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  • Rich: The Life of Richard Burton by Melvyn Bragg
    Rich: The Life of Richard Burton (English, Paperback) Melvyn Bragg

    A biography of the actor, Richard Burton, supported by his own unpublished journals that cover the years of his marriage to Elizabeth Taylor. It also includes first time interviews with his daughter and sister and revealing conversations with actors and close friends.

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  • The French Revolutionary Wars, 1787-1802 by T. C. W. Blanning
    The French Revolutionary Wars, 1787-1802 (English, Paperback) T. C. W. Blanning

    The progress of the French Revolutionary armies is narrated and analyzed in this study of the wars, with particular reference to the legacy of the old regime, the response of the other European powers, and the reasons for French success.

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  • Mediations by Andrew Tolson
    Mediations (English, Paperback) Andrew Tolson

    Offers a comprehensive introduction to media text analysis. The book covers a wide range of modern mass media, including television and radio, cinema, advertising, some forms of photography, popular fiction, women's magazines and other print media. Key concepts of text analysis are explained.

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  • A Glossary of Feminist Theory: Concise Edition by Sonya Andermahr
    A Glossary of Feminist Theory: Concise Edition (English, Paperback) Sonya Andermahr, Terry Lovell

    Organized on the same principles as the "Glossary of Feminist Theory" by the same team of editors, this concise edition is tailored specifically for students, carrying the terms they will most commonly encounter.

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  • Victims and Survivors by Dr. Bob Moore
    Victims and Survivors (English, Paperback) Dr. Bob Moore

    How was it possible that such a large proportion of the Netherlands' Jewish citizens fell victim to Nazi genocide, when those in France and Belgium fared markedly better? The author of this study examines the central elements of this debate.

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  • Practising Postmodernism/Reading Modernism by Patricia Waugh
    Practising Postmodernism/Reading Modernism (English, Paperback) Patricia Waugh

    Instead of accepting postmodernism as a radical break with previous Western thought, it is more faithful, argues this book, to view it as a late phase in a tradition of aestheticist modern thought. The discussion in this text is supported by readings of "postmodern" and "modernist" texts.

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  • Livewire: Real Lives by Mike Wilson
    Livewire: Real Lives (Paperback) Mike Wilson

    This is the story of Everton Football Club. Part of the "Livewire" series, it has a teenage/adult interest level for those with a reading age of ten or below, or for adult students learning English as a second language. It uses non-patronizing text and leads readers towards a higher reading level.

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  • Pasos Support by Pasos
    Pasos Support (English, Paperback) Pasos

    This is a 2nd Edition

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