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  • A World History of Architecture
    A World History of Architecture (Paperback) Michael Fazio, Marian Moffett

    Updated with expanded coverage of twenty-first century architecture, this new edition uniquely comprises a detailed survey of Western architecture as well as architecture from the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, India, Russia, China and Japan.

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  • A Work of Beauty
    A Work of Beauty (Paperback) Alexander McCall Smith

    In this sumptuous new book, Alexander McCall Smith curates his own distinctive story of Edinburgh - combining his affectionate, incisive wit with a wealth of stunning imagery drawn from Scotland's national collection of architecture and archaeology.

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  • Nairn's London
    Nairn's London (Paperback) Ian Nairn

    Presents a subjective meditation on a city and its buildings including railway stations, synagogues, abandoned gasworks, dock cranes, suburban gardens, East End markets, Hawksmoor churches, a Gothic cinema and twenty-seven different pubs.

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  • Concretopia
    Concretopia (Paperback) John Grindrod

    Was Britain's postwar rebuilding the height of midcentury chic or the concrete embodiment of Crap Towns? Gindrod set out on a journey across the country to find out. This is a story of dazzling space-age optimism, ingenuity and helipads, tempered by protests, deadly collapses and scandals that shook the government, and will change the way you look at Arndale Centres, tower blocks and concrete...

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  • Making Magnificence
    Making Magnificence (English, Hardback) Christine Casey

    This book tells the remarkable story of the craftsmen of Ticino, in Italian-speaking Switzerland, who took their prodigious skills as specialist decorative plasterworkers throughout Northern Europe in the 18th century, adorning classical architecture with their rich and fluent décor.  Their names are not widely known ? Giuseppi Artari (c.1690?1771), Giovanni Battista Bagutti (1681?1755), and...

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  • Medieval Graffiti
    Medieval Graffiti (English, Hardback) Matthew Champion

    Drawing on examples from surviving medieval churches in England, the author gives a voice to the secret graffiti artists: from the lord of the manor and the parish priest to the people who built the church itself.

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  • The Destruction of Memory
    The Destruction of Memory (English, Paperback) Robert Bevan

    Now available in an expanded 2nd Edition, this is a polemical account of the destruction of architecture in war.

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  • Britain's 100 Best Railway Stations
    Britain's 100 Best Railway Stations (English, Hardback) Simon Jenkins

    It is the location of all our hopeful beginnings and intended ends; an institution with its own rituals and priests; and a long-neglected aspect of Britain's architecture: the railway station. Historian Simon Jenkins has traveled the length and breadth of Britain to select this joyous celebration of social history. With his usual insight and authority, he describes the history, geography, design,...

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  • Art of the Andes
    Art of the Andes (English, Paperback) Rebecca R. Stone

    An introduction to Andean art and architecture that describes the varied artistic achievements of the Chavin, Paracas, Moche, Nasca, Chimu and Inca cultures, among others. It deals with the discoveries and advances in the field.

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  • Black and White - Updated
    Black and White - Updated (Hardback) Julian Davison

    Only book on the market that covers the architecture and interiors of these fascinating houses Up-to-date photographs as well as in-depth archival materials Much never-published-before information from original architects' drawings to house plans, descriptions of life in the homes and more An established bestseller since 2005

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  • Historic Charleston and the Lowcountry
    Historic Charleston and the Lowcountry (English, Hardback) Steven Gross, Susan Daley

    In this elegant hardbound volume, photographers Steve Gross and Susan Daley take you on an intimate tour of some of the finest historic homes, gardens, churches, and plantations of the old city of Charleston and its surrounding Lowcountry. Their luminescent photographs reveal an insider's look at the definitive architecture and landscape of the region, ranging from private gardens hidden behind...

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  • How to Read Medieval Art
    How to Read Medieval Art (English, Paperback) Wendy A. Stein

    An enlightening, accessible guide to understanding and appreciating European art from the Middle Ages

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  • How To Read Castles
    How To Read Castles (English, Paperback) Malcolm Hislop

    How to Read Castles is a travel-sized primer that takes a strictly visual approach to castle architecture, building up the reader's vocabulary of castle types, styles, and materials, and showing how these aspects can be recognized across architectural features from the floor-plan and moat, to the towers and crenulations. Focusing on the period from the 10th to the 16th century, and crusading...

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  • Actual Archaeology
    Actual Archaeology (Paperback) Ayse Tatar $25.17
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  • This Brutal World
    This Brutal World (English, Hardback) Peter Chadwick

    A curated collection of some of the most powerful and awe-inspiring Brutalist architecture ever built

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  • Landskipping
    Landskipping (Paperback) Anna Pavord

    A ravishing celebration of landscape, its iridescent beauty and its potential to comfort, awe and mesmerise. Landskipping explores the different ways in which we have, throughout the ages, responded to the land, beginning in the eighteenth century when artists first started to paint English scenery, and the Lakes, as well as Snowdon, began to attract a new kind of visitor, the landscape tourist....

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  • Modern Forms
    Modern Forms (English, Hardback) Nicolas Grospierre

    Form precedes function in this stunning visual archive of nearly 200 images of modern architecture by award-winning photographer Nicolas Grospierre.

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  • Gaudi
    Gaudi (English, Hardback) Maria Antonietta Crippa, Peter Gossel

    Anyone who visits Barcelona will come across the works of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), the architect who has attracted art-lovers from all over the world to Spain. Gaudi created inspiring, visionary buildings and helped establish Barcelona (most notably with the still-unfinished Sagrada Familia cathedral) as a city of the world.

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  • Wright
    Wright (English, Hardback) Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, Peter Gossel

    Widely thought to be the greatest American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) was a true pioneer, both artistically and technically. Wright's designs for office and public buildings were equally groundbreaking and unique. From Fallingwater to New York's Guggenheim Museum, his works are among the most famous in the history of architecture.

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