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  • The Golden Age of Arbitration
    The Golden Age of Arbitration
    Derek Roebuck

    Elizabeth I consciously and determinedly provided a Government mediation and arbitration scheme. A wealth of primary sources show that she had a special concern for women, the poor and anyone disadvantaged by the costs and delays of the law. Her Privy Council arranged arbitrations with no fees and with free legal aid for those who needed it.

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  • Arbitration and Mediation in Seventeenth-Century England
    Arbitration and Mediation in Seventeenth-Century England (Hardback) Derek Roebuck

    Despite plague, fire, political upheaval and religious strife, in the 17th century English people used mediation and arbitration to help resolve their differences. As the century drew to its close, lawyers advised their clients to take advantage of the courts' offer to accept a claim and to refer it to arbitration.

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  • Mediation and Arbitration in the Middle Ages: England 1154 to 1558
    Mediation and Arbitration in the Middle Ages: England 1154 to 1558 (Hardback) Derek Roebuck

    Tells the story of how disputes of all kinds were managed in England between AD 1154 and the first signs of the Common Law, and 1558 when a new period started in the development of the English legal system. This title also includes private papers like the "Paston Letters" to show how disputes were managed in practice.

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  • Early English Arbitration
    Early English Arbitration (Hardback) Derek Roebuck

    A first history of mediation and arbitration in England before the Common Law. This book shows how natural and widespread mediation and arbitration have been in England since history began. It includes an appendix which deals with the many unsettled questions of the languages of the period, British, Latin, Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman.

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  • Women at the Siege, Peking 1900
    Women at the Siege, Peking 1900 (English, Paperback) Susanna Hoe

    In 1900, Baron von Ketteler, the German Minister, was assassinated in a Peking street. By 4pm the first shots were fired and a siege by Boxers and imperial troops had begun. Among the besieged were 148 women from around the world and Maud, the Baron's widow. This book tells their story.

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  • Malta: Women, History, Books and Places
    Malta: Women, History, Books and Places (Paperback) Susanna Hoe

    A crater on the planet Mercury is named Maria de Dominici. Born in 1645, she was the first established Maltese woman artist. She, and other women in Maltese history, are little known about. But Malta is much more than Knights of St John and Second World War courage. This book tells their story through the waves of women who arrived in the archipelago of Malta and Gozo, starting with Sicilian...

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  • A Miscellany of Disputes
    A Miscellany of Disputes (Hardback) Derek Roebuck

    While there have been innumerable collections of humour in the courts, this is an anthology of over 80 stories about disputes resolved without the aid of litigation. It reveals rich sources from old and new China, ancient Greece, Rome and medieval England, as well as Shakespeare and Chaucer.

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  • Roman Arbitration
    Roman Arbitration (Hardback) Derek Roebuck, Bruno De Fumichon

    The authors provide the story of arbitration in Rome and its colonies from the earliest times to the codification of Justinian, with translations of all the sources.

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  • Disputes and Differences
    Disputes and Differences (Hardback) Derek Roebuck

    Thirty-eight papers written over fifty years show that anyone who wants to understand law can benefit from the insights of linguistics, history and anthropology. Equally important are the techniques of other disciplines, particularly the comparative method. In Part 1 the emphases are on law reform, human rights and peace, protection of the environment, and the relations between customary law and...

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  • Tasmania: Women, History, Books and Places
    Tasmania: Women, History, Books and Places (Paperback) Susanna Hoe

    The first aboriginal woman to be named in exploration literature is Ouray-Ouray; the best known is Trukanini, erroneously called the last Tasmanian when she died in 1876. This book gathers together these strands, and that of a vibrant women's literature, linking them to place - an island of still unspoilt beauty and unique flora and fauna.

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  • Watching the Flag Come Down
    Watching the Flag Come Down (Paperback) Susanna Hoe

    At midnight on 30 June 1997, Hong Kong reverted to Chinese sovereignty after 150 years of British rule. The moment when the British flag came down was dramatic enough but the ten years leading up to it were full of surprising incident and change. This work contains letters written by an Englishwoman who was involved in those events from 1987.

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  • Bills of Exchange (Multiple languages, Paperback) Michael Shone

    A short guide to the use of bills of exchange, written for exporters who want to know more about the legal and practical realities of a method of payment in widespread everyday use. It also provides a synopsis of the law in the principal export markets of South East Asia.

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  • Crete
    Crete (Paperback) Susanna Hoe

    This livret links legend and archaeology by writing and place, but does not neglect Crete's other women. Over the centuries they were subject to numerous violent changes of overlord - Mycenean, Roman, Byzantine, Saracen, Venetian, Ottoman - but somehow have emerged as Cretans.

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  • Chinese Footprints
    Chinese Footprints (English, Paperback) Susanna Hoe

    The writing of history used to concentrate on narrative, analysis or theory. The historian stayed out of sight. This book is part of a more recent trend. Here, Susanna Hoe discusses her relationship to her material, the processes of research and writing, and her characters.

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  • Madeira
    Madeira (Paperback) Susanna Hoe

    The history of Madeira's women and the writing of women travellers about the island are less well known than they should be. This livret combines a flavour of all these elements for the visitor or armchair traveller.

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  • Travels in Tandem: The Writing of Women and Men Who Travelled Together
    Travels in Tandem: The Writing of Women and Men Who Travelled Together (Paperback) Susanna Hoe

    Explores the question, are women travel companions' accounts more generally unpretending narratives, and men's the opposite? Using extensive quotations, the author pursues questions through the relations and accounts of couples visiting or living in foreign places, from Liberia to Siberia, from Vanuatu to Chinese Turkestan, between 1664 and 1973.

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  • At Home in Paradise
    At Home in Paradise (Paperback) Susanna Hoe

    A diary of a stay in Papua New Guinea. The author introduces the reader to the family cleaner - Margaret - her extended family, her unreliable husbands and her independent spirit. Then there is Kaman, the gardener, who has to be prised away from his creation so that his employers can enjoy it.

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  • The Charitable Arbitrator
    The Charitable Arbitrator (Hardback) Derek Roebuck

    Printed first in 1666, this source is both an instruction manual and plea for reform, comparing the positive potential of mediation and arbitration with the chicanery of contemporary litigation. It describes in detail some arbitrations of the period.

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  • Women in Disputes
    Women in Disputes (Paperback) Susanna Hoe, Derek Roebuck

    From Homer to Jane Austen, storytellers have entertained their audiences with tales of women in disputes, as parties and peacemakers. This is our attempt to write their history, relying as far as possible on primary sources, documents which have survived by chance, never intended for our eyes by those who created and preserved them.

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  • Managing the Recovery of International Debts
    Managing the Recovery of International Debts (Hardback) Michael Shone

    This collection of papers from a conference in Lucerne in 2004 seeks to help those who work in international trade to understand better the problems of recovering international debts and how to resolve them. Antonio Bueno QC's 'The Recovery Toolbox' explains the legal means at their disposal. In 'Interim Measures' Axel Bosch provides answers to problems which arise at a preliminary stage of...

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