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  • Dance with the Animals by Ella Bailey
    Dance with the Animals (English, Hardback) Ella Bailey

    This delightful mix and match title features animal characters from around the world. Wolf, Lemur, Panda, and friends have gathered together for a night of twirling, twisting, clapping, clicking and tapping....

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  • Weather in 30 Seconds by Jen Green
    Weather in 30 Seconds (English, Paperback) Jen Green, Adam Scaife

    Discover how the Earth's atmosphere affects our climates, learn about weird weather across the world, and find out how the greenhouse effect is changing our weather. The 30 Seconds series takes readers on a journey of discovery through a wide range of fascinating subjects. Each topic is presented with a quick 30-second soundbite, supported by flash summaries and full-color artwork. Fun,...

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