discusses the nature and limits of scientific explanation in connection with concrete case studies.

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  • Dirac by Helge Kragh
    Dirac (English, Paperback) Helge Kragh

    The first full length biography of Dirac, one of the most brilliant physicists of the twentieth century.

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  • Simply Dirac by Helge Kragh
    Simply Dirac (Paperback) Helge Kragh $10.16
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  • From Transuranic to Superheavy Elements by Helge Kragh
    From Transuranic to Superheavy Elements (English, Paperback) Helge Kragh

    The story of superheavy elements - those at the very end of the periodic table - is not well known outside the community of heavy-ion physicists and nuclear chemists. It tells the story or rather parts of the story, of how physicists and chemists created elements heavier than uranium or searched for them in nature.

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  • Varying Gravity by Helge Kragh
    Varying Gravity (English, Hardback) Helge Kragh

    The main focus of this book is on the interconnection of two unorthodox scientific ideas, the varying-gravity hypothesis and the expanding-earth hypothesis.

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  • Niels Bohr and the Quantum Atom by Helge Kragh
    Niels Bohr and the Quantum Atom (English, Hardback) Helge Kragh

    Niels Bohr and the Quantum Atom gives a comprehensive account of the birth, development, and decline of Bohr's atomic theory. It presents the theory in a broad context which includes not only its technical aspects, but also its reception, dissemination, and applications in both physics and chemistry.

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