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  • Wh Smith Project Helpers: Space Exploration (English, Paperback) David Wright, Jill Wright $7.68
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  • Neville Chamberlain
    Neville Chamberlain (English, Hardback) David Dutton

    A study of the ebb and flow of the reputation of one of the 20th-century's most controversial politicians, Neville Chamberlain. It poses questions not only about his conduct and the circumstances of his time, but also about the nature and uses of the historical evidence itself.

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  • The Film Studies Dictionary
    The Film Studies Dictionary (English, Hardback) Steve Blandford, etc.

    This volume is designed to bridge the gap between guides and dictionaries that are primarily academic and theoretical and those that deal mainly in technical jargon. It contains around 1000 entries ranging from terms such as "best boy" and "gaffer" to those required by specialist students of film.

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  • The Writer's Workbook
    The Writer's Workbook (English, Hardback) Jenny Newman

    This title offers points of good practice, warnings about the main pitfalls and provides a variety of exercises to hone a writer's skills. It includes advice on writing short stories, poetry, novels, plays, TV, radio and film scripts as well as travel writing, and writing for the web.

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  • History by Numbers
    History by Numbers (English, Hardback) Pat Hudson

    This text examines the origins, purposes, methods and pitfalls of quantitative approaches to history and introduces students to commonly used tools and techniques, including computer-aided research methods. Material is drawn from research in social, economic and political history.

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  • India and Pakistan
    India and Pakistan (English, Hardback) Ian Arthur Talbot

    This work offers a historical understanding of the process of nation-building in the Indian subcontinent. In particular, the author examines the role of "parochial" allegiances and the impact of contemporary processes of economic and cultural globalization on nationalist and localist allegiances.

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  • Louis XVI
    Louis XVI (English, Hardback) John Hardman

    Louis XVI was the principal actor in the French Revolution. This study explores the perceptions contemporaries had of this enigmatic character, both before and during the Revolution, and examines historians' subsequent attempts to define his character and role.

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  • Thomas More
    Thomas More (English, Hardback) John Guy

    This account seeks to unravel disparate strands in its search for the historical More. John Guy persuades us to give some of our attention to the life, not just the death, of More, and to ponder the motivation for More's stand against Henry VIII, not just the stand itself.

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  • Studying Radio
    Studying Radio (English, Hardback) Stephen Barnard

    This text offers a concise and thorough introduction to radio broadcasting as an area of study, placing radio in a historical and contemporary media context and tracing the development and day-to-day operation of the medium from the perspective of its institutions, it practitioners and audience.

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  • The German Question and Europe
    The German Question and Europe (English, Hardback) Peter Alter

    A study of the "German question" between 1800 and 1990. It covers matters that have European and even world significance as well as domestic issues for Germany. The volume follows a chronological sequence but its thrust is analytical rather than narrative.

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  • Media Organisations in Society
    Media Organisations in Society (English, Hardback) James Curran

    This volume argues that organisations are influenced by the wider context of society. It combines overview essays with detailed case studies, and draws attention to the way in which the economic organization of the media influences its wider cultural and social roles.

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  • French History Since Napoleon
    French History Since Napoleon (English, Hardback) Martin S. Alexander

    This exploration of France since Napoleon offers a "route map" over the main contours of modern French history. Political history is represented, and themes such as social change and economic development, the place of women, cultural politics, artistic developments and popular taste are covered.

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  • Re-interpreting Russia
    Re-interpreting Russia (English, Hardback) Geoffrey Hosking

    This text examines the large problems of Russia's past. The linking theme is the balance of continuity and discontinuity in the history of the country across several centuries. Topics covered include: politics, administration, economy, sociology and culture, and there are historical discussions.

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  • Cultural Consumption and Everyday Life
    Cultural Consumption and Everyday Life (English, Hardback) John Storey

    This study examines the consumption of culture from a cultural studies perspective. It explores historical work on the subject, outlines theoretical perspectives, reviews key work in ethnography, and surveys recent debates on postmodernism, consumption and identity.

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  • England in Conflict, 1603-60
    England in Conflict, 1603-60 (English, Hardback) Derek Hirst

    This volume tells the story of the disintegration of the early modern polity. Its opening explorations of the practices and assumptions of politics, of religious life in centre and locality, of social relationships and economic patterns, are followed by a turn to narrative.

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  • The Stuart Parliaments, 1603-89
    The Stuart Parliaments, 1603-89 (English, Hardback) David L. Smith

    The 17th century was a crucial period in the history of the English parliament. This revised view of the turbulent Stuart parliaments strips away not only the flawed perspectives of the Whiggish historians, but also the politically-motivated myths espoused during the 17th century.

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  • Final Solution
    Final Solution (English, Hardback) Gotz Aly

    How and why was a modern European state capable, in the middle of the 20th century, of planning and carrying out the industrially-organized mass murder of six million Jews, male, female, adults and children? This text provides a detailed reconstruction of the Final Solution to answer this question.

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  • Approaches to Audiences
    Approaches to Audiences (English, Hardback) Roger Dickinson

    In the FOUNDATIONS IN MEDIA series and aimed at second year undergraduates in media, communications and cultural studies, a study of mass media audiences. It covers the influence of the media on society, studies of the individual in the audience and audiences in the context of culture, community and family.

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  • Britain's Century
    Britain's Century (English, Hardback) W.D. Rubenstein

    An interpretation of the social and political structure of Victorian Britain. It examines the issues and events of the period by looking at three separate elites in British society: the aristocracy; the London-based commercial, financial and professional elite; and the northern manufacturing elite.

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  • Electronic Empires
    Electronic Empires (English, Hardback) Daya Thussu

    This text centres on debates on globalization, the public sphere, and the potential of the Internet for empowerment. Exploring the question of whether media globalization is helping create a global public sphere, it offers alternative regional and gender-based perspectives on globalization.

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