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J P Cross

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  • Operation Janus by J. P. Cross
    Operation Janus (English, Paperback) J. P. Cross

    It is 1950s and the Malayan Emergency and the British battle with Communist terrorists hiding deep in the jungle. When a British Gurkha captain deserts to the guerrillas, a fellow British Gurkha officer is despatched with five Gurkhas to hunt him down and the chase through pathless jungle becomes a race against time and a contest of deadly jungle warfare skills.

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  • First in, Last Out by J. P. Cross
    First in, Last Out (English, Hardback) J. P. Cross

    This is the astonishing tale of two episodes in the life of Colonel J P Cross, jungle fighter and linguist extraordinaire.

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  • Gurkhas at War by J. P. Cross
    Gurkhas at War (English, Paperback) J. P. Cross

    The first time the voice of the Gurkha soldier has been heard at length.

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  • It Happens With Gurkhas by J. P. Cross
    It Happens With Gurkhas (English, Hardback) J. P. Cross

    Gurkhas have served with the British for almost 200 years, first with the army of the East India Company, then with the Indian Army of the Raj, and then in 1947 becoming an integral part of the British Army.

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  • Gurkhas at War by J P Cross
    Gurkhas at War (English, Paperback) J P Cross Currently Unavailable More details
  • Jungle Warfare by J P Cross
    Jungle Warfare (English, Hardback) J P Cross Currently Unavailable More details
  • The Call of Nepal by J P Cross
    The Call of Nepal (English, Paperback) J P Cross $49.65
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  • Gurkhas at War by J. P. Cross
    Gurkhas at War (English, Hardback) J. P. Cross, Buddhiman Gurung

    -- The first time the Gurkha voice has been heard at length -- Vivid, first-person descriptions spanning over fifty years of warfare -- Historical overview of Gurkha campaigns from 1939-1998 This collection of eyewitness material offers an unprecedented contribution to the history of the Gurkhas, a famed but elusive brigade whose story has always been told by "outsiders." These first-person narratives center on the fifty-year period from the outbreak of World War II, including the campaigns against Communists in Malaya and Hong Kong, the Falklands War, and recent confrontation in East Timor. The editors -- who traveled 5,000 miles to rescue material from surviving soldiers -- provide an introduction to Gurkha culture, historical overviews of each military campaign, and record some of the peculiarities of their encounters with these most resilient of soldiers.

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