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  • Operation Janus by J. P. Cross
    Operation Janus (English, Paperback) J. P. Cross

    It is 1950s and the Malayan Emergency and the British battle with Communist terrorists hiding deep in the jungle. When a British Gurkha captain deserts to the guerrillas, a fellow British Gurkha officer is despatched with five Gurkhas to hunt him down and the chase through pathless jungle becomes a race against time and a contest of deadly jungle warfare skills.

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  • Operation Blind Spot by J. P. Cross
    Operation Blind Spot (English, Paperback) J. P. Cross

    After years of jungle service, Jason Rance, a maverick British major of Gurkhas has one final chance of qualifying for promotion to lieutenant colonel. During a covert operation on the Thai?Malayan border, Rance meets a Chinese schoolboy friend from jungle-operation days and together they must pit Malaya's orang asli, or indigenous people, against Chin Peng and the Malayan Communists, now hiding in south Thailand, trying to rescue two stranded wartime Gurkhas as they do.

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  • It Happens With Gurkhas by J. P. Cross
    It Happens With Gurkhas (English, Hardback) J. P. Cross

    Gurkhas have served with the British for almost 200 years, first with the army of the East India Company, then with the Indian Army of the Raj, and then in 1947 becoming an integral part of the British Army.

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  • Gurkhas at War by J. P. Cross
    Gurkhas at War (English, Paperback) J. P. Cross

    The first time the voice of the Gurkha soldier has been heard at length.

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