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James Buchan

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  • Days of God by James Buchan
    Days of God (English, Paperback) James Buchan

    An insider's view of one of the events that shaped the modern world.

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  • The Persian Bride by James Buchan
    The Persian Bride (English, Paperback) James Buchan

    At once a great love story, a riveting political thriller, and a profound analysis of modern Iran, THE PERSIAN BRIDE is unflinching in its vision of twentieth-century chaos. In 1974, the young Englishman John Pitt follows the hippie trail to Isfahan, where he encounters the enchanting Shirin Farameh. These two young people fall desperately in love and marry, despite their cultural differences and the political upheaval surrounding them. When they are tragically separated, John sets off in search of his wife on a nightmare journey that takes him from the corrupt court of the shah to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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  • Sick Heart River by John Buchan
    Sick Heart River (English, Paperback) John Buchan

    Lawyer and politician Sir Edward Leithen has been diagnosed with advanced tuberculosis and has been given a year to live. A former colleague, American John S. Blenkiron, requests help to find his niece's husband, who appears to have flown from his very successful financial career to the Canadian north and Leithen agrees to help.

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  • A Good Place To Die by James Buchan
    A Good Place To Die (Paperback) James Buchan

    In 1974 Iran 18yrd old English teacher John Pitt falls in love with one of his students, Shirin, and the pair escape Isfahan. Yet as the force of revolution tears through Iran, John becomes exposed to incalculable danger. 'This novel is a rare achievement' "The Times".

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  • Capital of the Mind by James Buchan
    Capital of the Mind (English, Paperback) James Buchan

    By the end of 18th century Edinburgh had become the marvel of modern Europe, home to the finest minds of the day and their breathtaking innovations in architecture, politics, science, the arts, and economies. This book tells the story of the triumph of this town and the men whose vision brought it into being.

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  • The Authentic Adam Smith: His Life and Ideas by James Buchan
    The Authentic Adam Smith: His Life and Ideas (English, Paperback) James Buchan

    Celebrated author James Buchan on the widely known-but often misread-Scottish philosopher Adam Smith.

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  • Adam Smith by James Buchan
    Adam Smith (Paperback) James Buchan

    The fresh face of the GBP20 note, Adam Smith was long ago adopted as the father of a neo-conservative economic ideology, not least by Thatcher and Reagan. New Labour has tried to kidnap him as an ancestor. This title shows that Smith fits no modern political category.

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  • Days of God by James Buchan
    Days of God (English, Hardback) James Buchan

    A myth-busting insider's account of the Iranian Revolution of 1979 that destroyed US influence in the country and transformed the politics of the Middle East and the world. ...

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