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  • Prisoners
    Prisoners of Geography (Paperback) Tim Marshall

    A popular take on world events that puts the 'geo' back into geopolitics

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  • Prisoners
    Prisoners of Geography (Hardback) Tim Marshall

    A popular take on world events that puts the 'geo' back in geopolitics

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  • Notes
    Notes on Suicide (English, Paperback) Simon Critchley

    Through a sweeping historical overview of suicide, a moving literary survey of famous suicide notes, and a psychological analysis of himself, Simon Critchley offers us an insight into what it means to possess the all too human gift and curse of being of being able to choose life or death.

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  • In
    In Focus 1 (English, Paperback) Lee Archer, Felipe Rodna

    In Focus 1: Jagdpanzer 38 is the first of a new series from Panzerwrecks. As the titles implies, the subject is the German Jagdpanzer 38 tank hunter, often incorrectly referred to as the Hetzer. The subject has been written about before and many photos published, but this book, the first of a series, combines 20 years original research and gathering of materials to take a fresh look at this...

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  • My
    My House in Damascus (English, Paperback) Diana Darke

    This is the true story of re-building a beautiful Damascene house and a chronicle of a country where many dreams are being shattered. In My House in Damascus Diana Darke reveals the Syria that lies behind our daily headlines.

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  • Glasgow"/
    Glasgow (Paperback) Raymond Depardon

    Depardon grasps the light of Scotland as never before and sublimes the end of a working world

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  • Taverns
    Taverns of the American Revolution (English, Hardback) Adrian Covert

    Taverns of the American Revolution constructs a new narrative on the role of the tavern in the American Revolution through vignettes about a selection of the era’s surviving public houses. By combining beautiful design, reproduced artwork, and original photography with sharply written historical vignettes, Taverns of the American Revolution is a first-of-its-kind compendium on over fifty of...

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  • Wehrmacht
    Wehrmacht Kanister 20 Liter (Multiple languages, Hardback) Philippe Leger, Stephane Arquille

    The Jerrycan, prolific in its use for nearly 80 years after its birth, deserves a specific and thorough study of its origins in Germany. Never addressed in a single work and prefaced by the grandson of one of the founding developers of the receptacle, with the variety of gas and water cans illustrating its widespread diversity.

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  • Sicilian
    Sicilian Genealogy & Heraldry (English, Paperback) Louis Mendola

    A guide to Sicilian family history research. Mendola covers everything from parochial, civil and tax records to genetic haplotyping. Social context--folk customs, government, religion, law, rural life--is considered at length.

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  • The
    The Battle of Penang (English, Hardback) J.R. Robertson

    From civil war-torn China to the Singapore Mutiny, Robertson traces the dramatic events at the beginning of WW1, as the imperial forces of the UK, France, Russia and Japan expelled the German navy from their colonial possessions in the Far East and Pacific. It follows the desperate rear-guard action fought by the German cruiser Emden, sinking a score of Allied merchant ships over several weeks...

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  • The
    The King of Kings (English, Hardback) Asfa-Wossen Asserate

    Haile Selassie I, the last emperor of Ethiopia, was as brilliant as he was formidable. A descendant of King Solomon and an early proponent of African unity and independence, Haile Selassie fought with the Allies against the Axis powers during World War II and was a messianic figure for the Jamaican Rastafarians. Written by Asfa-Wossen Asserate, Haile Selassie’s grandnephew, this is the first...

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  • Peoples
    Peoples of Sicily (English, Paperback) Louis Mendola, Jacqueline Alio

    Can the eclectic medieval history of the world's most conquered island be a lesson for our times?Home to Normans, Byzantines, Arabs, Germans and Jews, 12th-century Sicily was a crossroads of cultures and faiths, the epitome of diversity. Here Europe, Asia and Africa met, with magical results. Bilingualism was the norm, women's rights were defended, and the environment was protected. Literacy among...

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  • Cyclogeography:
    Cyclogeography: Journeys of a London Bicycle Courier 2016 (Paperback)

    Cyclogeography lifts the lid on the hidden world of Cycle Couriers, the 'solitary creatures of the underworld' Includes interviews with Iain Sinclair, Paul Fournel and Richard Long Lyrical essay in the great tradition of psychogeographers

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  • Cabinet's
    Cabinet's Finest Hour (English, Hardback) David Owen

    Using the Cabinet papers from the National Archives, former Foreign Secretary David Owen has written a new history of the pivotal British War Cabinet meetings of May 1940.

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  • The
    The Isis Thesis (Paperback) Judy Kay King

    Grounded in biosemiotics (all levels of biological sign processes), The Isis Thesis is a transdisciplinary study of eight major ancient Egyptian texts, revealing that over 870 decoded signs, including art and architecture, communicate a unified matrix of pharaonic science, mirroring modern knowledge in microbiology, space physics, quantum physics, evolutionary genetics and black hole theory. Put...

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  • Confessions
    Confessions of a Heretic (English, Hardback) Roger Scruton

    Hard-hitting essays by influential social commentator, Roger Scruton. Each 'confession' reveals aspects of the author's thinking that his critics would probably have advised him to keep to himself. Scruton challenges popular opinion on key aspects of our culture in a provocative collection seeking to answer the most pressing problems of our age.

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  • Then
    Then There Was Light (Paperback) P.J. Cunningham $19.64
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  • Lumumba"/
    Lumumba (English, Paperback) Leo Zeilig

    Patrice Lumumba was the foremost leader of the African independence movement. After his execution in 1961, when he had been prime minister of the newly-liberated Congo for only seven months, he became an icon of anti-imperialist struggle. Zeilig tells the story of Lumumba's transition from nationalist to international symbol of African liberation.

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