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J M Coulson

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  • Chemical Engineering Volume 2 by J. H. Harker
    Chemical Engineering Volume 2 (English, Paperback) J. H. Harker, J. M. Coulson

    Covers the properties of particulate systems, including the character of individual particles and their behaviour in fluids. This volume examines the sedimentation of particles, both singly and at high concentrations, flow in packed and fluidised beads and filtration. It deals with separation processes, such as distillation and gas absorption.

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  • Chemical Engineering Volume 1 by J. R. Backhurst
    Chemical Engineering Volume 1 (English, Paperback) J. R. Backhurst, J. H. Harker

    This volume covers the three main transport processes of interest to chemical engineers - momentum transfer (fluid flow), heat transfer, and mass transfer - and the relationships between them. The concluding chapter covers an application where each of these processes is occurring simultaneously.

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