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  • Balancing Green Power by Professor David Elliott
    Balancing Green Power (English, Hardback) Professor David Elliott $134.93 $159.00
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  • Singularities in Physics and Engineering by Professor Dr Paramasivam Senthilkumaran
    Singularities in Physics and Engineering (English, Hardback) Professor Dr Paramasivam Senthilkumaran

    This book presents singular optics in a gradual and systematic manner and bridges the gap between a seasoned researcher and a student who aims to pursue research in this topic. The book includes illustrations, examples and references that will enable the reader to conceive their own ideas as they discover more about singular optics.

    $135.83 $159.00
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  • Magnetic Excitations and Geometric Confinement by Gary Matthew Wysin
    Magnetic Excitations and Geometric Confinement (English, Hardback) Gary Matthew Wysin

    In this book, author Gary Wysin provides an overview of model systems and their behaviour and effects, and is intended for advanced students and researchers in physics, chemistry and engineering interested in confined magnetics. It is also suitable as an auxiliary text in a class on magnetism or solid state physics. Previous physics knowledge is expected, along with some basic knowledge of...

    $135.66 $159.00
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  • Inverse Modeling by Gen Nakamura
    Inverse Modeling (English, Hardback) Gen Nakamura, Roland Potthast

    The book provides a concise introduction into inverse modeling, i.e the theory and methods of inverse problems and data assimilation. Inverse problems are widely spread today in science and technology, ranging from data analysis and modeling in science to remote sensing in industrial and natural applications as well as medical imaging and non-destructive testing. Further applications come from the data assimilation task, i.e. the use of inverse methods to control dynamical systems and provide initial states for forecasting, which is of central importance in weather and climate science and an emerging technique in neuroscience and medicine.

    $137.54 $159.00
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  • Evolutionary Dynamics by Hugo van den Berg
    Evolutionary Dynamics (English, Hardback) Hugo van den Berg

    Written for researchers and postgraduate students with a background in physics or applied mathematics and a desire to apply their skills to problems in the life sciences, this beautifully illustrated and stimulating book develops an understanding of the gene-to-trait problem in the context of evolutionary dynamics, from the modern perspective of integrative biology. The gene-to-trait problem resides at the heart of a great many questions in biology. The author presents both elementary and advanced material in a way that brings out how this gene-to-trait problem is treated in the contexts of bioinformatics and evolutionary dynamics. Key ideas and techniques that underlie some of the most-used bioinformatics methods are discussed in an integrative context and a wide range of examples of mathematical models of living things is developed in an evolutionary framework.

    $130.71 $159.00
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  • Key Nuclear Reaction Experiments by Hans Paetz gen. Schieck
    Key Nuclear Reaction Experiments (English, Hardback) Hans Paetz gen. Schieck

    In this book the author charts the developments in nuclear physics since its inception around a century ago by reviewing the key experiments that helped drive and shape our understanding of the field, especially in the context of the wider developments in physics in the early 20th Century. In addition to providing a path through the field and the crucial events it looks at how these experiments not only answered key questions at the time but presented new challenges to the contemporary perception of the nuclear and sub-atomic worlds and how they helped develop our present understanding of nuclear physics.

    $135.12 $159.00
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  • Gamma-Ray Bursts by Andrew Levan
    Gamma-Ray Bursts (English, Hardback) Andrew Levan $136.00 $159.00
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  • Multiple Scattering Theory by J S Faulkner
    Multiple Scattering Theory (English, Hardback) J S Faulkner, G Malcolm Stocks $134.96 $159.00
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  • Nuclear Materials Science by Karl Whittle
    Nuclear Materials Science (English, Hardback) Karl Whittle

    Concerns around global warming have led to a nuclear renaissance in many countries. Meanwhile, the nuclear industry is already warning of a need to train more nuclear engineers and scientists who are needed in a range of areas from healthcare and radiation detection to space exploration and advanced materials, as well as for the nuclear power industry. Here, Karl Whittle provides a solid overview of the intersection of nuclear engineering and materials science at a level approachable by advanced students from materials, engineering and physics. The text explains the unique aspects needed in the design and implementation of materials for use in demanding nuclear settings. In addition to material properties and their interaction with radiation, the book covers a range of topics including reactor design, fuels, fusion, future technologies and lessons learned from past incidents. Accompanied by problems, videos and teaching aids, the book is suitable for a course text in nuclear materials and a reference for those already working in the field.

    $135.68 $159.00
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  • Digital Informatics and Isotopic Biology by Alexander Berezin
    Digital Informatics and Isotopic Biology (English, Hardback) Alexander Berezin

    Digital Informatics and Isotopic Biology proposes a new niche in physics, is fully original in its scope and message, and its potential will likely be unfolded in the years ahead. In time, this book may be seen as a foundational monograph and the founding document of the entire emerging areas of isotopicity and iIsotopic biology.

    $126.83 $159.00
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  • Modeling and Analysis of Eclipsing Binary Stars by Andrej Prsa
    Modeling and Analysis of Eclipsing Binary Stars (English, Hardback) Andrej Prsa $136.03 $159.00
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  • Lithium Niobate-Based Heterostructures by Dr Maxim Sumets
    Lithium Niobate-Based Heterostructures (English, Hardback) Dr Maxim Sumets $125.66 $159.00
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  • Principles of Statistical Physics and Numerical Modeling by Professor Valeriy A Ryabov
    Principles of Statistical Physics and Numerical Modeling (English, Hardback) Professor Valeriy A Ryabov

    This advanced level textbook approaches the world of statistical physics from thepoint of view of simple models suitable for numerical realization. Theory is presented and backed up withsimulations results and provisions made for students to develop and implementtheir own simulations to transfer the theory of molecular simulations intocomputational models. The text is further extended with videoresults and includes numerous problems with solutions.

    $123.14 $159.00
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  • The Wigner Function in Science and Technology by Prof David K Ferry
    The Wigner Function in Science and Technology (English, Hardback) Prof David K Ferry, Dr Mihail Nedjalkov

    This book is describes Wigner functions and its applications in various fields of science where it has been found to be very useful in wide range of modern disciplines, including quantum information, coherent optics, and superconducting qubits.

    $136.01 $159.00
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  • Matrix Models of String Theory by Prof Badis Ydri
    Matrix Models of String Theory (English, Hardback) Prof Badis Ydri

    Written for postgraduate students as a pedagogical introductionto string theory. Extending beyond anintroductory review of the subject, it encompasses key analytical and numericaltools, as well as useful physical models in applications. The book is augmentedwith numerous codes in addition to problems and exercises.

    $136.85 $159.00
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