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  • Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?
    Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now? (Paperback) Ian Dunt $13.24 $20.00
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  • The Global Business Environment
    The Global Business Environment (English, Paperback) Janet Morrison

    The new edition of Janet Morrison's engaging and comprehensive textbook explores the economic, political, social, legal and cultural environments in which businesses operate. Thoroughly updated, now featuring videos and interactive ebook, it challenges readers to think critically about the challenges and responsibilities of global issues.

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  • The Simple Strategy
    The Simple Strategy (English, Paperback) Markus Heitkoetter, Mark Hodge $9.73
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  • China's Economy
    China's Economy (English, Paperback) Arthur R. Kroeber

    In China's Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know, Arthur Kroeber offers an overview of the highlights of China's development from the manufacturing, agricultural change, and construction developments of 1980s and 1990s, through the expansion of China's financial systems, and to its present-day status as the world leader in yearly economic growth.

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  • The New Rulers of the World
    The New Rulers of the World (English, Paperback) John Pilger

    Pilger tackles the injustices and double standards inherent in the politics of globalization and exposes the terrible truth behind the power and wealth of states and corporations.

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  • The Great Convergence
    The Great Convergence (English, Hardback) Richard Baldwin

    From 1820 to 1990 the share of world income going to today's wealthy nations soared from 20% to 70%. That share has recently plummeted. Richard Baldwin shows how the combination of high tech with low wages propelled industrialization in developing nations, deindustrialization in developed nations, and a commodity supercycle that is petering out.

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  • The Economics of European Integration
    The Economics of European Integration (English, Paperback) Richard Baldwin, Charles Wyplosz

    Guides students through the facts, theories and controversies surrounding the dynamics of European economics. Designed for students taking modules in European economics, this text provides in-depth analysis of economics arguments with examples, illustrations and questions to help bring this thought-provoking subject to life.

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  • Price Action Breakdown
    Price Action Breakdown (English, Paperback) Laurentiu Damir

    Price Action Breakdown is a book about pure price action analysis of financial markets. It covers concepts, ideas and price action trading methods that you most likely haven't seen anywhere else. The knowledge contained can be used to trade any financial market such as Forex, Futures, Stocks, Commodities and all major markets. It is based on trading the pure price action using key supply and...

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  • China's Asian Dream
    China's Asian Dream (English, Paperback) Tom Miller

    What does China's rise mean for the future of Asia, and of the world?

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  • Marketing: A Global Perspective
    Marketing: A Global Perspective (Paperback) Bronis Verhage

    Features perspectives from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the wider world, embedded in a global context, offering a review of priorities in marketing, as illustrated by a diverse selection of analyses of world-class companies' customer-focused strategies.

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  • Out of the Desert
    Out of the Desert (English, Hardback) Ali Al-Naimi

    Ali Al-Naimi is Saudi oil minister - and OPEC kingpin - a position he has held for 20 years. As global oil's central banker, Al-Naimi moves markets with the briefest of utterances. But it hasn't always been that way....

    $28.73 $33.75
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  • Thank You for Being Late
    Thank You for Being Late (English, Hardback) Thomas L Friedman

    A New York Times Bestseller ...

    $24.49 $28.00
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  • The Global Minotaur
    The Global Minotaur (English, Paperback) Yanis Varoufakis

    In this remarkable and provocative book, former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis explodes the myth that financialisation, ineffectual regulation of banks, greed and globalisation were the root causes of the global economic crisis.

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  • International Business Law and the Legal Environment
    International Business Law and the Legal Environment (English, Paperback) Larry A. DiMatteo

    International Business Law and the Legal Environment provides business students with a strong understanding of the legal principles that govern doing business internationally. Not merely about compliance, this book emphasizes how to use the law to create value and competitive advantage....

    $72.51 $119.95
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  • Thank You for Being Late
    Thank You for Being Late (English, CD-Audio) Thomas L Friedman

    A field guide to the twenty-first century, written by one of its most celebrated observersWe all sense it—something big is going on. You feel it in your workplace. You feel it when you talk to your kids. You can’t miss it when you read the newspapers or watch the news. Our lives are being transformed in so many realms all at once—and it is dizzying.In Thank You for Being Late, a work unlike...

    $32.13 $44.99
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  • Free Trade under Fire
    Free Trade under Fire (English, Paperback) Douglas A. Irwin

    Free trade is placed under the microscope and examined, with a particular emphasis on recent protests and movements against this powerful economic philosophy.

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  • China and Sustainable Development in Latin America
    China and Sustainable Development in Latin America (English, Paperback) Rebecca Ray

    "During Latin America's China-led commodity boom, governments turned a blind eye to the inherent flaws in the region's economic policy. Now that the commodity boom is coming to an end, those flaws cannot be ignored. High on the list of shortcomings is the fact that Latin American governments--and Chinese investors--largely fell short of mitigating the social and environmental impacts of...

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  • Hall of Mirrors
    Hall of Mirrors (English, Paperback) Barry Eichengreen

    The Great Depression and the Great Recession are the two great economic crises of the past hundred years. In Hall of Mirrors, Barry Eichengreen draws on his unparalleled expertise for a brilliantly conceived dual-track account of the two crises and their consequences.

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  • For All the Tea in China
    For All the Tea in China (English, Paperback) Sarah Rose

    Robert Fortune was a Scottish gardener, botanist, plant hunter - and industrial spy. In 1848, the East India Company engaged him to make a clandestine trip into the interior of China - territory forbidden to foreigners - to steal the closely guarded secrets of tea.

    $15.92 $19.75
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