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  • Renewables
    Renewables (English, Hardback) David Elliott

    Renewable energy is a fast expanding field, welcomed by many as part of the answer to climate change and energy security concerns; but can renewables deliver? This book reviews the basic technological options and global implementation, so as to convey the sense of excitement that abounds in this new area of technological development, but it also looks at the problems, including technological, policy issues, local environmental impacts and the need to deal with the variability of some renewable energy sources.

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  • Mathematical Theory of Composite Materials and Exact Relations
    Mathematical Theory of Composite Materials and Exact Relations (English, Hardback) Yury Grabovsky

    The mathematical method of composites has reached a very high level of maturity and developments have increased our understanding of the relationship between the microstructure of composites and their macroscopic behaviour. This book provides a self-contained unified approach to the mathematical foundation of the theory of composites, leading to the general theory of exact relations. It also provides complete lists of exact relations in many specific physically relevant contexts, such as conductivity, fibre-reinforced elasticity, piezoelectricity, thermoelectricity and more.

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  • Ultrafast Spectroscopy 2014
    Ultrafast Spectroscopy 2014 (English, Hardback) Alan Aspuru-Guzik, Joel Yuen-Zhou $144.44 $159.00
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  • Semiconductors
    Semiconductors (English, Hardback) David K. Ferry $132.15 $159.00
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  • Infrared Imaging 2015
    Infrared Imaging 2015 (English, Hardback) Francis Ring

    Infrared thermal imaging is a rapid and non-invasive procedure for mapping skin temperature distribution of the human body. Advanced software and high-resolution infrared detectors has allowed for a renaissance in the use of infrared thermal imaging or thermography in medical research and practice. After a review of theory, technology and methodology of medical infrared imaging, the remainder of the book consists of a collection of clinical case studies demonstrating the wide variety of applications of thermography in modern medicine. The combined expertise from a number of centres is used to create this database of images and cases that will be invaluable for medical researchers and practitioners in making diagnoses and measuring treatment efficacy. This book is recommended reading for practising and training radiographers, medical physicists and clinicians.

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  • Physics of Digital Photography
    Physics of Digital Photography (English, Hardback) Andy Rowlands

    Physics is fundamental to all aspects of digital photography. This book works through the photographic imaging chain starting from the physics of image capture through to the conversion of the raw data into a viewable image. The author's aim is to show how knowledge of the underlying physics can be used by a photographer or imaging scientist to maximise the technical quality of the final image. With the increasing use of digital photography in a research environment scientists and engineers need to better understand the science behind digital photography to fully exploit this tool in their research. As well as an academic readership, this book will be of interest to professional and serious amateur photographers wanting a better understanding of the technical aspects of digital photography.

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  • Motions of Celestial Bodies
    Motions of Celestial Bodies (English, Hardback) Eugene I. Butikov $203.88
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  • Sun Protection: A Risk Management Approach (English, Hardback) Brian Diffey

    Sun Protection differentiates itself from other texts by adopting a risk-management approach to determine whether, how, and in what circumstances, harm might be caused, and to explore the feasibility of various strategies in controlling exposure to solar UV radiation. This multi-disciplinary book covers topics from climatology through human exposure to sunlight, as well as biological and clinical effects of UV radiation to physical and chemical strategies for photoprotection.

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  • The Embedding Method for Electronic Structure 2015
    The Embedding Method for Electronic Structure 2015 (English, Hardback) John Inglesfield

    The embedding method is a powerful theoretical and computational technique that is relevant to a great many technologically and scientifically important problems. This general nature encompasses many important and topical problems in for example surface and interface electronic structure, adsorption, physics of nanostructures, molecular electronics, plasmonics and photonics, and it has become an important tool for researchers in these fields. More recently it has also been extended into the time domain. Supplemented with demonstration programmes, code and examples, this book provides a thorough review of the method and would be an accessible starting point for graduate students or researchers wishing to understand and use the method, or as a single reference source for those already familiar with the subject and applying it in their research.

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  • Time and Time Again (English, Hardback) Richard De Grijs

    Determination of one's longitude at sea has perplexed sailors for many centuries. The significant uptake of world trade in the 17th and 18th Centuries rendered the increasingly urgent need to solve the ?longitude problem' an issue of strategic national importance. Historical accounts of these efforts often focus almost exclusively on John Harrison's role in 18th Century Britain. This book starts instead from Galileo Galilei's late16th Century development of an accurate pendulum clock, which was first achieved in practice in the mid17th Century by Christiaan Huygens in the Dutch Republic. It is primarily based on collections of letters that have not been combined into a single volume before. Extensive introductory chapters on the history of mapmaking, the establishment of the world's reference meridian at Greenwich Observatory, and the rise of the scientific enterprise provide the appropriate context for nonexpert readers to fully engage with the book's main subject matter.

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  • Silicon Photonics: Electromagnetic Theory (English, Hardback) Wouter J Westerveld

    This book is a concise introduction to the fundamental theories of integrated optics that focuses on modern silicon photonic technology. It offers analytical mathematical treatments and practical guidelines for the design of silicon-photonic circuits including examples to further emphasize the material presented.

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  • Practical Radiobiology for Proton Therapy Planning (English, Hardback) Bleddyn Jones

    Practical Radiobiology for Proton Therapy Planning covers the principles, advantages and potential pitfalls that occur in proton therapy, especially its radiobiological modelling applications. This book is intended to educate, inform and to stimulate further research questions. Additionally, it will help proton therapy centres when designing new treatments or when unintended errors or delays occur. The clear descriptions of useful equations for high LET particle beam applications, worked examples of many important clinical situations, and discussion of how proton therapy may be optimized are all important features of the text. This important book blends the relevant physics, biology and medical aspects of this multidisciplinary subject.

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  • Quantum Mechanics
    Quantum Mechanics (English, Hardback) Mohammad Saleem

    Quantum mechanics has brought revolutionary changes in the conceptual foundations of physics and continues to shape the modern world. In this book the author's emphasis is on helping students comprehend the significance of the underlying principles and understand the ways the new concepts were introduced. Including many worked examples and problems this book will be an invaluable resource for students in physics, chemistry and electrical engineering needing a clear and rigorous introduction to quantum mechanics.

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