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  • The Industrial Revolution: A Very Short Introduction
    The Industrial Revolution: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) Robert C. Allen

    The Industrial Revolution was one of the great, transforming events of world history. Robert C. Allen explains what happened during this period, and why. He asks why the revolution occured in Britain rather than other countries, and looks at the impact of changing technology and business organizations on contemporary social structures.

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  • Express Mail & Merchandise Service
    Express Mail & Merchandise Service (English, Paperback) Associate Professor of Religious Studies and East Asian Studies Jeff Wilson

    ? Special cars and merchandise equipment ? Depots, freight houses, and transfer terminals ? Train operations and car movement ? Moving mail by rail

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  • Liberty's Dawn
    Liberty's Dawn (English, Paperback) Emma Griffin

    Looks at hundreds of autobiographies penned between 1760 and 1900 to offer an account of how the Industrial Revolution was experienced by the working class. This book shows how it raised incomes, improved literacy and offered exciting opportunities for political action.

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  • Brahmin Capitalism
    Brahmin Capitalism (English, Hardback) Noam Maggor

    Noam Maggor shows how the moneyed elite in Gilded Age Boston leveraged their wealth to forge transcontinental networks of commodities, labor, and transportation. With the decline of cotton-based textile manufacturing, these gentleman bankers found new business opportunities in the mines, railroads, and industries of the Great West.

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  • RMS Titanic: Made in the Midlands
    RMS Titanic: Made in the Midlands (English, Paperback) Andrew P. B. Lound

    RMS Titanic: Made in the Midlands

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  • How Britain Worked
    How Britain Worked (English, Hardback) Guy Martin

    It is a largely forgotten fact that Britain was the first industrialized country in the world, but Guy Martin - the cult motorcycle racer and mechanic - is about to remind us how the industrial revolution helped make Britain great.

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  • The Industrial Revolution in World History, 4th Edition
    The Industrial Revolution in World History, 4th Edition (English, Paperback) Peter N. Stearns

    From noted historian Peter N. Stearns, a concise, accessible examination of the industrial revolution through the twenty-first century, investigating the cause and effect of this global phenomenon

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  • Whitby Jet
    Whitby Jet (English, Paperback) Helen Muller

    Jet, a hard, black, shiny gen, closely related to coal, has been fashioned into jewellery and trinkets for generations, but during the Victorian period, when the ritual surrounding death and the long mourning of Queen Victoria made black fashionable, jet became hugely popular. This book traces the history of jet and the Whitby jet industry.

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  • Three Years in Wonderland
    Three Years in Wonderland (English, Hardback) Todd James Pierce

    While the success of Disneyland is largely credited to Walt and Roy Disney, there was a third, mostly forgotten dynamo instrumental to the development of the park - fast-talking Texan C.V. Wood. Three Years in Wonderland presents the never-before-told, full story of "the happiest place on earth".

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  • Still the Iron Age
    Still the Iron Age (English, Paperback) Vaclav Smil

    Although the last two generations have seen an enormous amount of attention paid to advances in electronics, the fact remains that high-income, high-energy societies could thrive without microchips, etc., but, by contrast, could not exist without steel. Because of the importance of this material to comtemporary civilization, a comprehensive resource is needed for metallurgists, non-metallurgists,...

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  • British Diesel Locomotives of the 1950s and '60s
    British Diesel Locomotives of the 1950s and '60s (English, Paperback) Greg Morse

    A beautifully illustrated guide to the trains that took over as the Age of Steam was drawing to a close in the 1950s. It will appeal to anyone interested in Britain s railways and the evolution of rail transport."

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  • The Telegraph in America, 1832-1920
    The Telegraph in America, 1832-1920 (English, Paperback) David Hochfelder

    With this book, Hochfelder supplies us with an introduction to the early stirrings of the information age.

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  • Making Cars at Longbridge
    Making Cars at Longbridge (English, Paperback) Gillian Bardsley, Colin Corke

    Lavishly illustrated with unique images from the official company archive, this book charts more than 100 years of car-making at the Longbridge factory, near Birmingham.

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  • The Slow Death of British Industry
    The Slow Death of British Industry (Paperback) Nicholas Comfort

    Britain has lost most of its export markets, and many of the goods essential to our economy have to be imported. Nicholas Comfort looks at how this happened and illustrates a cautionary tale that is at once complex and dramatically simple.

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  • Plague Hospitals
    Plague Hospitals (Paperback) Jane L. Stevens Crawshaw

    Developed throughout early modern Europe, lazaretti, or plague hospitals, took on a central role in early modern responses to epidemic disease, in particular the prevention and treatment of plague. The lazaretti served as isolation hospitals, quarantine centres, convalescent homes, cemeteries, and depots for the disinfection or destruction of infected goods. The first permanent example of this...

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  • James Brindley and the Duke of Bridgewater
    James Brindley and the Duke of Bridgewater (English, Paperback) Victoria Owens

    Victoria Owens explores the work of James Brindley and Francis Egerton, Third Duke of Bridgewater.

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  • Salts Mill
    Salts Mill (English, Paperback) Maggie Smith, Colin Coates

    Explores the men behind what was once the largest industrial building in the world.

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  • Iron Men
    Iron Men (English, Hardback) David Waller

    A nuts and bolts history of engineering enterprise in the first half of the nineteenth century, based on the life and work of Henry Maudslay and his followers

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  • Made in the USA
    Made in the USA (English, Paperback) Vaclav Smil

    In Made in the USA, Vaclav Smil powerfully rebuts the notion that manufacturing is a relic of predigital history and that the loss of American manufacturing is a desirable evolutionary step toward a pure service economy. Smil argues that no advanced economy can prosper without a strong, innovative manufacturing sector and the jobs it creates....

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