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  • Wh Smith Project Helpers: Space Exploration (English, Paperback) David Wright, Jill Wright $8.64
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  • The French Revolutionary Wars, 1787-1802
    The French Revolutionary Wars, 1787-1802 (English, Paperback) T. C. W. Blanning

    The progress of the French Revolutionary armies is narrated and analyzed in this study of the wars, with particular reference to the legacy of the old regime, the response of the other European powers, and the reasons for French success.

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  • Victims and Survivors
    Victims and Survivors (English, Paperback) Dr. Bob Moore

    How was it possible that such a large proportion of the Netherlands' Jewish citizens fell victim to Nazi genocide, when those in France and Belgium fared markedly better? The author of this study examines the central elements of this debate.

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  • A Glossary of Feminist Theory: Concise Edition
    A Glossary of Feminist Theory: Concise Edition (English, Paperback) Sonya Andermahr, Terry Lovell

    Organized on the same principles as the "Glossary of Feminist Theory" by the same team of editors, this concise edition is tailored specifically for students, carrying the terms they will most commonly encounter.

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  • Europe Under Napoleon, 1799-1815
    Europe Under Napoleon, 1799-1815 (English, Paperback) Mike Broers

    The story of Napoleon - the man and his life - often swamps those of the time and the place. This text attempts to redress the balance by showing the Napoleonic Empire from a new perspective: that of the ruled rather than the ruler. It thus concentrates on the experience of the peoples of Europe.

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  • Mediations
    Mediations (English, Paperback) Andrew Tolson

    Offers a comprehensive introduction to media text analysis. The book covers a wide range of modern mass media, including television and radio, cinema, advertising, some forms of photography, popular fiction, women's magazines and other print media. Key concepts of text analysis are explained.

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  • The Napoleonic Wars, 1803-1815
    The Napoleonic Wars, 1803-1815 (English, Paperback) David Gates

    This study applies a "total" history approach, covering the causes and effects of the conflict and its place in the evolution of modern warfare. Gates demonstrates how incomplete our understanding of the stuggle must be without an appreciation of the economic, cultural and political dimensions.

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  • The Russian Revolution
    The Russian Revolution (English, Paperback) James D. White

    This account of the main political events of the period, gives special attention to the February and October revolutions. It explains the tensions within society that led to the popular upheavals of 1917, and shows what had become of these social movements by the end of the Civil War period.

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  • Revolutions of the Word
    Revolutions of the Word (English, Paperback) Patricia Waugh

    Provides a collection of manifestos, essays and excerpts giving access to important intellectual contexts which have helped to shape the production and reception of 2Oth-century literature.

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  • Practising Postmodernism/Reading Modernism
    Practising Postmodernism/Reading Modernism (English, Paperback) Patricia Waugh

    Instead of accepting postmodernism as a radical break with previous Western thought, it is more faithful, argues this book, to view it as a late phase in a tradition of aestheticist modern thought. The discussion in this text is supported by readings of "postmodern" and "modernist" texts.

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  • Love Signs for Beginners
    Love Signs for Beginners (English, Paperback) Kristyna Arcarti

    A facet of astrology is partner-compatibility for romance and friendship, best assessed by the position of the Moon in the birth chart. This book claims to enable to reader to determine their own love sign and hence assess their compatibility with prospective lovers or friends.

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  • Rich
    Rich (English, Paperback) Melvyn Bragg

    A biography of the actor, Richard Burton, supported by his own unpublished journals that cover the years of his marriage to Elizabeth Taylor. It also includes first time interviews with his daughter and sister and revealing conversations with actors and close friends.

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  • Wales and Britain, 1906-51
    Wales and Britain, 1906-51 (Paperback) Roger K. Turvey

    Written specifically for the WJEC GCSE history syllabuses, this text coves the main themes of Welsh and British history, from 1906 to 1951. It looks at areas such as the Edwardian era, the Great War, international relations and post-war settlement.

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  • Compensation Crazy
    Compensation Crazy (English, Paperback) Institute of Ideas

    Many commentators fear Britain is experiencing a US-style compensation craze. But what's wrong with holding employers and businesses to account? This question and more are discussed by four experienced professionals in the field.

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  • Astrology
    Astrology (English, Paperback) Graham Boston

    An exploration of how astrology can enable us to understand ourselves, other people and our relationships more fully. Through a series of simple, practical steps, the handbook covers how to: cast a horoscope; draw up a birth chart; and interpret the 12 signs of the zodiac.

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  • Ethical Tourism
    Ethical Tourism (English, Paperback) Institute of Ideas

    Ethical and responsible travel is promoted and advocated by campaigns, NGOs and many "alternative" travel companies. But this message is mixed, few agree on what does and doesn't constitute ethiical or responsible tourism. The contributors cover a range of differing perspectives on ethical tourism.

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  • Reality TV
    Reality TV (English, Paperback) Institute of Ideas

    Reality TV has established itself as a major television genre. This is TV about real people, and for real people. But how valid is the claim that these programmes tell us the truth about our lives? This issue is discussed by contributors from both sides of the debate.

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  • Nature's Revenge?
    Nature's Revenge? (English, Paperback) Institute of Ideas

    Politicians and the media rarely miss the opportunity that hurricanes or extensive flooding provide to warn us of the potential dangers of global warming. This text brings together scientific experts and social commentators to debate whether we really are seeing "nature's revenge".

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  • Theories of Fascism
    Theories of Fascism (English, Hardback) Roger Griffin

    In the ARNOLD READERS IN HISTORY series discussing the definition and ideology of generic fascism for undergraduate students of history and politics, using articles, essays and the political writings of key figures to illustrate the structural affinity fascism has with Nazism and other movements which surfaced in inter-war Europe and elsewhere.

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