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  • 52
    52 Things to Do While You Poo (English, Hardback) Hugh Jassburn

    Perching on the porcelain can be very boring when you have nothing to do but poo. But fear no more, as excretion expert Hugh Jassburn has put together a compendium of entertaining activities and informative fun that will make you want to stay put, even if you don't need to go. Doing a number two will never be the same again.

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  • The
    The GCHQ Puzzle Book (Paperback) GCHQ

    ** WINNER OF 'STOCKING FILLER OF THE YEAR AWARD' GUARDIAN ** Pit your wits against the people who cracked Enigma in the official puzzle book from Britain's secretive intelligence organisation, GCHQ. 'A fiendish work, as frustrating, divisive and annoying as it is deeply fulfilling: the true spirit of Christmas' Guardian 'Surely the trickiest puzzle book in years. Crack these fiendish problems...

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  • Amazing
    Amazing Dot to Dots (English, Paperback) David Woodroffe

    Includes more than 80 dot-to-dot puzzles for adults, this is the 2nd book in the series. The puzzles include world landmarks such as the Duomo in Florence and the London Eye, animals such as flying gulls and swimming tigers, works of art, classic vehicles, sports, historical scenes and more.


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  • Growing
    Growing Mindful Cards (English, Cards) Psy D Christopher Willard, Mitch Abblett

    Teaching and incorporating mindfulness into your home, classroom and therapy session is easy with the Growing Mindful card deck featuring 50 unique mindfulness activities to teach awareness, how to be present in the moment, and cultivate kindness & curiosity. Perfect for all ages!

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  • American
    American Casino Guide (English, Paperback) Steve Bourie

    The American Casino Guide provides casino-goers with money-saving, detailed information that can be helpful for both seasoned casino veterans, as well as first-time casino visitors. Anyone who is looking to learn more about gambling, or simply planning a gambling-related vacation, will find the book to be extremely helpful. The guide provides detailed information on more than 750 casino/resorts, riverboats and Indian casinos in 41 states, including room rates, buffet prices, casino games offered and any special features. The book also has maps of all casino locations, plus detailed information on the best strategies for playing the major casino games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, slots and video poker.For extra savings, the book also contains over $1,000 in valuable casino coupons. There are also of tips on how to always get the most value for your money by taking advantage of casino promotions and slot clubs. A must for anyone planning a visit to a casino!

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  • Colour
    Colour Me Swiftly (English, Paperback) Mel Elliott

    The newest in I Love Mel's pop culture colouring books is Colour Me Swiftly, celebrating pop music's reigning queen, Taylor Swift. 2014 was undoubtedly 'The Year Of The Swift. If she wasn't shakin' it off to one of the best pop tunes in decades, she was offering brilliant feminist sound bites to get her young #swifties feeling strong, independent and powerful. Here's counting the days until Taylor...

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  • Mini-lathe
    Mini-lathe Tools and Projects (Paperback) David Fenner

    This book follows on from the same author's introduction to the Mini-Lathe (Workshop Practice Series No. 43) and presents a series of projects which are intended to extend the versatility of this little machine and specific tools such as the radius turning attachment, the tailstock and the dividing head.

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  • How
    How to Win the Lottery with the Law of Attraction (English, Paperback) Eddie Coronado

    HOW TO WIN THE LOTTERY WITH THE LAW OF ATTRACTION was written by Law of Attraction lottery winner, teacher and author Eddie Coronado. Based on interviews with actual winners who have used the Law of Attraction to win lottery prizes, this book provides the metaphysical tools and insights that are necessary to win lottery and contest prizes through the creative power of thoughts and feelings....

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  • Awesome
    Awesome Dot to Dot (English, Paperback) David Woodroffe

    This popular aspect of practical art takes on a whole new dimension with this superb collection of over 120 intriguing visual puzzles. The wide-ranging themes include landmarks of the world (Mount Rushmore), iconic buildings (the White House, St Peter’s Basilica), classic vehicles (from cars, trucks, and bikes, to aircraft and ships), works of art (Munch’s The Scream), the animal kingdom...

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  • Sports
    Sports Trading on Betfair (Paperback) Wayne Bailey

    Profitable betting exchange sytems and strategies for trading on Betfair and Betdaq.

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  • Querkles"/
    Querkles (Paperback) Thomas Pavitte

    Colour in the number keys of these puzzling images to reveal 20 astounding portraits of some of the world's most adored icons.

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  • The
    The Milling Machine (English, Paperback) Harold Hall

    This book deals with choosing and using a milling machine and its accessories - the cutters, cutter chucks, workpiece clamps, vices, angle plates, dividing heads, rotary tables, boring heads and other minor items. The usage of each machine and accessory is described in sufficient detail for the vast majority of uses in the home workshop.

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  • Model
    Model Aircraft Aerodynamics (English, Paperback) Martin Simons

    The standard textbook on aerodynamic theory, as applied to model flight.

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  • Harry
    Harry Potter - The Ultimate Book of Facts (English, Paperback) Jack Goldstein, Frankie Taylor

    Are you a huge fan of Harry Potter? You have probably read every book and seen every film many times over. But how much do you really know? This excellent book has more than two hundred facts that will surprise and amaze you in equal measure. Sections include: ...

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  • Armor
    Armor Modelers Guide (English, Paperback) Sheperd Paine

    Shep’s legacy will live on—via his art, his writing, and, most of all, the enthusiastic and generous spirit that he shared with fellow hobbyists

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  • The
    The Metal Detecting Bible (English, Paperback) Brandon Neice

    The ultimate A-to-Z guide revealing everything you need to know to become a metal detecting expertWho wouldn’t get a thrill from discovering buried treasure? Now with this in-depth guide, you can learn the secrets to finding valuable items like coins, jewelry and historical relics with a metal detector. With tips on choosing the ideal detector, step-by-step instructions on finding spots most...

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  • Speed
    Speed Solving the Cube (English, Paperback) Dan Harris

    Seedcubing is spreading like wildfire. This guide provides illustrations and solving techniques for speedcubbing.


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  • 101
    101 Things to Do Instead of Playing on Your Phone (Paperback) Ilka Heinemann

    Our phones have become a constant distraction; it's time we put them down and rediscovered the simple art of taking a few minutes out. This book offers an imaginative list of games and tips aimed at curing us of our portable tech addiction.

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  • Harry
    Harry Potter - The Ultimate Quiz Book (English, Paperback) Chris Peacock, Jack Goldstein

    The magical world of Harry Potter and his friends (and enemies!) is one that is host to a wealth of wonderful information. Over seven books, J K Rowling has introduced us to a fantastical place where I am sure many of us would love to live - despite the risks of coming across dark wizards or scary beasts! ...

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