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  • Complexity
    Complexity (English, Paperback) Melanie Mitchell

    A fascinating look at the exciting new sciences of complexity and what they reveal about everything from ant colonies to the World Wide Web, now available in paperback

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  • A History of Global Health
    A History of Global Health (English, Paperback) Randall M. Packard

    Designed to be read and taught, the book offers a critical historical view, providing historians, policy makers, researchers, program managers, and students with an essential new perspective on the formation and implementation of global-health policies and practices.

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  • Anaximander
    Anaximander (English, Paperback) Carlo Rovelli

    A brilliant, award-winning account of the origin of scientific thought as revealed through the ancient Greek philosopher Anaximander.

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  • Failure
    Failure (English, Hardback) Stuart Firestein

    Failure is a book that seeks to make science more appealing by exposing its faults. In this sequel to Ignorance, Stuart Firestein shows us that scientific enterprise is riddled with failures, and that this is not only necessary but good.

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  • The Global Transformation of Time
    The Global Transformation of Time (English, Hardback) Vanessa Ogle

    As railways, steamships, and telegraph communications brought distant places into unprecedented proximity, previously minor discrepancies in local time-telling became a global problem. Vanessa Ogle's chronicle of the struggle to standardize clock times and calendars from 1870 to 1950 highlights the many hurdles that proponents of uniformity faced.

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  • You Are the Universe
    You Are the Universe (English, CD-Audio) Deepak Chopra

    New York Times bestselling author Deepak Chopra joins forces with leading physicist Menas Kafatos to explore some of the most important and baffling questions about our place in the world. ...

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  • Counting to God
    Counting to God (English, Paperback) Douglas Ell

    What if you could harmonize science and faith? ...

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  • Elements of Pantheism
    Elements of Pantheism (English, Paperback) Dr Paul Harrison

    Richard Dawkins has called pantheism “sexed-up atheism.” At the heart of modern scientific pantheism is reverence for Nature and the Universe. It offers a challenging alternative, beyond theism and atheism, with a joyful approach to our lives and a caring concern for all life on this earth. Pantheism is a 2,500 year-old belief system expressed by many famous thinkers and artists including Lao...

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  • Engineering Victory
    Engineering Victory (English, Hardback) Thomas F. Army

    He reveals massive logistical operations as critical in determining the war's outcome.

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  • The Orgone Accumulator Handbook
    The Orgone Accumulator Handbook (English, Paperback) James DeMeo

    In the 1940s, the physician and natural scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich claimed discovery of a new form of energy which charged up living organisms and also existed in the open atmosphere and in high vacuum. ...

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  • The Genesis Flood
    The Genesis Flood (English, Paperback) John C Whitcomb, Henry M Morris

    Over 250,000 copies sold. This anniversary edition celebrates 50 years of Whitcomb and Morris's biblically-based system of creationism and catastrophism that unifies and correlates scientific data from early earth history a modern creationist classic.

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  • Hysteria
    Hysteria (English, Paperback) Andrew Scull

    The story of hysteria is a curious one, for it persists as an illness for centuries before disappearing. Andrew Scull gives a fascinating account of this socially constructed disease that came to be strongly associated with women, showing the shifts in social, cultural, and medical perceptions through history.

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  • What is Life?
    What is Life? (English, Paperback) Erwin Schrodinger

    Nobel laureate Erwin Schrodinger's What is Life? is one of the great science classics of the twentieth century.

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  • Quantum Mechanics (A Ladybird Expert Book)
    Quantum Mechanics (A Ladybird Expert Book) (Hardback) Jim Al-Khalili

    Quantum Mechanics is the second book of a new series of titles written for an adult readership and produced in the same iconic small hardback format pioneered by the original Ladybirds....

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  • The Lost World of Adam and Eve
    The Lost World of Adam and Eve (English, Paperback) Dr John H Walton

    Offers insight into Adam and Eve's story by providing information on the ancient world that the Biblical author would have lived in.

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  • Improbable Planet
    Improbable Planet (English, Hardback) Hugh Ross

    Comprehensive overview of Earth's utterly unique history uses the latest scientific discoveries to show how and why a supernatural Creator purposefully fashioned Earth to support a host of intelligent, physical, spiritual beings.

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  • Molecular Biology: A Very Short Introduction
    Molecular Biology: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) Aysha Divan, Janice Royds

    Molecular Biology lies at the heart of all life sciences. This Very Short Introduction provides an account of the development of this important modern field, and considers its modern day applications such as the development of new drugs, genetically modified crops, and forensic science.

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  • Outposts on the Frontier
    Outposts on the Frontier (English, Hardback) Jay M. Chladek

    A vast trove of stories filled with excitement, danger, humor, sadness, failure, and success, Outposts on the Frontier reveals how the Soviets and the Americans combined strengths to build space stations over the past fifty years. At the heart of these scientific advances are people of both greatness and modesty.

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  • Deadly Companions
    Deadly Companions (English, Paperback) Dorothy H. Crawford

    The story of human history has been inextricably entwined with the story of microbes. Combining tales of devastating epidemics with accessible science and fascinating history, Deadly Companions reveals how closely microbes have evolved with us over the millennia, shaping human culture through infection, disease, and deadly pandemic.

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