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  • A Scientist in Wonderland by Professor Edzard Ernst
    A Scientist in Wonderland (English, Paperback) Professor Edzard Ernst

    This memoir provides a unique insight into the cutthroat politics of academic life and offers a sobering reflection on the damage already done by pseudoscience in the field of medicine.

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  • SCAM by Professor Edzard Ernst
    SCAM (English, Paperback) Professor Edzard Ernst

    So-called alternative medicine (SCAM) is popular and therefore important. This book was written by someone who received SCAM as a patient, practised SCAM as a doctor, and researched SCAM as a scientist. It provides an insider's perspective by covering aspects of SCAM which most other books avoid.

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  • Michael Oakeshott: Notebooks, 1922-86 by Michael Oakeshott
    Michael Oakeshott: Notebooks, 1922-86 (English, Paperback) Michael Oakeshott

    The sixth volume in the series Michael Oakeshott: Selected Writings. From the 1920s to the 1980s Oakeshott filled dozens of notebooks with his private reflections, both personal and intellectual. Their contents range from aphorisms to miniature essays, forming a unique record of his intellectual trajectory over his entire career.

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  • The 'Other' Psychology of Julian Jaynes by Brian J. McVeigh
    The 'Other' Psychology of Julian Jaynes (English, Paperback) Brian J. McVeigh

    Brian J. McVeigh, a student of Jaynes, points out the blind spots of mainstream, establishment psychology by providing empirical support for Jaynes's ideas on sociohistorical shifts in cognition. He argues that from around 3500 to 1000 BCE the archaeological and historical record reveals features of hallucinatory super-religiosity.

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  • Faking the News by Ryan Skinnell
    Faking the News (English, Paperback) Ryan Skinnell

    In Faking the News, eleven prominent rhetoric experts explain how Trump's persuasive language works. The authors explain Trump's persuasive uses of demagoguery, anti-Semitism, alternative facts, populism, charismatic leadership, social media, television, political slogans, visual identity/image, comedy and humour, and shame and humiliation.

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  • Laws of Form by Louis H. Kauffman
    Laws of Form (English, Paperback) Louis H. Kauffman

    This volume is a collection of articles on themes related to the book Laws of Form by George Spencer-Brown.

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  • In Their Right Minds by Carole Brooks Platt
    In Their Right Minds (English, Paperback) Carole Brooks Platt

    Based on nearly twenty years of scientific and literary research, this book enters the atypical minds of poetic geniuses ? Blake, Keats, Hugo, Rilke, Yeats, Merrill, Plath and Hughes ? by way of the visible signs in their lives, beliefs, and shared practices.

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  • Science as a Spiritual Practice by Imants Baruss
    Science as a Spiritual Practice (English, Paperback) Imants Baruss

    Science as a Spiritual Practice is in three parts. In the first part the author argues that there are problems with materialism and that self-transformation could lead individual scientists to more comprehensive ways of understanding reality. In the...

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  • God in Us by Anthony Freeman
    God in Us (English, Paperback) Anthony Freeman

    God In Us is a radical representation of the Christian faith for the 21st century. Following the example of the Old Testament prophets and the first-century Christians it overturns received ideas about God. God is not an invisible person 'out there'...

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  • The Pauli-Jung Conjecture by Harald Atmanspacher
    The Pauli-Jung Conjecture (English, Paperback) Harald Atmanspacher

    Related to the key areas of Pauli's and Jung's joint interests, the book covers overlapping issues from the perspectives of physics, philosophy, and psychology. Of primary significance are epistemological questions connected to issues such as realism, measurement, observation, consciousness, and the unconscious.

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  • The Political Potential of Sortition by Oliver Dowlen
    The Political Potential of Sortition (English, Paperback) Oliver Dowlen

    The central feature of every true lottery is that all rational evaluation is deliberately excluded. Once this principle is grasped, the author argues, we can begin to understand exactly what benefits sortition can bring to the political community. The...

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  • Why the Mind is Not a Computer by Raymond Tallis
    Why the Mind is Not a Computer (English, Paperback) Raymond Tallis

    The equation "Mind = Machine" is false. This pocket lexicon of "neuromythology" shows why. Taking a series of key words such as calculation, language, information and memory, Professor Tallis shows how their misuse has a lured a whole generation into...

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  • Freedom's Progress? by Gerard Casey
    Freedom's Progress? (English, Hardback) Gerard Casey

    Freedom's Progress is a history of Western political thought, a conceptual map as it were, tracking the fitful journey of one particular concept ? liberty ? through time. The book covers the full philosophical canon ? from Plato to Rawls ? but is written from the perspective of the libertarian tradition of Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard.

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  • Before Consciousness by Zdravko Radman
    Before Consciousness (English, Paperback) Zdravko Radman

    This book aims to integrate the non-conscious as a constitutive dimension of the mind and also to outline how it is indispensable in virtually everything we do.

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  • Morse Code Wrens of Station X by Anne Glyn-Jones
    Morse Code Wrens of Station X (English, Paperback) Anne Glyn-Jones

    Morse Code Wrens of Station X is a very personal memoir of a young woman's experiences of war time service, as well as providing fascinating insights into the daily realities of the battle for military intelligence superiority.

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  • Your Brain's Politics by George Lakoff
    Your Brain's Politics (English, Paperback) George Lakoff, Elisabeth Wehling

    In this brief introduction, Lakoff and Wehling reveal how cognitive science research has advanced our understanding of political thought and language, forcing us to revise common folk theories about the rational voter.

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  • The Singularity by Bryan Appleyard
    The Singularity (English, Hardback) Bryan Appleyard

    Volume combining two special issues of the Journal of Consciousness Studies on the philosophical aspects of a possible artificial intelligence singularity

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  • James Frederick Ferrier by Jennifer Keefe
    James Frederick Ferrier (English, Paperback) Jennifer Keefe

    This volume contains selections from the philosophical writings of James Frederick Ferrier (1808-1864). Ferrier was the Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of St Andrews between 1845 and 1864 and he was one of the earliest post-Hegelian...

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  • The Moon and Madness by Niall McCrae
    The Moon and Madness (English, Paperback) Niall McCrae

    Lunacy, the legendary notion of minds unhinged by the moon, continues to captivate the popular imagination. Although it violates the assumptions of modern science and psychiatry, such belief remains common among mental health workers. Furthermore...

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  • Depression, Emotion and the Self by Matthew Ratcliffe
    Depression, Emotion and the Self (English, Paperback) Matthew Ratcliffe

    This volume addresses the question of what it is like to be depressed. Despite the vast amount of research that has been conducted into the causes and treatment of depression, the experience of depression remains poorly understood.

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