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  • After Europe
    After Europe (English, Hardback) Ivan Krastev

    In this provocative book, renowned public intellectual Ivan Krastev reflects on the future of the European Union?and its potential lack of a future. With far-right nationalist parties on the rise across the continent and the United Kingdom planning for Brexit, the European Union is in disarray and plagued by doubts as never before. Krastev includes chapters devoted to Europe's major problems...

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  • Nationalism After Communism
    Nationalism After Communism (English, Paperback) Alina Mungiu-Pippidi

    Drawing on lessons from post-communist Europe, this book provides a summary of the practical wisdom learned in the management of ethnic conflicts from the Balkans to Chechnya. Grounded in empirical - mostly comparative - research, the essays go beyond theoretical postulates and normative ideals and acknowledge the considerable experience that exists within the post-communist world on ethnic...

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  • Democracy Disrupted
    Democracy Disrupted (English, Paperback) Ivan Krastev

    In Democracy Disrupted, journalist and political scientist Ivan Krastev proposes a provocative interpretation of the "Occupy" movements that have surfaced in the United States, Great Britain, and Spain, as well as the more destabilizing forms of unrest in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

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  • The After the Storm
    The After the Storm (English, Paperback) Herman van Rompuy

    Short essays on European democracy by 20 European intellectuals.

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  • The Anti-American Century
    The Anti-American Century (English, Hardback) Ivan Krastev

    Interrogates the nature of anti-Americanism. This work tackles the potential political consequences of anti-Americanism in Eastern and Central Europe, the region that has been perceived as strongly pro-American.

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  • Unraveling Ties
    Unraveling Ties (English, Paperback) Yehuda Elkana

    Presents a compilation of essays mapping the creation of community life in a modern world that often appears alienating, cold, and even threatening. Topics range from family life and friendship to the integral role of the deviant in society. This volume is useful to sociologists, economists, and to those interested in the creation of community.

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