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  • Hetty Feather
    Hetty Feather (Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson

    It's London, 1876 and Hetty Feather is just a tiny baby when her mother leaves her at the Foundling Hospital. The Hospital cares for abandoned children - but Hetty must first live with a foster family until she is big enough to go to school. Life in the countryside is hard but with her 'brothers' Jem and Gideon, she plays imaginary games.

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  • Emerald Star
    Emerald Star (Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt

    Since leaving the Foundling Hospital, Hetty has seen her fair share of drama, excitement, tragedy and loss. After the death of her beloved mama, she sets off to find a real home at last - starting with the search for her father. But Hetty is no longer a simple country girl, and begins to fear she'll never truly belong anywhere.

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  • Sapphire Battersea
    Sapphire Battersea (English, Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt

    Hetty Feather is a Foundling Hospital girl and was given her name when she was left there as a baby. When she is reunited with her mother, she hopes her beautiful new name, Sapphire Battersea, will also mean a new life! But things don't always go as planned...

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  • Lily Alone
    Lily Alone (Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt

    Lily isn't home Alone - but she sort of wishes she was; looking after her three younger siblings is a lot of responsibility. When Mum goes off on holiday with her new boyfriend and her stepdad fails to show up, Lily is determined to keep the family together and show they can cope without any grown-ups.

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  • Queenie
    Queenie (English, Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt

    It's 1953, the year Elizabeth is to be crowned Queen of England. Elsie Kettle can't wait to go to London to see the celebrations on Coronation Day. Elsie lives with her Nan - her mum works as a showgirl, so she's not around very often. Spirited and imaginative, but often lonely, Elsie longs for a best friend. Luckily, she and Nan are very close.

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  • The Worst Thing About My Sister
    The Worst Thing About My Sister (English, Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt

    Marty and her sister Melissa couldn't be more different. The sisters can manage to live together, despite their occasional scraps but then Mum tells them they have to share a room. The girls soon discover that being too close can have unexpected consequences, and when an accident happens, the sisters realise they are closer than they thought.

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  • My Sister Jodie
    My Sister Jodie (Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt

    Pearl and Jodie are sisters. Pearl is the quiet, cautious, studious one. Jodie is bold and brash and bad - but Pearl adores her anyway. When their parents get new jobs as the cook and caretaker at a fusty old boarding school, the girls have to move there and spend their summer holidays in the school. And when they arrive, things start to change.

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  • Sleepovers
    Sleepovers (Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt

    Amy, Bella, Chloe, Daisy and Emily are friends at school and have their own Alphabet Club. Daisy is the newest member and is desperate to fit in, even though Chloe is distinctly unfriendly to her at times. Throughout Daisy's first year at the school, the girls plan ever-more elaborate sleepover parties for their birthdays.

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  • Little Darlings
    Little Darlings (Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson

    Sunset lives a life of luxury with her beautiful ex-model mum, her world-famous ex-rocker dad and two little celeb siblings. But life on the red carpet is no compensation for rowing parents, constant nagging, intensive media scrutiny and no real friends.

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  • Four Children and It
    Four Children and It (English, Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson

    Tells the story of four children who discover a way to make wishes come true. This book shows you the relationship between step-sisters Rosalind and Smash, just as they love the story of sisters Jodie and Pearl in "My Sister Jodie" or Lily and Pixie in "Lily Alone".

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  • Cliffhanger
    Cliffhanger (English, Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson

    There's just one problem as far as Tim is concerned: he is hopeless at sports of any kind. Can Tim survive the horrors of a week absolutely packed with activity? Can his team - the Tigers - be the overall champions?

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  • The Illustrated Mum
    The Illustrated Mum (Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt

    Dolphin adores her mother, Marigold. She's got wonderful clothes, bright hair and vivid tattoos all over her body - a colourful lady, to match her colourful life. But Dolphin's older sister, Star, is beginning to wonder if living with Marigold's fiery, unpredictable moods is the best thing for the girls ...

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  • Adventures of Alice Laselles by Alexandrina Victoria Aged 103/4
    Adventures of Alice Laselles by Alexandrina Victoria Aged 103/4 (English, Hardback) Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, Jacqueline Wilson

    Tells the story about the adventures of Alice Laselles at Miss Duncombe's school for girls.

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  • The Tracy Beaker Trilogy
    The Tracy Beaker Trilogy (Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt

    Ten-year-old Tracy is one of the most popular and well-loved children's book characters ever created. This title features the story of Tracy Beaker and the Dare Game; and a letter from the author about how Tracy was created.

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  • Cookie
    Cookie (Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt

    Beauty Cookson is no beauty. She's a plain, timid girl surrounded by super-confident, snooty girls at school. Worse than the teasing in the playground, though, is the unpredictable criticism from her father. Eventually, after an unbearable birthday party and a very real fear that Dad's temper is out of control, Mum and Beauty run away.

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  • The Story of Tracy Beaker
    The Story of Tracy Beaker (Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson

    I'm Tracy Beaker - have you heard of me? I'm stuck in The Dumping Ground just at the moment, but I'm sure my Mum will come and get me soon. A certain Justine-Hateful-Littlewood has stolen my best friend Louise but I don't let it get me down. I never cry. Ever. This is a story all about me.

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  • How to Survive Summer Camp
    How to Survive Summer Camp (Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt

    When Stella is dumped at summer camp while her mum goes off on a posh honeymoon, things start badly. In the first few minutes she's mistaken for a boy and put in a room with snobby Louise and nasty Karen. Then she finds out she'll have to take dreaded swimming lessons, the one thing mum promised she wouldn't have to do. Can things get any worse?

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  • Girls Under Pressure
    Girls Under Pressure (Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt

    Magda is tall and glamorous, Nadine is willowy and 'gothic'. And Ellie ...well, Ellie is just plain normal. The three girls have been best friends forever, but now Ellie is convinced she's fat, Nadine wants to be a model, and Magda worries that her appearance is giving guys the wrong idea. The pressure is on for them to change the way they look...

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  • Lizzie Zipmouth
    Lizzie Zipmouth (Paperback) Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt

    "Why don't you ever say anything, Lizzie?" said Rory. "It's like you've got a zip across your mouth." Lizzie refuses to speak. She doesn't want to talk to Rory or Jake, her new stepbrothers, or Sam, their dad or even her mum. She's totally fed up at having to join a new family and nothing can coax her into speaking to them.

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  • My Summer Holiday Journal
    My Summer Holiday Journal (Hardback) Jacqueline Wilson

    A holiday journal that features a page of pretty stickers, a scrapbook, and space to write a diary throughout the holiday, and more.

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