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    A Roof Cutter's Secrets to Framing the Custom Home (English, Paperback) Will Holladay

    Here is your opportunity to own a copy of the latest version of "A Roof Cutter's Secrets" (2012). This is the very book that many believe revolutionized the modern home framing industry. It has been the "go to" reference book of choice for rough carpenters since the late 80s. It remains unrivaled in popularity and relevance. ...

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  • The
    The Housebuilders Bible (English, Paperback) Mark Brinkley

    The Housebuilder’s Bible is unique - the first book in its field to mix information and advice with detailed yardstick costings for residential building projects. ...

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  • Housebuilder's
    Housebuilder's Bible 2017: No. 12 (Paperback)
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  • Renovating
    Renovating for Profit (English, Paperback) Michael Holmes

    Shows you how to maximise the value of your investment and can reveal the kind of home improvements that make economic sense. This title covers various major aspects of home improvement, including conservatories, loft and basement conversions, double-glazing, central heating, kitchens and bathrooms.

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  • 100
    100 Contemporary Houses (Multiple languages, Hardback) Philip Jodidio

    Looks at more than one hundred of the most interesting private homes designed by such architects as John Pawson, Richard Meier, and Zaha Hadid.

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  • Black
    Black & Decker the Book of Home Improvement (English, Hardback) Editors of Cool Springs Press

    Boasting 560 pages of hardworking, how-to instructions and photos, this is quite possibly the only home remodeling you, or any homeowner, will ever need! From basements to attics and everywhere in between, Black & Decker the Book of Home Improvement shows you exactly how to do more than 100 of the most popular improvement projects. Whether your ambition is as big as remodeling the kitchen...

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  • The
    The Complete Loft Conversion Book (English, Hardback) Julian Owen

    Loft conversions are one of the most popular types of home alteration. This book takes you through the entire process.

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  • Sketchup
    Sketchup to Layout (Paperback) Matt Donley

    The SketchUp to LayOut book is the essential guide for woodworkers, carpenters, architects, contractors, builders, and designers who already know the basics on how to use SketchUp, but are looking to create stunning presentations to visualize their ideas with their clients using LayOut.Learn the workflow for creating SketchUp models specifically for LayOutBefore you even begin modeling that first...

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    The Style Your Modern Vintage Home (Hardback) Kate Beavis

    An inspirational book for all vintage enthusiasts, covering the 1920s to the 1990s. Encompasses every practical tip for buying, styling and restoring your vintage homewares, integrating them into your perfectly styled modern vintage home. A foreword by UK singer and actress, and vintage style icon, Paloma Faith.

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  • Off
    Off Grid and Underground (English, Paperback) Steve Rees

    This book is a unique look into one of the most unusual building techniques - underground installation of shipping containers - finished out into a very modern, energy efficient home that has proven to be a delight to live in. Detailed how-to instructions from start to finish give the reader a real handle on how they could build this home for themselves successfully and enjoy the wonderful...

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  • Air
    Air Plants (English, Paperback) Ray Abel

    A brief yet detailed look into the world of Air Plants!You’re about to discover...I want to thank you for downloading the book, Air Plants. This book contains all the information that you need to know about Air Plants in a compact and to the point format. The book is targeted toward people who love to learn about purchasing, caring for and reviving Air Plants which are great for individuals who...

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  • Jay
    Jay Shafer's DIY book of backyard sheds & tiny houses (English, Paperback) Jay Shafer

    Filled with photos, elevation drawings and door/window schedules for six box bungalows, this book includes an extensive how-to set of instructions that can be applied to any backyard building project. Though conventionally built, these little buildings have real doors, windows and skylights with interesting and practical details throughout.

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  • Building
    Building a Garage (English, Hardback) Laurie Williamson

    A step-by-step guide which covers various aspects of building a garage from the planning and design stage through to construction and completion.

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  • How
    How to Build a Natural Swimming Pool (English, Hardback) Wolfram Kircher, Andreas Thon

    Natural swimming pools are the biggest news for gardeners since green roofs. The water is cleaned by aquatic plants instead of chlorine so it is gentle on the eyes and healthy for swimmers. These self-cleaning ecosystems are beautiful to look at and provide a valuable water source for dragonflies, honeybees and other beneficial insects. Wolfram Kircher has researched extensively into the...

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  • Building
    Building with Secondhand Stuff (English, Paperback) Chris Peterson

    A practical manual packed with useful information and tips on how to convert salvaged wood, reclaimed materials, and even some types of shop waste into usable materials for building.From Craig's List, your basement, and estate sales, you can salvage what you need to upcycle all kinds of cool things. You can build tables, install hardwood floors and reclaimed windows, mason stone walls, and much...

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  • Housebuilder's
    Housebuilder's Bible (Paperback) Mark Brinkley

    A brand new edition of the UK's best-selling building guide.The ultimate guide to the processes and information needed to achieve success in any building project however large or small. Includes tables for costing materials and labour.

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  • Tiny
    Tiny House Parking (English, Paperback) Ethan Waldman

    Are you sold on the tiny house movement but still not sure where you would put yours? When it comes to building your own home, location is everything. No doubt, you’ve heard about someone being forced to move from their tiny house due to complaints by neighbors, zoning issues, or conflicts with landlords. The good news is that these kinds of issues can be minimized by finding the right piece of...

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