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  • Public History
    Public History (English, Paperback) Thomas Cauvin

    Public History: A Textbook of Practice is a guide to the many challenges historians face while teaching, learning, and practicing public history. Historians can play a dynamic and essential role in contributing to public understanding of the past, and those who work in historic preservation, in museums and archives, in government agencies, as consultants, as oral historians, or who manage...

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  • A Practical Guide to Studying History
    A Practical Guide to Studying History (English, Paperback) Tracey Loughran

    "An introduction to the fundamental skills and principles underpinning historical research and writing, and to the different contexts in which history is produced and consumed"--

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  • The Muqaddimah
    The Muqaddimah (English, Paperback) Ibn Khaldun

    The Muqaddimah, often translated as "Introduction" or "Prolegomenon," is the most important Islamic history of the premodern world. Written by the great fourteenth-century Arab scholar Ibn Khaldûn (d. 1406), this monumental work established the foundations of several fields of knowledge, including the philosophy of history, sociology, ethnography, and economics. The first complete English...

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  • The Pursuit of History
    The Pursuit of History (English, Paperback) John Tosh

    This classic introduction to the study of history invites the reader to stand back and consider some of its most fundamental questions - what is the point of studying history? How do we know about the past? Does an objective historical truth exist and can we ever access it?...

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  • The Houses of History
    The Houses of History (English, Paperback) Anna Green, Kathleen Troup

    An updated edition of this accessible critical reader, with additional chapters including an introduction that contextualises the rise of each theoretical perspective and draw links between them. -- .

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  • The Allure of Battle
    The Allure of Battle (English, Hardback) Cathal J. Nolan

    The Allure of Battle is an accessible, provocative, and entertaining book that illuminates fresh debate about the conduct of warfare and the character of battle for readers of military history.

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  • Oral History Theory
    Oral History Theory (English, Paperback) Lynn Abrams

    Oral history is increasingly acknowledged as a key tool for anyone studying the history of the recent past, andOral History Theory provides a comprehensive, systematic and accessible overview of this important field. Combining the study of theories drawn from disciplines ranging from linguistics to psychoanalysis with the observations of practitioners and including extensive examples of oral...

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  • The History Manifesto
    The History Manifesto (English, Paperback) Jo Guldi, David Armitage

    A call to arms to historians and everyone interested in history in contemporary society. This title is also available as Open Access.

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  • Hugh Trevor-Roper
    Hugh Trevor-Roper (English, Hardback) Blair Worden

    Reveals the historical contribution of Hugh Trevor-Roper.

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  • Clues, Myths, and the Historical Method
    Clues, Myths, and the Historical Method (English, Paperback) Carlo Ginzburg

    Was he influenced by the environment, he asks himself, and if so, how? Ginzburg uses his own experience to examine the elusive and constantly evolving nature of history and historical research.

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  • Writing History, Writing Trauma
    Writing History, Writing Trauma (English, Paperback) Dominick LaCapra

    This updated edition includes a substantive new preface that reconsiders some of the issues raised in the book.

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  • Writing History Essays
    Writing History Essays (English, Paperback) I. W. Mabbett

    To write a good history essay, you need to have a solid understanding of both technique and history as a discipline. In this new edition, Ian Mabbett carefully takes you through every step of writing a history essay, from reading sources critically and taking notes, to planning and drafting the essay itself.

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  • China from Empire to Nation-State
    China from Empire to Nation-State (English, Hardback) Wang Hui

    This translation of the introduction to Wang Hui's Rise of Modern Chinese Thought (2004) makes part of his four-volume masterwork available to English readers for the first time. A leading public intellectual in China, Wang charts the historical currents that have shaped Chinese modernity from the Song Dynasty to the present day.

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  • The Historian's Toolbox
    The Historian's Toolbox (English, Paperback) Robert C. Williams

    Written in and engaging and entertaining style, this popular "how-to" guide introduces readers to the theory, craft, and methods of history and provides a series of "tools" to help them research and understand the past. This edition includes new chapters on the use of geographic information systems and forensics in historical research, and on the issue of information overload and reliability, as...

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  • Historians Debate the Rise of the West
    Historians Debate the Rise of the West (English, Paperback) Jonathan Daly

    How and why did Europe rise to world pre-eminence? Providing an overview of this central historical conundrum of modern times, Historians Debate the Rise of the West enables students to grasp major scholars' evaluations of the biggest picture of all: how Western civilization fits into modern world history....

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  • The Uses and Abuses of History
    The Uses and Abuses of History (English, Paperback) Professor Margaret MacMillan

    Abuses of history can have dire consequences - look at Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Margaret MacMillan's argument for why history matters shows how treating the past with respect can lead us to a better understanding with the present.

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  • Sources and Methods in Indigenous Studies
    Sources and Methods in Indigenous Studies (English, Paperback) Chris Andersen

    Sources and Methods in Indigenous Studies is a synthesis of changes and innovations in methodologies in indigenous studies, focusing on sources over a broad chronological spread. Written by an international team of experts from across a range disciplines, this collection offers insight into the methodological approaches contributors take to research, and how methods have evolved in recent years....

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  • Remaking History
    Remaking History (English, Paperback) Jerome de Groot

    Remaking History considers the ways that historical fictions of all kinds enable a complex engagement with the past. Popular historical texts including films, television and novels, along with cultural phenomena such as superheroes and vampires, broker relationships to ?history', while also enabling audiences to understand the ways in which the past is written, structured and ordered....

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  • Research Methods for History
    Research Methods for History (English, Paperback) Lucy Faire

    Research Methods for History encourages those researching the past to think creatively about the wide range of methods currently in use, to understand how these methods are used and what historical insights they can provide.

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  • Resilience, Development and Global Change
    Resilience, Development and Global Change (English, Paperback) Katrina Brown

    Resilience is currently infusing policy debates and public discourses, widely promoted as a normative goal in fields as diverse as the economy, national security, personal development and well-being. Resilience thinking provides a framework for understanding dynamics of complex, inter-connected social, ecological and economic systems. The book critically analyzes the multiple meanings and...

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