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Isarel M Gelfand

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  • Algebra by Isarel M. Gelfand
    Algebra (English, Paperback) Isarel M. Gelfand, A. Shen

    The best way to deal with them is: Solve the problem by yourself - compare your solution with the solution in the book (if it exists) - go to the next problem. Adding three apples to five apples is the same as adding five apples to three - apples do not disappear and we get eight of them in both cases.

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  • Calculus of Variations by Isarel M. Gelfand
    Calculus of Variations (English, Paperback) Isarel M. Gelfand, S. V. Fomin

    Fresh, lively text serves as a modern introduction to the subject, with applications to the mechanics of systems with a finite number of degrees of freedom. Ideal for math and physics students.

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  • The Method of Coordinates by Isarel M. Gelfand
    The Method of Coordinates (English, Paperback) Isarel M. Gelfand

    Two-part treatment discusses coordinates of points on a line, coordinates of points in a plane, coordinates of points in space, and peculiarities of four-dimensional space. Abundance of ingenious problems.

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  • Functions and Graphs by Isarel M. Gelfand
    Functions and Graphs (English, Paperback) Isarel M. Gelfand

    The second in a series of systematic studies by a celebrated mathematician I. M. Gelfand and colleagues, this volume presents students with a well-illustrated sequence of problems and exercises designed to illuminate the properties of functions and graphs. Since readers do not have the benefit of a blackboard on which a teacher constructs a graph, the authors abandoned the customary use of...

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  • Lectures on Linear Algebra by Isarel M. Gelfand
    Lectures on Linear Algebra (English, Paperback) Isarel M. Gelfand

    Prominent Russian mathematician's concise, well-written exposition considers n-dimensional spaces, linear and bilinear forms, linear transformations, canonical form of an arbitrary linear transformation, introduction to tensors, and more. 1961 edition.

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