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  • Downsizing
    Downsizing the Family Home (English, Paperback) Marni Jameson

    Downsizing your or your ageing parents' home is a difficult, emotional journey. Here, nationally-syndicated home columnist Marni Jameson sensitively guides readers through the process. Using her own personal journey as a basis, she helps you figure out a strategy and create a mindset to accomplish the task.

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  • The
    The Organically Clean Home (English, Paperback) Becky Rapinchuk

    The Organically Clean Home features 150 easy-to-make recipes for cleaning products filled with all-natural ingredients you can trust (and actually pronounce!)

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  • Life
    Life Hacks (English, Paperback) Keith Bradford

    rom folding a fitted sheet to removing scuffs from furniture, this book offers simple solutions to a variety of everyday problems. Each informative entry helps you discover quicker, more efficient techniques for completing ordinary tasks around the home, at the office, and just about anywhere.

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  • Food
    Food in England (English, Paperback) Dorothy Hartley

    A fascinating cookery source-book full of recipes, anecdotes, household hints and history that is now recognised as a culinary classic.

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  • The
    The Joy of Less (English, Hardback) Francine Jay

    Refreshing in tone and approach, this is an accessible, relatable guide to finding joy while having less.

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  • Microshelters"/
    Microshelters (English, Paperback) Derek Diedricksen

    Created by an assembly of leading designers, architects, and bloggers, these 57 unique and innovative designs will show you the limits of what is possible. You'll also find guidelines on building with recycled and salvaged materials, plus techniques for making your small space comfortable and easy to inhabit.

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  • The
    The Wood Fire Handbook (Multiple languages, Hardback) Vincent Thurkettle

    A practical guide to all things wood fire, both indoors and out; packaged in an earthy, 'grow your own' style - perfect for the male gift market.

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  • Luxe
    Luxe Vintage (English, Paperback) Tahn Scoon, John Downs

    ‘Luxe Vintage’ is a lush, rich, densely packed book, focusing on how to achieve relaxed but luxurious interiors by way of layering textures and color, adding the right decorative details, mixing high and low pieces, and utilizing pre-loved pieces and more.The book is divided up into chapters focusing on layering with love, luxury in the details, embracing pre-loved, the paintbox, a fashionable influence, happiness at home, little ones and garden parties.With simple and whimsical projects and styles accompanied with descriptive and instructional text and lots of beautiful luxurious images. Luxe Vintage is the perfect handbook assistant for home decor.

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  • How
    How to Survive the End of the World as We Know it (Paperback) James Wesley Rawles

    Shows how to prepare for the crisis, from global financial collapse to a flu pandemic. This guide shares the essential tools and skills you need for your family to survive, including how to find and build a retreat, store food, supply power, rear animals, administer medicine, barter, and defend your family.

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  • Forgotten
    Forgotten Ways for Modern Days (Hardback) Rachelle Blondel

    Forgotten Ways for Modern Days draws on the wisdom of the homemakers, gardeners, crafters and kitchen alchemists of the past who kept homes clean, gardens in order and hands busy using natural products and items found close to hand, either around the house or in the garden.

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  • Start
    Start with Your Sock Drawer (English, Paperback) Vicky Silverthorn

    START WITH YOUR SOCK DRAWER... and the rest will follow. A practical, achievable guide to living a less cluttered life.

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  • Musings
    Musings of an Energy Nerd (English, Paperback) Martin Holladay

    Martin Holladay has been making weekly postings to his 'Musings of an Energy Nerd' blog on Green Building Advisor since January 2009. For the first time, the 50 most popular postings have been assembled in book form to give homeowners a great opportunity to live a more energy-efficient life in their homes.

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  • How
    How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind (English, Paperback) Dana K. White

    Bring your home out of the mess it's in and learn how to keep it under control.

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  • Mrs.
    Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management (English, Hardback) Isabella Beeton

    Originally published as twenty-four newspaper columns from 1859 to 1861, Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management is many things, but it is first and foremost a guide to managing a household during the nineteenth century.Beeton wrote, As with the commander of an army, or the leader of any enterprise, so is it with the mistress of a house.” Running an extravagant household was a monumental task...

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  • Make
    Make Do and Mend (English, Hardback) Ministry of Information

    Gives you a reminder of the techniques for household economies extolled by the wartime government. This work provides tips that can be used to spruce up your wardrobe. There are old fashioned remedies for tasks ranging from washing silks and mending your clothes, to repelling the 'moth menace'.

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  • Maw
    Maw Broon's Guide Tae Life (Hardback) Maw Broon

    If anyone knows a bit about life, it's Maw Broon. She doesn't need any new-fangled ways to keep her family and home in order. Now, for the first time, Maw shares her wisdom in this hilarious guide.

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  • Tips
    Tips for Meanies (English, Hardback) Jane Thynne

    Helps you to discover the potential of everyday products, from toothpaste and vinegar to barbecue briquettes. This book supports you to find ways to curb household shopping and energy bills; and avoid pricey trips to the chemist by channeling the healing powers of cheap and easy home remedies.

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  • Bicarbonate
    Bicarbonate of Soda (Paperback) Diane Sutherland, Jon Sutherland

    This guide offers tips for all manner of household tasks using bicarbonate of soda, including cleaning, laundry, animal care, and health and beauty. With fun and simple text and attractive illustration.

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  • The
    The Miracle of Cider Vinegar (Paperback) Dr Penny Stanway

    Cider vinegar enjoys cult status in many countries, including Britain, the US, Canada and Japan. This work explains why cider vinegar is such a popular beauty aid (its organic acid concentration of about 5 per cent helps maintain the skin's natural acidity) and how it can be used as a cleansing and conditioning treatment for skin and hair.

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  • Kitchen
    Kitchen Hacks (English, Hardback) Annabel Staff

    Want to know how to hull a strawberry? You’ve got to grab a straw first! Do you want more juice from your limes? Better turn on your microwave. How do you remove garlic odor from your fingers? Use a spoon. These easy, surprising and crafty ways to hack your kitchen are tried and tested, then photographed to show how they work. This book is the best thing to happen to your kitchen since sliced...

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