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  • The Second World War in Colour by Ian Carter
    The Second World War in Colour (English, Paperback) Ian Carter

    * A selection of the best colour photography from IWM's stunning collection * Powerful colour images bring the Second World War to life * Written by Ian Carter, Senior Curator of IWM's Photograph Archive

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  • Protect and Survive by Imperial War Museums
    Protect and Survive (English, Hardback) Imperial War Museums

    * Quirky facsimile first published in 1980 * Advises the public on what to do in the event of a nuclear attack * Essential information includes: - Planning your survival kit - What to do on hearing an attack warning - What to do after the attack - How to deal with casualties and deaths

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  • Make Do and Mend by Ministry of Information
    Make Do and Mend (English, Hardback) Ministry of Information

    Gives you a reminder of the techniques for household economies extolled by the wartime government. This work provides tips that can be used to spruce up your wardrobe. There are old fashioned remedies for tasks ranging from washing silks and mending your clothes, to repelling the 'moth menace'.

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  • Poppies
    Poppies (English, Hardback)

    The major art installation Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London marked one hundred years since the first full day of Britain's involvement in the First World War. Featuring forewords by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper and stunning photography of the installation, this is the only official publication to mark this landmark event.

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  • Life and Death in the Battle of Britain by Carl Warner
    Life and Death in the Battle of Britain (English, Paperback) Carl Warner

    This book offers an intimate account of the Battle of Britain, related by young pilots in their most unguarded moments, talking with their chaplain. Guy Mayfield was the Station Chaplain at the Royal Air Force's Duxford base in the summer of 1940, and his diary is full of stories told by the pilots in his charge during that period of heroism and danger. Mayfield's notes on his conversations...

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  • The First World War in Focus by Alan Wakefield
    The First World War in Focus (English, Paperback) Alan Wakefield

    As we near the end of extensive centennial commemorations of World War I, it nonetheless retains the power to surprise, even shock us. That's perhaps nowhere more true than in the photographs of the war that have come down to us?countless of them preserved over the decades by Imperial War Museums. The First World War in Focus presents one hundred photographs from that unparalleled collection, many...

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  • A Century of Remembrance by Laura Clouting
    A Century of Remembrance (English, Hardback) Laura Clouting

    A Century of Remembrance, richly illustrated with objects, photographs, documents and artworks from the unique collections of IWM, explores the ways British families, communities and the state mourned and memorialised those who died as a result of the 'Great War', from the poppy to the cenotaph.

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  • Churchill's War in Words by Jonathan Asbury
    Churchill's War in Words (English, Paperback) Jonathan Asbury

    * Uncovers the first-hand story of Churchill's Second World War as it unfolded at the time * Features quotations from Churchill's speeches, articles, letters and secret memos * Gathers together wartime quotations about Britain's bulldog leader * Accompanying narrative provides context and commentary * Features around 100 images

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  • Eve in Overalls by Arthur Wauters
    Eve in Overalls (English, Hardback) Arthur Wauters

    * Quirky and nostalgic facsimile first published during the Second World War * A light-hearted and unique look at the enormous contribution made by women to the war effort * Gives a fascinating insight into 1940s attitudes of women at work * Includes an introduction written by IWM Senior Curator, Alan Jeffreys

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  • Imperial War Museum Second World War Flip Book by Imperial War Museum (Great Britain)
    Imperial War Museum Second World War Flip Book (English, Paperback) Imperial War Museum (Great Britain)

    The Imperial War Museum's archive is home to more than 20,000 hours of moving image material spanning the twentieth century in Britain. The clips range from documentary film and official newsreels, to unedited combat footage, and amateur shots. In the museum's early days the films could only be viewed through Mutoscope machines from the late nineteenth century that functioned much like a flipbook,...

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  • The War on Paper by Tony Richards
    The War on Paper (English, Hardback) Tony Richards

    Wars are fought by armies. But they are supported by documents?countless documents?from the first declaration to the final truce. The War on Paper shows just how revealing that rarely considered aspect of warfare can be, telling the story of World War II through close looks at twenty key documents from the IWM archives....

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  • Victory is in the Kitchen: Wartime Recipes by Laura Clouting
    Victory is in the Kitchen: Wartime Recipes (English, Hardback) Laura Clouting

    This gift book is collection of delightful and unusual recipes from the Second World War. Taken from the archives of IWM, the recipes show the ingenuity and creativity behind dishes rustled up out of meagre rations. With colour images of wartime posters throughout, it is a fascinating look into what people ate in wartime.

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  • In Thier Own Words
    In Thier Own Words (English, Paperback)

    This gripping, revealing and poignant collection of stories tells the First World War from the perspective of those who were there, using letters, diaries and memoirs from IWM's unparalled archives.

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  • Churchill's Cookbook by Georgina Landemare
    Churchill's Cookbook (English, Hardback) Georgina Landemare

    Churchill is well-known for his hearty appetite and love of food. This book gives a fascinating insight into what he ate during the Second World War, containing over 300 delicious recipes created by his personal cook, Georgina Landemare. From mouth-watering cakes, biscuits and puddings, to healthy salads and warming soups, it revives some forgotten British classics and traditional French fare. Including timeless recipes still popular today (coq au vin, potato salad, and chocolate cake) as well as some more unusual concoctions (Cervelles Connaught, or ?curried brains'), it reveals the food that sustained Churchill during ?his finest hour'. ?It is well to remember that the stomach governs the world.' ? Winston Churchill ?Mrs Landemare's food is distinguished. She is an inspired intuitive cook.' ? Clementine Churchill

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  • Posters of the First World War by Nigel Steel
    Posters of the First World War (English, Paperback) Nigel Steel

    During the First World War posters were used to inform and rally the public as never before. This book contains iconic, beautiful and surprising First World War posters from IWM's unparalleled collection, including British as well as German, Italian, French and American examples.

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  • The First World War A-Z by Imperial War Museum (Great Britain)
    The First World War A-Z (English, Hardback) Imperial War Museum (Great Britain)

    A pocket-sized guide to who's who and what's what in the First World War.

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  • Weird War Two by Peter Taylor
    Weird War Two (English, Hardback) Peter Taylor

    * An eccentric encyclopaedia of the Second World War: the bizarre, baffling and amusing. * Contains over 250 colour and black & white images showcasing some of the weird and wonderful material from IWM's unparalleled archive. * A visually appealing gift format with fascinating and unusual facts, easy for readers to dip into

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  • Art from Contemporary Conflict by Sara Bevan
    Art from Contemporary Conflict (English, Paperback) Sara Bevan

    Art from Contemporary Conflict provides an introduction to IWM's remarkable contemporary art collection, showcasing a range of powerful works responding to the changing nature of contemporary warfare and conflicts including Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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  • Secrets of Churchill's War Rooms by Jonathan Asbury
    Secrets of Churchill's War Rooms (English, Hardback) Jonathan Asbury

    This magnificent new volume gives you exclusive access to the Churchill War Rooms, bringing you closer than ever before to where Churchill not only ran the war - but won it.

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  • First World War Poems from the Front by Paul O'Prey
    First World War Poems from the Front (English, Hardback) Paul O'Prey

    This anthology provides a new approach, focusing on the best poems by the poets who were actually on the front line. It includes the most famous poets - Owen, Sassoon, Brooke - in greater than usual depth, plus rising stars such as Gurney and Blunden.

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