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  • Wreck
    Wreck This Journal (English, Paperback) Keri Smith

    Suitable for those who've always wanted to draw outside the lines but were afraid to do it, this title features a subversive collection of suggestions, asking readers to muster up their best mistake - and mess-making abilities to fill the pages of the book (and destroy them).


    5 stars

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  • Dot
    Dot Con (Paperback) James Veitch

    A hilarious showcase of comedian James Veitch's comic conversations that he orchestrates with online email scammers.

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  • Adulthood
    Adulthood is a Myth (English, Paperback) Sarah Andersen

    Do you love networking to advance your career? Is adulthood an exciting new challenge for which you feel fully prepared? Ugh. Please go away.


    5 stars

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  • How
    How to Traumatize Your Children (English, Paperback) Knock Knock

    How to Traumatize Your Children has been revamped with all-new totally dysfunctional illustrations. This groundbreaking instructional volume teaches you how to give your children the lifelong gifts of mental and emotional damage.

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  • We
    We Go to the Gallery (English, Hardback) Miriam Elia

    Have you taken children to a gallery recently? Did you struggle to explain the work to them in plain , simple English? With this new Dung Beetle book, both parents and young children can learn about contemporary art, and understand many of its key themes. Join John and Susan on their exciting journey through the art exhibition, where, with Mummy's help, they will discover the real meaning of all...

    $12.08 $14.95
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  • The
    The Bookies Pencil (Hardback) Viz

    The brand new annual, packed full of crude toilet humour, incongruous language and black comedy. "Viz" has been entertaining readers since 1979 with its parodies of straight-laced British comics such as "The Beano" and "The Dandy".

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  • What's
    What's Your Poo Telling You? (Paperback) Anish Sheth

    With universal appeal (everyone poos, after all), this title presents description of over two dozen dookies (each with a medical explanation written by a doctor) that details what one can learn about health and well-being by studying what's in the bowl.

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  • Animal"/
    Animal (Paperback) Sara Pascoe

    Women have so much going on, what with boobs and jealousy and menstruating and broodiness and sex and infidelity and pubes and wombs and jobs and memories and emotions and the past and the future and themselves and each other. This book offers an illuminating tour of the female body.

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  • Scorn"/
    Scorn (Hardback) Matthew Parris

    'He's 100% political herpes. Back in six months whatever you do. Or three days, like last time.' Camilla Long on Nigel Farage 'You're as ugly as a salad.' Bulgarian insult 'I'm going to beat him so bad he'll need a shoehorn to put his hat on.' Muhammed Ali There's no pleasure like a perfectly-turned put-down (when it's directed at somebody else, of course) but Matthew Parris's Scorn is sharply...

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  • Swear
    Swear Word Coloring Book (Paperback) Color Mom $13.40
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  • Hyperbole
    Hyperbole and a Half (English, Paperback) Alexandra Brosh

    Hyperbole and A Half is a blog written by a 20-something American girl called Allie Brosh. She tells stories about the mishaps of her everyday life, with titles like 'Why Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving' and 'The God of Cake'. This book chronicles the "learning experiences" Brosh has endured as a result of her own character flaws.


    5 stars

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  • You
    You Talkin' to Me? (English, Paperback) Sam Leith

    Rhetoric is what gives words power. It's nothing to be afraid of. It isn't the exclusive preserve of politicians: it's everywhere, from your argument with the insurance company to your plea to the waitress for a table near the window. This book examines how people have taught, practiced and thought about rhetoric from its Attic origins onwards.

    $14.56 $19.75
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  • Miranda's
    Miranda's Daily Dose of Such Fun! (Paperback) Miranda Hart

    *** 365 joy filled tasks to make your life more engaging, fun, caring and jolly ***

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  • 1,342
    1,342 QI Facts to Leave You Flabbergasted (Hardback) John Lloyd, John Mitchinson

    Features a selection of 1,342 facts such as: trees sleep at night; Google searches for 'How to put on a condom' peak at 10.28pm; there is no word for time in any Aboriginal language; Scotland has 421 words for snow; Emoji is the fastest growing language in history; and, astronauts wear belts to stop their trousers falling up.

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  • Cabin
    Cabin Pressure: A-Z (English, CD-Audio) John Finnemore

    Whether flying a cat to Abu Dhabi, dealing with a nervous bassoonist, hunting for a cleverly-hidden lemon or attempting to celebrate Christmas in seven minutes, no job is too small, but many, many jobs are too difficult. This book deals with this topic.

    $42.45 $79.95

    5 stars

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  • The
    The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl (English, Paperback) Issa Rae

    Witty essays from the creator of the hit underground web series, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.

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  • Content
    Content Provider (Paperback) Stewart Lee

    Over the last five years, often when David Mitchell has been on holiday, the comedian Stewart Lee has been attempting to understand modern Britain, and his own place in it, in a series of irregular newspaper columns. This title collects these columns.

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  • Doc
    Doc Martin: Mistletoe and Whine (Paperback) Sam North

    The festive season in the small Cornish village of Portwenn is going to be anything but easy for curmudgeonly Doc Martin. His idea of a perfect Christmas Day is to remain steadfastly alone and catch up with back issues of The Lancet.

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  • The
    The Concise 48 Laws of Power (English, Paperback) Robert Greene, Joost Elffers

    Suitable for those with an interest in conquest, self-defense, wealth, power or simply being an educated spectator, this book teaches you how to cheat, dissemble, feign, fight and advance your cause in the modern world.

    $8.67 $15.50
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  • Modern
    Modern Toss: Mindless Violence Colouring Book (English, Paperback) Jon Link, Mick Bunnage

    The Mindless Violence Colouring Book taps into the therapeutic benefits and mindful state that colouring in pictures can produce. Follow a cast of suited men and women as they carry out acts of mindless violence and vandalism in zen style hanging gardens and supermarket car parks.

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