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  • Dragonart - Digital Dragons with J."Neondragon" Peffer
    Dragonart - Digital Dragons with J."Neondragon" Peffer (English, DVD video) J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer

    Demonstrates digital inking of Jessica Peffer's popular dragon art, translating her traditional pencil and ink techniques into creating dragons on a computer screen. Utilising a graphics tablet and image editing software, this book gives you the tools you may need to create dazzling digital dragons.

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  • Dragonart Evolution
    Dragonart Evolution (English, Paperback) J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer

    Magnificent and powerful creatures, with bone-crushing jaws and razor-sharp teeth, it's difficult to tell whether you're dealing with a hotheaded nature or a wise and benevolent beast. Therein lies the trouble with drawing them from life. Make your dragon portraits more authentic (while avoiding loss of life and limbs) with the help of this guide.

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  • Dragon's Lair Coloring
    Dragon's Lair Coloring (English, Paperback) J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer

    These books combine the popular styles of manga and fantasy art with loads of fun activities for creative play. Includes a wide variety of activities which are challenging yet achievable and rewarding to finish. Activities cover one or two pages each with simple instructions.

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  • Dragonart
    Dragonart (English, Hardback) J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer

    Make your fantasy world a reality. Conjure up the mythical heroes and fantastical beasts that roam your imagination. With just a pencil, some paper - and perhaps a broadsword - you can unleash the mighty monsters of your mind, including deadly dragons and brutish orcs, or ethereal inhabitants such as elegant elves and mermaids.

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  • Dragonart Mythical Monsters
    Dragonart Mythical Monsters (English, Kit) J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer

    Based on the bestselling title "DragonArt", this kit features instructions for drawing, shading and painting mythical monsters. With a host of amazing fantasy creatures, it includes: an instructional book; pencils; pad of drawing paper; paintbrushes; acrylic paints; and more.

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  • Dragonart - Drawing Dragons with J."Neondragon" Peffer
    Dragonart - Drawing Dragons with J."Neondragon" Peffer (English, DVD video) J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer

    Shows you how to create a delightful and frightening dragon, armed only with a pencil and ink pen.

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  • DragonArt Ultimate Gallery
    DragonArt Ultimate Gallery (English, Hardback) J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer

    DragonArt(TM) Ultimate Gallery represents the very best of NeonDragon's work, featuring more than 70 fantasy creatures of all kinds, including some that are all new. Each page offers a universe of creative inspiration, showcasing creatures in their elemental environments with descriptions of the stories they inhabit and characters they become.

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  • DragonArt Drawing Workshop
    DragonArt Drawing Workshop (English, Hardback) J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer

    Focuses on perennial subjects that readers always want to learn about, from how to draw dragons to realistic faces. This title teaches basic techniques and gets readers familiar with supplies and terms they'll be encountering.

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  • DragonArt Color Workbook
    DragonArt Color Workbook (English, Spiral bound) J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer

    Featuring dragons and other beasts waiting to be awoken, this title lets readers explore many ways of making the creatures uniquely their own with shading, blending and colour techniques that can be applied using colored pencils, markers, crayons and more. It teaches readers what colours go together and when.

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  • Dragonart Kit
    Dragonart Kit (English, Mixed media product) J. "Neon Dragon" Peffer

    Nothing makes a fantasy fan's imagination catch fire like the dragon, one of the most enduringly popular beasts of legend. This kit offers an instructional book along with pencils, paper, brushes and paints - everything the fantasy artist needs to create their own mythical works of art.

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