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  • The Lives of Animals
    The Lives of Animals (English, Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    The idea of human cruelty to animals so consumes novelist Elizabeth Costello in her later years that she can no longer look another person in the eye: humans, especially meat-eating ones, seem to her to be conspirators in a crime of stupefying magnitude taking place on farms and in slaughterhouses, factories, and laboratories across the world....

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  • Brighton Rock
    Brighton Rock (English, Paperback) Graham Greene

    COETZEEA gang war is raging through the dark underworld of Brighton. Believing he can escape retribution, he is unprepared for the courageous, life-embracing Ida Arnold. Greene's gripping thriller, exposes a world of loneliness and fear, of life lived on the 'dangerous edge of things'.

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  • Dusklands
    Dusklands (English, Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    A megalomaniac Boer frontiersman wreaks hideous vengeance on a Hottentot tribe for undermining the 'natural' order of his universe with their anarchic rival order, mocking him and subjecting him to the humiliations of his own all too palpable flesh.

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  • The Childhood of Jesus
    The Childhood of Jesus (English, Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    An astonishing new masterpiece from the Nobel and twice Booker Prize-winning author of Disgrace and SummertimeAfter crossing oceans, a man and a boy - both strangers to each other - arrive in a new land. In this strange new country they are assigned a new name, a new birthday, a new life.

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  • Life And Times Of Michael K
    Life And Times Of Michael K (English, Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    In a South Africa torn by civil war, Michael K sets out to take his mother back to her rural home. Life and Times of Michael K goes to the centre of human experience - the need for an interior, spiritual life, for some connections to the world in which we live, and for purity of vision.

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  • Boyhood
    Boyhood (English, Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    With a father he imitated but could not respect, and a mother he both adored and resented, he picked his way through a world that refused to explain its rules, but whose rules he knew he must obey. Steering between these contradictions, Boyhood evokes the tensions, delights and terrors of childhood with startling, haunting immediacy.

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  • Waiting For The Barbarians
    Waiting For The Barbarians (English, Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    For decades the Magistrate has run the affairs of a tiny frontier settlement, ignoring the impending war between the barbarians and the Empire, whose servant he is.

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  • Master Of Petersburg
    Master Of Petersburg (Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    Set in 1869, when Dostoevsky was summoned from Germany to St Petersburg by the sudden death of his stepson, this novel is at once a compelling mystery steeped in the atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Russia and a brilliant and courageous meditation on authority and rebellion, art and imagination.

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  • In The Heart Of The Country
    In The Heart Of The Country (Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    Stifled by the torpor of colonial South Africa and trapped in a web of reciprocal oppression, a lonely sheep farmer seeks comfort in the arms of a black concubine. But when his embittered spinster daughter Magda feels shamed, this lurch across the racial divide marks the end of a tenuous feudal peace.

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  • Disgrace
    Disgrace (Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    After years teaching Romantic poetry at the Technical University of Cape Town, David Lurie, middle-aged and twice divorced, has an impulsive affair with a student. Willing to admit his guilt, but refusing to yield to pressure to repent publicly, he resigns and retreats to his daughter Lucy's isolated smallholding.

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  • Foe
    Foe (English, Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    In the early eighteenth century, Susan Barton finds herself adrift from a mutinous ship and cast ashore on a remote desert island. There she finds shelter with its only other inhabitants: a man named Cruso and his tongueless slave, Friday. In time, she builds a life for herself as Cruso's companion and, eventually, his lover.

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  • Diary of a Bad Year
    Diary of a Bad Year (Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    For him, troubled by Australia's complicity in the wars in the Middle East,it is a chance to air some urgent concerns: how should a citizen of a modern democracy react to their state's involvement in an immoral war on terror, a war that involves the use of torture?

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  • Disgrace
    Disgrace (English, Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    When discovered by the college authorities, he is expected to apologise and repent in an effort to save his job, but he refuses to become a scapegoat in what he see as as a show trial designed to reinforce a stringent political correctness.

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  • Slow Man
    Slow Man (English, Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    But his feelings for her, and for her handsome teenage son, are complicated by the sudden arrival on his doorstep of the celebrated Australian novelist Elizabeth Costello, who threatens to take over the direction of his life and the affairs of his heart.

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  • Here and Now
    Here and Now (English, Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    Not long after, Auster received a letter from Coetzee, suggesting they begin exchanging letters on a regular basis and, 'God willing, strike sparks off each other.'Here and Now is the result of that proposal: an epistolary dialogue between two great writers who became great friends.

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  • Infancia de Jesus
    Infancia de Jesus (Multiple languages, Paperback) J M Coetzee $12.64
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  • Youth
    Youth (English, Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    Youth's narrator, a student in 1950s South Africa, has long been plotting an escape from his native country. Studying mathematics, reading poetry, saving money, he tries to ensure that when he arrives in the real world he will be prepared to experience life to its full intensity, and transform it into art.

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  • Disgrace
    Disgrace (English, Paperback) J M Coetzee

    Set in post-apartheid South Africa, J. M. Coetzee's searing novel tells the story of David Lurie, a twice divorced, 52-year-old professor of communications and Romantic Poetry at Cape Technical University. Lurie believes he has created a comfortable, if somewhat passionless, life for himself. He lives within his financial and emotional means. Though his position at the university has been reduced,...

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  • Life and Times of Michael K
    Life and Times of Michael K (English, Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    First published in 1983 and winner of the Booker Prize. Set in a turbulent South Africa, a young gardener decides to take his mother away from the violence towards a new life in the abandoned countryside, but finds that war follows wherever he goes. From the author of DUSKLANDS and IN THE HEART OF THE COUNTRY.

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  • Giving Offense
    Giving Offense (English, Paperback) J. M. Coetzee

    Focusing on the ways authors have traditionally responded to censorship, this is a collection of essays which attempt to understand the motives for censorship. It argues that a society bound by censorship engenders a destructive dynamic of belligerence and escalating rivalry.

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