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  • Found by Love
    Found by Love (English, Paperback) Rahil Patel

    Rahil Patel was a model priest. He was a brilliant academic and a captivating speaker. Yet for all his success, Rahil felt a hunger in his heart and a longing for peace. But nothing seemed to work - until he had an unexpected encounter with Jesus Christ. Finally he found the love he had been looking for.

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  • When Christians First Met Muslims
    When Christians First Met Muslims (English, Paperback) Michael Philip Penn

    Through its introductions and translations of this book allows scholars, students, and the general public to explore the earliest interactions between what eventually became the world's two largest religions, shedding new light on Islamic history and Christian-Muslim relations.

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  • The Book of Marvels and Travels
    The Book of Marvels and Travels (English, Paperback) John Mandeville

    In his Book of Marvels and Travels, Sir John Mandeville describes a journey from Europe to Jerusalem and on into Asia, and the many wonderful and monstrous peoples and practices in the East. A captivating blend of fact and fantasy, Mandeville's Book is newly translated in an edition that brings us closer to Mandeville's worldview.

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  • Evangelical, Sacramental, and Pentecostal
    Evangelical, Sacramental, and Pentecostal (English, Paperback) Gordon T Smith

    Evangelical. Sacramental. Pentecostal.Christian communities tend to identify with one of these labels over the other two. Evangelical churches emphasize the importance of Scripture and preaching. Sacramental churches emphasize the importance of the eucharistic table. And pentecostal churches emphasize the immediate presence and power of the Holy Spirit. But must we choose between them? Could the...

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  • Calling in Today's World
    Calling in Today's World (English, Paperback) Kathleen A. Cahalan

    Comparative religious insights into the meaning of vocation in today's world...

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  • Christians, Muslims, and Jesus
    Christians, Muslims, and Jesus (English, Paperback) Mona Siddiqui

    Prophet or messiah, the figure of Jesus serves as both the bridge and the barrier between Christianity and Islam. In this book, the author takes her reader on a personal, theological journey exploring the centrality of Jesus in Christian-Muslim relations.

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  • Born from Lament
    Born from Lament (English, Paperback) Emmanuel Katongole

    There is no more urgent theological task than to provide an account of hope in Africa, given its endless cycles of violence, war, poverty, and displacement. So claims Emmanuel Katongole, an innovative theological voice from Africa....

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  • Muslims, Christians and Jesus Gaining
    Muslims, Christians and Jesus Gaining (English, Paperback) Carl Madearis

    Based on the author's twenty-five years of first-hand experience, this engaging book reveals what Islam really teaches and how today's Muslims live and think.

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  • Jesus and Buddha
    Jesus and Buddha (English, Paperback) Paul Knitter, Roger Haight

    Two friends, one a Christian theologian, the other a Buddhist-Christian theologian, explore how a conversation between Christians and Buddhists can clarify and support a spirituality that is experientially real (mystical) as well as socially engaged (prophetic). From basic questions about Buddha and Jesus?who were they? what did they teach??Paul Knitter and Roger Haight explore Buddhist and...

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  • Martin Luther
    Martin Luther (English, Paperback) Walter Kasper

    With 2017 marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, on October 31, 2016, Pope Francis will take part in an ecumenical event in Lund, Sweden. Cardinal Kasper's new book, based on a lecture at Humboldt University in Berlin, emphasises how relevant Luther's message is for Christians of all denominations. Luther's message of divine mercy was his answer to his own problems and to the questions...

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  • Towards Unity
    Towards Unity (English, Paperback) Donald Bolen $34.36 $39.95
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  • Islam Rising
    Islam Rising (Paperback) Tim Orr D Min $18.09
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  • Neighboring Faiths
    Neighboring Faiths (English, Paperback) David Nirenberg

    This book represents the culmination of David Nirenberg's ongoing project; namely, how Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived with and thought about each other in the Middle Ages, and what the medieval past can tell us about how they do so today. There have been scripture based studies of the three religions of the book? that claim descent from Abraham, but Nirenberg goes beyond those to pay close attention to how the three religious neighbors loved, tolerated, massacred, and expelled each otherall in the name of Godin periods and places both long ago and far away. Whether Christian Crusaders and settlers in Islamic-ruled lands, or Jewish-Muslim relations in Christian-controlled Iberia, for Nirenberg, the three religions need to be studied in terms of how each affected the development of the other over time, their proximity of religious and philosophical thought as well as their overlapping geographies, and how the three neighbors? define (and continue to define) themselves and their place in the here-and-nowand the here-afterin terms of one another. Arguing against exemplary histories, static models of tolerance versus prosecution, or so-called Golden Ages and Black Legends, Nirenberg offers here instead a story that is more dynamic and interdependent, one where Muslim, Jewish, and Christian communities have re-imagined themselves, not only as abstractions of categories in each other's theologies and ideologies, but by living with each other every day as neighbors jostling each other on the street. From dangerous attractions leading to interfaith marriage, to interreligious conflicts leading to segregation, violence, and sometimes extermination, to strategies of bridging the interfaith gap through language, vocabulary, and poetryNirenberg aims to understand the intertwined past of the three faiths as a way for their heirs to coproduce the future.

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  • Why We're Catholic
    Why We're Catholic (Paperback) Trent Horn $14.23
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  • Intercultural Theology
    Intercultural Theology (English, Hardback) Henning Wrogemann

    Henning Wrogemann, one of the leading missiologists in the world today, provides the first comprehensive introduction to the field of intercultural theology and hermeneutics. Both scholarly and accessible, this will be the definitive resource on the topic in English.

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  • Adventures in Evangelical Civility
    Adventures in Evangelical Civility (English, Hardback) Richard J Mouw

    One of the most influential evangelical voices in America shares his nearly half-century quest for commonness, arguing for a convicted civility when conversing with those with whom we disagree.

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  • Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road?
    Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road? (Paperback) Brian D. McLaren

    Is it possible to have a strong Christian identity, while remaining generous towards other faiths?

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  • Deep Calls to Deep
    Deep Calls to Deep (English, Paperback) Tony Rabbi Bayfield

    Breaking new ground in Christian-Jewish dialogue this book uses a new paradigm, one which is marked by experiential theology: a theology that addresses and emerges out of day to day lived experience of practising Christians and Jews. The book brings together a diverse array of important Christian and Jewish scholars to engage in conversation.

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  • Why Muslim Integration Fails in Christian-Heritage Societies
    Why Muslim Integration Fails in Christian-Heritage Societies (English, Hardback) Claire L. Adida

    Amid fears of Islamic extremism, many Europeans ask whether Muslim immigrants can integrate into historically Christian countries. Why Muslim Integration Fails in Christian-Heritage Societies explores this question and concludes that both Muslim and non-Muslim French must share responsibility for the slow progress of integration.

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  • Holy Lands
    Holy Lands (English, Paperback) Nicolas Pelham

    When the Ottoman Empire fell apart, colonial powers drew straight lines on the map to create a new region--the Middle East--made up of new countries filled with multiple religious sects and ethnicities. Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, for example, all contained a kaleidoscope of Sunnis, Kurds, Shias, Circassians, Druze and Armenians. Israel was the first to establish a state in which one sect and...

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