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  • Armor Modelers Guide
    Armor Modelers Guide (English, Paperback) Sheperd Paine

    Shep’s legacy will live on—via his art, his writing, and, most of all, the enthusiastic and generous spirit that he shared with fellow hobbyists

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  • Victoria & Abdul
    Victoria & Abdul (Paperback) Shrabani Basu

    Now a major motion picture starring Dame Judi Dench, Victoria & Abdul examines how a young Indian Muslim came to play a central role at the heart of the empire, and tells a tender love story between an ordinary Indian and his elderly queen.

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  • The Witch
    The Witch (English, Hardback) Ronald Hutton

    Why have societies all across the world feared witchcraft? This book delves deeply into its context, beliefs, and origins in Europe's history

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  • Democracy in Chains
    Democracy in Chains (Paperback) Nancy MacLean

    An explosive expose of the man who devoted his career to shackling democracy - and succeeded. Libertarian billionaires are using their wealth and power to drastically curtail the US democratic process, disempowering ordinary citizens whilst entrenching the influence of corporations as never before. In Democracy in Chains, award-winning historian Nancy MacLean reveals how the ideas of Nobel...

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  • The Curious World of Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn
    The Curious World of Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn (English, Hardback) Margaret Willes

    An intimate portrait of two pivotal Restoration figures during one of the most dramatic periods of English history

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  • The House of Government
    The House of Government (English, Hardback) Yuri Slezkine

    "On the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the epic story of an enormous apartment building where Communist true believers lived before their destruction. The House of Government is unlike any other book about the Russian Revolution and the Soviet experiment. Written in the tradition of Tolstoy's War and Peace, Grossman's Life and Fate, and Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago, Yuri Slezkine's gripping narrative tells the true story of the residents of an enormous Moscow apartment building where top Communist officials and their families lived before they were destroyed in Stalin's purges. A vivid account of the personal and public lives of Bolshevik true believers, the book begins with their conversion to Communism and ends with their children's loss of faith and the fall of the Soviet Union. Completed in 1931, the House of Government, later known as the House on the Embankment, was located across the Moscow River from the Kremlin. The largest residential building in Europe, it combined 550 furnished apartments with public spaces that included everything from a movie theater and a library to a tennis court and a shooting range. Slezkine tells the chilling story of how the building's residents lived in their apartments and ruled the Soviet state until some eight hundred of them were evicted from the House and led, one by one, to prison or their deaths. Drawing on letters, diaries, and interviews, and featuring hundreds of rare photographs, The House of Government weaves together biography, literary criticism, architectural history, and fascinating new theories of revolutions, millennial prophecies, and reigns of terror. The result is an unforgettable human saga of a building that, like the Soviet Union itself, became a haunted house, forever disturbed by the ghosts of the disappeared"--Provided by publisher.

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  • Ripples in Spacetime
    Ripples in Spacetime (English, Hardback) Govert Schilling

    The detection of gravitational waves-ripples in spacetime-has already been called the scientific coup of this century. Govert Schilling recounts the struggles that threatened to derail the quest and describes the detector's astounding precision, weaving far-reaching discoveries about the universe into a gripping story of ambition and perseverance.

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  • Get Over Yourself
    Get Over Yourself (English, Paperback) Patrick West

    Get Over Yourself both uses Nietzsche's philosophy to understand our society, and takes our society to explain his philosophy.

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  • Hurricane R4118 Revisited
    Hurricane R4118 Revisited (English, Other printed item) Peter Vacher

    Twelve years since the amazing account of Peter Vacher's discovery in India was originally published, Grub Street is thrilled to bring readers the updated story of Hurricane R4118. Since the restoration of this magnificent aircraft to flight in 2004, Peter Vacher continued to research its history.

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  • Partition
    Partition (Hardback) Barney White-Spunner

    To tell the story of Indian independence and the creation of Pakistan through the chaotic and seismic events of 1947 and the experiences of the people who lived through them.

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  • Lenin For Today
    Lenin For Today (Paperback) John Molyneux $22.54
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  • The Social Life of Books
    The Social Life of Books (English, Hardback) Abigail Williams

    A vivid exploration of the evolution of reading as an essential social and domestic activity during the eighteenth century

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  • Revolution without Revolutionaries
    Revolution without Revolutionaries (English, Paperback) Asef Bayat

    The revolutionary wave that swept the Middle East in 2011 was marked by spectacular mobilization, spreading within and between countries with extraordinary speed. Several years on, however, it has caused limited shifts in structures of power, leaving much of the old political and social order intact. In this book, noted author Asef Bayat?whose Life as Politics anticipated the Arab Spring?uncovers...

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  • Eve's War
    Eve's War (Paperback) Evelyn Shillington, Barbara Fox

    The rediscovered wartime diaries of Eve Shillington - who followed her officer husband around Britain during his WWII war service and showing the extraordinary courage and resourcefulness during the war, but also determination that everyday life should continue

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  • A Rumor Of War
    A Rumor Of War (Paperback) Philip Caputo

    The first memoir to emerge from the Vietnam conflict, Philip Caputo's A Rumor of War is now regarded as one of the great classics of war literature, ranked alongside All Quiet On the Western Front and The Naked and the Dead - 40th Anniversary Edition with an introduction from Kevin Powers.

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  • Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?
    Who Thought This Was a Good Idea? (Paperback) Alyssa Mastromonaco

    The New York Times bestselling memoir of President Barack Obama's deputy chief of staff - like no political memoir you've ever read before.

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  • No Go Zones
    No Go Zones (English, Hardback) Raheem Kassam

    No Go Zones. That's what they're called. And while the politically correct try to deny their existence, the shocking reality of these "No Go Zones"?where Sharia law can prevail and local police stay away?can be attested to by its many victims. ...

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  • The Detroit Neighborhood Guidebook
    The Detroit Neighborhood Guidebook (English, Paperback) Aaron Foley

    Detroiters need to get to know their neighbors better. Wait ? maybe that should be, Detroiters should get to know their neighborhoods better. It seems like everybody thinks they know the neighborhoods here, but because there are so many, the definitions become too broad, the characteristics become muddled, the stories become lost. Edited by Aaron Foley, The Detroit Neighborhood Guidebook contains...

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  • Congress's Constitution
    Congress's Constitution (English, Hardback) Josh Chafetz

    A leading scholar of Congress and the Constitution analyzes Congress's surprisingly potent set of tools in the system of checks and balances

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  • Rogue Spooks
    Rogue Spooks (English, CD-Audio) Dick Morris

    Authors will expose the clandestine war against the Trump administration being waged by rogue elements of the intelligence community, with the collusion of the media and liberal establishment.

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