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  • Lectures on General Relativity, Cosmology and Quantum Black Holes by Badis Ydri
    Lectures on General Relativity, Cosmology and Quantum Black Holes (English, Hardback) $132.48 $159.00
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  • Classical Electrodynamics: Lecture Notes, Volume 3 by Prof Konstantin K Likharev
    Classical Electrodynamics: Lecture Notes, Volume 3 (English, Hardback)

    Essential Advanced Physics is a series comprising four parts: Classical Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics.

    $128.06 $159.00
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  • Understanding Stellar Evolution by Henny J G L M Lamers
    Understanding Stellar Evolution (English, Hardback)

    'Understanding Stellar Evolution' is based on a series of graduate-level courses taught at the University of Washington since 2004, and is written for physics and astronomy students and for anyone with a physics background who is interested in stars. It describes the structure and evolution of stars, with emphasis on the basic physical principles and the interplay between the different processes inside stars such as nuclear reactions, energy transport, chemical mixing, pulsation, mass loss, and rotation. Based on these principles, the evolution of low- and high-mass stars is explained from their formation to their death. In addition to homework exercises for each chapter, the text contains a large number of questions that are meant to stimulate the understanding of the physical principles. An extensive set of accompanying lecture slides is available for teachers in both Keynote® and PowerPoint® formats.

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  • Rotation, Reflection, and Frame Changes by Dr Rebecca M Brannon
    Rotation, Reflection, and Frame Changes (English, Hardback)

    Rotation, Reflection, and Frame Changes is an engineer's practical resource for rotation-related theorems that might otherwise be difficult to find in the literature. By providing extensive tutorials in requisite mathematics, intuitive insight, and computer source code, this work stands as a definitive contribution to engineering mechanics.

    $130.19 $159.00
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  • Astrophysics of Red Supergiants by Emily M Levesque
    Astrophysics of Red Supergiants (English, Hardback)

    Astrophysics of Red Supergiants is the first book of its kind devoted to our current knowledge of red supergiant stars, a key evolutionary phase that is critical to our larger understanding of massive stars. It provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental physical properties of red supergiants, their evolution, and their extragalactic and cosmological applications. It serves as a reference for researchers from a broad range of fields (including stellar astrophysics, supernovae, and high-redshift galaxies) who are interested in red supergiants as extreme stages of stellar evolution, dust producers, supernova progenitors, extragalactic metallicity indicators, members of massive binaries and mergers, or simply as compelling objects in their own right. The book is accessible to a range of experience levels, from graduate students up to senior researchers.

    $130.84 $159.00
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  • Wearable Sensors by Professor Subhas Mukhopadhyay
    Wearable Sensors (English, Hardback)

    With the ability to monitor a vast range of physiological parameters, combined with wireless technology, wireless sensor networks and the Internet of Things, wearable sensors are revolutionising the field of digital health monitoring. In addition to applications in health monitoring, such technology is being used to monitor the state of our living environment and even the quality of our foods and the wellbeing of livestock. Written for scientists, engineers and practitioners by an international collection of authors, this book reviews the fundamentals of wearable sensors, their function, design, fabrication and implementation. Their application and advanced aspects including interface electronics and signal processing for easy interpretation of data, data transmission, data networking, data security, and privacy are also included.

    $120.24 $159.00
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  • Entropy Beyond the Second Law by Phil Attard
    Entropy Beyond the Second Law (English, Hardback)

    This book presents a coherent formulation of all aspects of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics with entropy as the unifying theme. This includes formulating equilibrium theory and explaining the role of the Second Law in establishing the equilibrium state. It also establishes the foundations of non-equilibrium theory by generalizing the concept of entropy in an appropriate way. Finally, it addresses relationship between classical and quantum statistical mechanics by invoking the collapse of the wave function into entropy states. A secondary purpose is to increase understanding of entropy and the Second Law, and to correct misapprehensions and errors that have arisen over the years.

    $127.75 $159.00
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  • Techniques of Classical Mechanics by Professor Samya Bano Zain
    Techniques of Classical Mechanics (English, Hardback) $132.48 $159.00
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  • Lens Design by Donald Dilworth
    Lens Design (English, Hardback) $108.08 $159.00
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  • Renewables by David Elliott
    Renewables (English, Hardback)

    Renewable energy is a fast expanding field, welcomed by many as part of the answer to climate change and energy security concerns; but can renewables deliver? This book reviews the basic technological options and global implementation, so as to convey the sense of excitement that abounds in this new area of technological development, but it also looks at the problems, including technological, policy issues, local environmental impacts and the need to deal with the variability of some renewable energy sources.

