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  • Wh Smith Project Helpers: Space Exploration (English, Paperback) David Wright, Jill Wright $8.09
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  • Pediatric Enteral Nutrition
    Pediatric Enteral Nutrition (English, Hardback) Samm Sinclair Baker, etc.

    This text offers health professionals the scientific rationale for enteral nutrition support, and ways to avoid complications. It offers a practical approach to successfully administering enteral support to children, and includes a scientific rationale for suggested techniques.

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  • Love Signs for Beginners
    Love Signs for Beginners (English, Paperback) Kristyna Arcarti

    A facet of astrology is partner-compatibility for romance and friendship, best assessed by the position of the Moon in the birth chart. This book claims to enable to reader to determine their own love sign and hence assess their compatibility with prospective lovers or friends.

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  • Reflexology
    Reflexology (English, Paperback) Chris Stormer

    This guide shows how common ailments may be treated using reflexology. It deals with physical, mental and spiritual health, covering such topics as, on the one hand, anxiety, depression and obsession, and on the other, living with joy and promoting happiness.

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  • The Catholic and Counter Reformations
    The Catholic and Counter Reformations (Paperback) Keith Randell

    This edition incorporates a discussion of three important topics of the catholic reform period; the Council of Trent, the impact of the Jesuits and the international rivalry between catholics and protestants. The author also considers the impact of the mystics and their movements.

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  • Wales and Britain in the Medieval World, c.1066-c.1500
    Wales and Britain in the Medieval World, c.1066-c.1500 (Paperback) Hefin Mathias

    A text introducing the divisions and conflicts in Wales and Britain in the year 1000. It explores the impact of the Norman invasion, highlighting the political, social and economic consequences of their rule. It looks at the effects of the Crusades and the troubles of the 14th century.

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  • Wales and Britain, 1906-51
    Wales and Britain, 1906-51 (Paperback) Roger K. Turvey

    Written specifically for the WJEC GCSE history syllabuses, this text coves the main themes of Welsh and British history, from 1906 to 1951. It looks at areas such as the Edwardian era, the Great War, international relations and post-war settlement.

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  • Rich
    Rich (English, Paperback) Melvyn Bragg

    A biography of the actor, Richard Burton, supported by his own unpublished journals that cover the years of his marriage to Elizabeth Taylor. It also includes first time interviews with his daughter and sister and revealing conversations with actors and close friends.

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  • Tarot
    Tarot (English, Paperback) Kristyna Arcarti

    A handbook on learning about yourself and others through cards. Advice is given on what kind of cards to buy and how you should use them. Each chapter explores a different aspect of cards, explaining the meanings and interpretations. There are practice sections to test the reader's knowledge.

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  • Reincarnation and You
    Reincarnation and You (English, Paperback) Leila Bright

    A practical guide to reincarnation. It looks at historical and modern perspectives of reincarnation as well as detailing safe self-hypnosis techniques and giving advice on how to find a good regression therapist. Case studies and exercises are included.

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  • Key Account Management in a Week
    Key Account Management in a Week (English, Paperback) Grant Stewart

    Key account management is central to any company's sales and marketing strategy. On average 20 per cent of customers create almost 80 per cent of overall revenue. This book is a guide to winning and maintaining profitable and trusted relationships with key customers.

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  • Crystal Healing
    Crystal Healing (English, Paperback) Roger C. Croxson

    A beginner's guide to using crystals to improve health and well-being. The guide tells how to choose, cleanse, charge and care for the crystals. Also covers how to prepare yourself, the workspace, and the client for healing. Guide includes practice sections to consolidate understanding of each unit.

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  • Tantric Sexuality
    Tantric Sexuality (English, Paperback) Richard Craze

    The second edition of this introduction to tantric sexuality, originally published in 1997. It offers a radically different and exciting new dimension to sex within a loving relationship. It explains the practical techniques that you can try if you want to further your knowledge of esoteric lovemaking. In the BEGINNER'S GUIDE series.

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  • Livingstone
    Livingstone (English, Paperback) P.H. Turner

    Both biography and study of colonial development, this introductory guide to Livingstone is an appraisal of the first man to bring an understanding of central Africa and its problems to the rest of the world, through his life as a missionary, doctor, explorer and opponent of the slave trade.

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  • The Dalai Lama
    The Dalai Lama (English, Paperback) Genevieve Blais

    This introduction to the Dalai Lama traces the story of the man who became the leader of the Tibetan people at the age of four and has spent 40 years in exile. It takes readers step-by-step through the tradition of the Dalai Lama, the guiding principles and teachings, and the 14th incarnation.

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  • Astrology and Health
    Astrology and Health (English, Paperback) Dylan Warren-Davis

    A discussion of how the signs of the zodiac influence our health. It covers: the five elements; how sun signs relate to the elements; parts of the body and diseases associated with each sun sign; visualizations and exercises to help with healing; and diseases associated with the planets.

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  • Galileo
    Galileo (English, Paperback) Ina Taylor

    Einstein called him the father of modern physics, and this guide introduces the life, discoveries and inventions of Galileo in layman's terms to give the reader an understanding of the man and his place in modern scientific thought.

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  • Job Applications in a Week
    Job Applications in a Week (English, Paperback) Hilton Catt, Patricia Scudamore

    Presenting a joined-up overview of the job-hunting process, this book is concerned with how to engage and overcome competition; how to cut down the time spent on applications; and how to ensure more of your applications turn into job opportunities rather than rejection letters.

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