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Jane Smiley

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  • The Sagas of the Icelanders by Jane Smiley
    The Sagas of the Icelanders (English, Paperback) Jane Smiley

    A collection of stories, which depicts the lives and deeds of the Norse men and women who first settled in Iceland and of their descendants, who ventured farther west to Greenland and, ultimately, North America.

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  • A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley
    A Thousand Acres (English, Paperback) Jane Smiley

    The Pulitzer Prize-winning, bestselling novel from one of America's greatest contemporary writers.

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  • Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner
    Crossing to Safety (English, Paperback) Wallace Stegner

    When two young couples meet for the first time during the Great Depression, they quickly find they have much in common: Charity Lang and Sally Morgan are both pregnant, while their husbands Sid and Larry both have jobs in the English department at the University of Wisconsin.

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  • A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley
    A Thousand Acres (English, Hardback) Jane Smiley

    This powerful twentieth-century reimagining of Shakespeare's King Lear centers on a wealthy Iowa farmer who decides to divide his farm among his three daughters. Ambitiously conceived and stunningly written, A Thousand Acres spins the most fundamental themes of truth, justice, love, and pride into a universally acclaimed masterpiece.

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  • Some Luck by Jane Smiley
    Some Luck (English, Paperback) Jane Smiley

    The first instalment in the Pulitzer Prize-winner's masterpiece - a trilogy following one family over a hundred years.

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  • Moo by Jane Smiley
    Moo (Paperback) Jane Smiley

    Brilliantly funny satire set in a contemporary American university.

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  • Greenlanders by Jane Smiley
    Greenlanders (English, Paperback) Jane Smiley

    Set in the fourteenth century in Europe's most far-flung outpost, a land of glittering fjords, blasting winds, sun-warmed meadows, and high, dark mountains, The Greenlanders is the story of one family - proud landowner Asgeir Gunnarsson; his daughter Margret, whose willful independence leads her into passionate adultery and exile; and his son Gunnar, whose quest for knowledge is at the compelling...

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  • Early Warning by Jane Smiley
    Early Warning (English, Paperback) Jane Smiley

    The Last Hundred Years series continues with Early Warning, from the winner of the Pulitzer Prize Jane Smiley.

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  • A Thousand Acres by Professor Jane Smiley
    A Thousand Acres (English, Hardback) Professor Jane Smiley

    On a prospering Iowa farm in the 1970s, wealthy farmer Lawrence Cook announces his intentions to divide the farm among his daughters, setting off a family crisis reminiscent of Shakespeare's "King Lear."

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  • School for Love by Olivia Manning
    School for Love (English, Paperback) Olivia Manning

    Jerusalem in 1945 is a city in flux: refugees from the war in Europe fill its streets and cafés, the British colonial mandate is coming to an end, and tensions are on the rise between the Arab and Jewish populations. Felix Latimer, a recently orphaned teenager, arrives in Jerusalem from Baghdad, biding time until he can secure passage to England. Adrift and deeply lonely, Felix has no choice but...

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  • Ten Days in the Hills by Jane Smiley
    Ten Days in the Hills (English, Paperback) Jane Smiley

    A group of friends and family gathers in the Hollywood hills for ten days of memories and gossip, including Max, a writer/director whose career is waning; his lover Elena; his ex-wife, film star Zoe Cunningham; and their daughter Isabel.

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  • The Georges and the Jewels by Jane Smiley
    The Georges and the Jewels (English, Paperback) Jane Smiley

    Seventh-grader Abby Lovitt grows up on her family's California horse ranch in the 1960s, learning to train the horses her father sells and trying to reconcile her strict religious upbringing with her own ideas about life.

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  • Moo by Jane Smiley
    Moo (English, Paperback) Jane Smiley

    A satire on university life, describing the rackets and the intellectual dishonesty that goes on. The setting is the U of Moo where research into the destruction of rain forests is tailored to suit the corporation funding the project. By the author of A Thousand Acres.

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  • A Good Horse by Jane Smiley
    A Good Horse (English, Paperback) Jane Smiley

    On her family's California horse ranch in the 1960s, eighth-grader Abby Lovitt faces the possibility of giving up her beloved colt, Jack, when it comes to light that his dam might have been stolen.

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  • The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison
    The Kiss (English, Paperback) Kathryn Harrison

    The author recounts her sexual affair with her long-absent father, who reappeared in her life during her twenties, and the suffering and eventual readjustment that followed.

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  • Why We Ride by Jane Smiley
    Why We Ride (English, Paperback) Jane Smiley, Verna Dreisbach

    A collection of stories on the bond between women and their horses

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  • Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne
    Journey to the Centre of the Earth (English, Paperback) Jules Verne

    Tells the story of distinguished but eccentric Professor Lidenbrock, who finds a scrap of parchment in an old manuscript. A cipher written in runes, it tells of an entrance to another world - a world hidden beneath our own, illuminated by an electrified gas and populated by strange, prehistoric beings.

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  • Pie in the Sky by Professor Jane Smiley
    Pie in the Sky (English, Paperback) Professor Jane Smiley

    Abby Lovitt is put in charge of training Pie in the Sky when his owner refuses, and while trying to get a hold on him, she must deal with the challenges that come with being a freshman in high school in 1970's Northern California.

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  • 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel by Jane Smiley
    13 Ways of Looking at the Novel (English, Paperback) Jane Smiley

    An essential guide for writers and readers alike, here is Smiley's great celebration of the novel. As she embarks on an exhilarating tour through one hundred titles?from classics such as the thousand-year-old Tale of Genji to recent fiction by Zadie Smith and Alice Munro?she explores the power of the form, looking at its history and variety, its cultural impact, and just how it works its magic....

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  • Early Warning by Professor Jane Smiley
    Early Warning (English, Paperback) Professor Jane Smiley

    Follows the Langdon family after the sudden death of their patriarch, Walter, as the five Langdon children, now adults, navigate the Cold War years of the 1950s and the social revolution of the '60s and '70s.

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