    $130.92 $159.00
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  • Digital Informatics and Isotopic Biology by Alexander Berezin
    Digital Informatics and Isotopic Biology (English, Hardback)

    Digital Informatics and Isotopic Biology proposes a new niche in physics, is fully original in its scope and message, and its potential will likely be unfolded in the years ahead. In time, this book may be seen as a foundational monograph and the founding document of the entire emerging areas of isotopicity and iIsotopic biology.

    $114.19 $159.00
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  • Some Critical Questions in Biological Physics by Dr Thomas Waigh
    Some Critical Questions in Biological Physics (English, Hardback)

    Some Critical Questions in Biological Physics discusses eighteen key questions in biological physics, each forming independent chapters that will, by presenting the research in terms of key, unsolved problems, encourage interest in the field. It also provides useful reading for undergraduate physical scientists considering a career in this area.

    $115.25 $159.00
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  • Physics of Digital Photography by Andy Rowlands
    Physics of Digital Photography (English, Hardback)

    Physics is fundamental to all aspects of digital photography. This book works through the photographic imaging chain starting from the physics of image capture through to the conversion of the raw data into a viewable image. The author's aim is to show how knowledge of the underlying physics can be used by a photographer or imaging scientist to maximise the technical quality of the final image. With the increasing use of digital photography in a research environment scientists and engineers need to better understand the science behind digital photography to fully exploit this tool in their research. As well as an academic readership, this book will be of interest to professional and serious amateur photographers wanting a better understanding of the technical aspects of digital photography.

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  • Introduction to Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Volume 1 by Saurabh Bhatia
    Introduction to Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Volume 1 (English, Hardback)

    Animal biotechnology is a broad field including polarities of fundamental and applied research, as well as DNA science, covering key topics of DNA studies and its recent applications. In Introduction to Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, DNA isolation procedures followed by molecular markers and screening methods of the genomic library are explained. Interesting areas like isolation, sequencing and synthesis of genes, with the broader coverage on synthesis of genes, are also described. The book begins with an introduction to biotechnology and its main branches, explaining both the basic science and the applications of biotechnology-derived pharmaceuticals, with special emphasis on their clinical use. It then moves on to historical development and scope of biotechnology with an overall review of early applications that scientists employed long before the field was defined.

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  • Entrepreneurship for Creative Scientists by Dawood Parker
    Entrepreneurship for Creative Scientists (English, Hardback)

    Through patenting and commercialization scientists today can develop their work beyond a publication in a learned journal. Indeed, universities and governments are encouraging today's scientists and engineers to break their fruits of their research out of the laboratory and into the commercial world. However, doing so is complicated and can be daunting for those more used to a research seminar than a board room. This book, written by experienced scientists and entrepreneurs, deals essentially with businesses started by scientists and based on innovation and sets out to clarify for scientists and engineers the steps necessary to take an idea along the path to commercialization and maximise the potential for success, regardless of the path taken.

    $130.19 $159.00
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  • Bias in Science and Communication by Dr Matthew Welsh
    Bias in Science and Communication (English, Hardback)

    Bias is a natural outcome of our thinking patterns. The nature of our cognitive processes leads to inherent limitations, resulting in predictable biases in both our own judgements and the interpretation of our communications by the public, by policymakers and even other scientists. This book will introduce the concept of biases arising from cognitive limitations and tendencies with a focus of the implications of this for scientists in particular. It begins with an initial quiz designed to demonstrate key biases ? allowing readers to look back at the responses that they provided prior to reading about specific biases and thus see, without the impact of hindsight bias, whether they were susceptible to the effects.

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  • Practical Radiobiology for Proton Therapy Planning by Bleddyn Jones
    Practical Radiobiology for Proton Therapy Planning (English, Hardback)

    Practical Radiobiology for Proton Therapy Planning covers the principles, advantages and potential pitfalls that occur in proton therapy, especially its radiobiological modelling applications. This book is intended to educate, inform and to stimulate further research questions. Additionally, it will help proton therapy centres when designing new treatments or when unintended errors or delays occur. The clear descriptions of useful equations for high LET particle beam applications, worked examples of many important clinical situations, and discussion of how proton therapy may be optimized are all important features of the text. This important book blends the relevant physics, biology and medical aspects of this multidisciplinary subject.

    $131.61 $159.00
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  • Classical Electrodynamics: Problems with solutions, Volume 4 by Prof Konstantin K Likharev
    Classical Electrodynamics: Problems with solutions, Volume 4 (English, Hardback)

    Essential Advanced Physics is a series comprising four parts: Classical Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics.

    $130.21 $159.00
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  • Elliptical Mirrors by Professor Jian Liu
    Elliptical Mirrors (English, Hardback) $131.01 $159.00
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