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Honno's Welsh Women's Classics

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  • A Burglary by Amy Dillwyn
    A Burglary (English, Paperback) Amy Dillwyn

    A Victorian comedy of manners by the author of The Rebecca Rioter, Honno's most popular classic. First published in 1883 as a three-volume novel, A Burglary tells the story of the heiress Ethel Carton, who is burgled while staying in Llwyn-yr-Allt. A local poacher is blamed, but the burglar is young officer Sylvester, who has fallen for Imogen, Ethel's headstrong young cousin. A charming,...

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  • Winter Sonata by Dorothy Edwards
    Winter Sonata (English, Paperback) Dorothy Edwards

    As summer fades, young telegraph clerk Arnold Nettle arrives in an unspecified English village. Sickly and shy, he hopes that the season will be far less damaging to his frail disposition than another winter spent in town. Repulsed by the crude behaviour of his working-class landlady and her brood, he becomes enamoured with the middle-class Neran family, who live in a large white house on the...

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  • Strike For A Kingdom by Menna Gallie
    Strike For A Kingdom (English, Paperback) Menna Gallie

    A Honno Classic, first published in 1959, this unusual, highly praised novel is set in the coal-mining valleys of Wales at a time of near-starvation. After a much-hated mine manager is found dead, suspense and suspicion grow among the miners, men who, despite their poverty, abound with humour and warmth. The tension grows until the truth about the killing is discovered by one of the miners' own...

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  • The Small Mine by Menna Gallie
    The Small Mine (English, Paperback) Menna Gallie

    One of the few novels to merge from, and concern itself with, the industrial communities of the South Wales valleys. Here the lives of the mining community and its women are vividly portrayed as they struggle to come to terms with the death of a young miner, a loss which is unhappily a common occurence. Yet for all its tragic subject matter, Gallie's tale also conveys the warmth and gusto of the...

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  • The Very Salt Of Life by Jane Aaron
    The Very Salt Of Life (Multiple languages, Paperback) Jane Aaron

    With voices including female Chartists, patriotic defenders of Wales, feminists working for women's equality within religious and educational institutions, early socialists and temperance campaigners, The Very Salt of Life introduces a diverse range of texts covering a century of Welsh women's political writings. Incorporating material in Welsh and English from a wide range of sources, the work...

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  • You're Welcome To Ulster by Menna Gallie
    You're Welcome To Ulster (English, Paperback) Menna Gallie

    First published in 1970, this was one of the very first novels confronting the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland, while also exploring the movement towards sexual freedom in the 1960s and 1970s. Written by a Welsh writer who lived in Northern Ireland for many years, it brings a uniquely Welsh perspective to the tragedy unfolding on its pages and is written with Menna Gallie's trademark wit and...

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  • The Rebecca Rioter by Amy Dillwyn
    The Rebecca Rioter (English, Paperback) Amy Dillwyn

    This novel is based on the true events of an attack on a turnpike during the notorious Rebecca Riots in South Wales during the 19th century, and on written records of a magistrate involved in policing the riot. A markedly different account from other tales of the riots in that the account is told more from the perspective of the young rioters involved rather from that of those condemning them....

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  • Dew On The Grass by Eiluned Lewis
    Dew On The Grass (English, Paperback) Eiluned Lewis

    An enchanting autobiographical novel set in the Welsh borders and evoking the essence of childhood and a vanished way of life. Nine-year-old Lucy describes the great events - haymaking, harvesting, a seaside holiday - of her time, set against a tapestry of the everyday - the routines of summer and winter with the constant background of the garden outside. And there is the world of the imagination,...

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