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  • One Woman Walks Wales by Ursula Martin
    One Woman Walks Wales (Paperback) Ursula Martin $16.65
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  • Creed by Margiad Evans
    Creed (Paperback) Margiad Evans $16.43
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  • Here We Stand by Helena Earnshaw
    Here We Stand (English, Paperback) Helena Earnshaw, Angharad Penrhyn Jones

    These women are dreaming of a better world. But they are not just dreamers. They have organised, marched on the streets, joined protest camps, opened refuges, blogged from war zones and smashed up military equipment. They have gone undercover, lived in trees, stormed Parliament and taken on the world's largest corporations. They have been sacked, attacked, psychologically abused, jailed, shot at,...

    $16.91 $17.95
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  • Not Thomas by Sara Gethin
    Not Thomas (English, Paperback) Sara Gethin

    She's knocking on the front door. She's knocking and knocking. I'm not opening the door. I'm not letting her in. I'm behind the black chair. I'm waiting for her to go away. Tomos lives with his mother. He longs to return to another place, the place he thinks of as home, and the people who lived there, but he's not allowed to see them again. He is five years old and at school, which he loves. Miss...

    $15.02 $16.95
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  • Remember No More by Jan Newton
    Remember No More (English, Paperback) Jan Newton

    Her husband's desire for a different life takes her away from urban Manchester and its inner city problems to tranquil mid-Wales. It is to be a clean slate for them both. On her first day at her new police station, Julie is thrust unexpectedly into the centre of an investigation into a suspicious death in a remote farming community. Back in Manchester, Stephen Collins is set free from prison....

    $13.67 $16.95
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  • The Snow Sisters by Carol Lovekin
    The Snow Sisters (Paperback) Carol Lovekin $13.98
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  • Welsh Women's Poetry 1450-2001 by Catherine Brennan
    Welsh Women's Poetry 1450-2001 (Welsh, Paperback) Catherine Brennan, Katie Gramich $20.87
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  • A Different River by Jo Verity
    A Different River (Paperback) Jo Verity $13.98
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  • Albi by Hilary Shepherd
    Albi (Paperback) Hilary Shepherd $13.98
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  • The Mysterious Death Of Miss Austen by Lindsay Ashford
    The Mysterious Death Of Miss Austen (English, Paperback) Lindsay Ashford

    When Jane Austen dies at the age of just 41, Anne, governess to her brother, Edward Austen, is devastated and begins to suspect that someone might have wanted her out of the way. Now, 20 years on, she hopes that medical science might have progressed sufficiently to assess the one piece of evidence she has - a tainted lock of Jane's hair. Natural causes or murder? Even 20 years down the line, Anne...

    $13.96 $15.25
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  • A Burglary by Amy Dillwyn
    A Burglary (English, Paperback) Amy Dillwyn

    A Victorian comedy of manners by the author of The Rebecca Rioter, Honno's most popular classic. First published in 1883 as a three-volume novel, A Burglary tells the story of the heiress Ethel Carton, who is burgled while staying in Llwyn-yr-Allt. A local poacher is blamed, but the burglar is young officer Sylvester, who has fallen for Imogen, Ethel's headstrong young cousin. A charming,...

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  • Jill by Amy Dillwyn
    Jill (English, Paperback) Amy Dillwyn

    Jill is an unconventional heroine - a lady who disguises herself as a maid and runs away to London. Life above and below stairs is portrayed with irreverent wit in this fast-paced story. But at the centre of the novel is Jill's unfolding love for her mistress. On the surface a feminist manifesto, Jill is a poignant story of same-sex desire and unrequited love. An accessible new introduction tells...

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  • Walking To Greenham by Ann Pettitt
    Walking To Greenham (English, Paperback) Ann Pettitt

    A personal account from Ann Pettitt, initiator of the Peace March to Greenham Common. Pettitt gives an insider's view into the birth of the Women's Peace Movement, putting it into a personal and historical context.

    $13.34 $16.95
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  • Winter Sonata by Dorothy Edwards
    Winter Sonata (English, Paperback) Dorothy Edwards

    As summer fades, young telegraph clerk Arnold Nettle arrives in an unspecified English village. Sickly and shy, he hopes that the season will be far less damaging to his frail disposition than another winter spent in town. Repulsed by the crude behaviour of his working-class landlady and her brood, he becomes enamoured with the middle-class Neran family, who live in a large white house on the...

    $13.09 $16.95
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  • Beguiling Miss Bennet by Lindsay Ashford
    Beguiling Miss Bennet (English, Paperback) Lindsay Ashford

    The third in a volume of short stories that take minor characters from famous novels as their starting point. 'The Wedding Planner' takes the characters from Austen's novella Lady Susan and transports them to the 21st century. Other stories focus on the less well known of the Bennet sisters, Kitty and Lydia.

    $13.76 $16.95
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  • Frozen by Lindsay Ashford
    Frozen (English, Paperback) Lindsay Ashford

    In this gripping first novel from a trained criminologist, Megan Rhys has been asked to advise on the murders of two young prostitutes, dumped like rubbish in the streets. But there is something wrong with the information the police are giving her. Someone is trying to manipulate her investigation - and she is starting to doubt her own judgement. Now the killings are mounting up, and someone is...

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  • The Wish Dog by Stephanie Tillotson
    The Wish Dog (English, Paperback) Stephanie Tillotson

    This collection of original stories takes the broadest possible look at the theme of ghosts and other chilling tales. In the title story, a lonely woman conjures up a companion; a dog. They are friends for life, but the coming of a visitor questions his validity in the mind of reader and narrator. Other stories - all newly commissioned - feature a ghostly mansion in a Merthyr park, a lonely...

    $13.99 $16.95
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  • Insh'allah by Alys Einion
    Insh'allah (English, Paperback) Alys Einion

    With twin boys only months old, Amanda arrives in Saudi Arabia to live with her husband Mohammed. Her new life is strange and confusing and sometimes frightening. Amanda can barely understand Arabic and the treatment of the women of the family seems wrong to a girl raised in Wales. To add to her problems, Mohammed proves to be verbally and physically abusive - especially once they have their own...

    $14.82 $16.95
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  • The Greatest Need by Jasmine Donahaye
    The Greatest Need (English, Paperback) Jasmine Donahaye

    The first full biography of Lily Tobias (1887-1984) a Jewish writer from Wales: a courageous, idealistic woman who wrote compellingly about Jewish life and experience in the 20th century. Lily Tobias wrote four novels, and a collection of short stories and the first dramatization for the stage of Daniel Deronda. Her fiction was always topical and drew on her own unique mix of cultures, focusing on...

    $16.46 $17.95
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  • My Mother's House by Lily Tobias
    My Mother's House (English, Paperback) Lily Tobias

    Simon is a troubled young man. born in Wales, of Jewish heritage, and in love with an English heiress. He determines to reject his Jewish and Welsh identity and the industrial valleys he grew up in and seeks to fulfil his ambition in the Civil Service. When life turns out not to meet his expectations, he rejects his lover and takes up arms in the fight against England's enemies in the Great War....

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