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Jane Yolen

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  • After the King by Martin Harry Greenberg
    After the King (English, Paperback)

    After the King presents an outstanding collection of new fantasy stories by an extraordinary assemblage of some of the very best writers to ever continue the tradition Tolkien began withThe Lord of the Rings....

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  • The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens by Jane Yolen
    The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens (English, Paperback)

    Award winning anthologists Jane Yolen and Patrick Nielsen Hayden have combed through a year's worth of books and magazines and websites to find the outstanding fantasy and science fiction stores of 2004 - and collected them into a single volume aimed specifically at teens and young adults.

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  • Chinese Fairy Tale Feasts by Paul Yee
    Chinese Fairy Tale Feasts (English, Hardback)

    In this enchanting collection of fairy tales, including original stories and interpretations of Chinese folklore by master storyteller Paul Yee, a glorious procession of characters - peasants, ghosts, merchants, demons, villagers and kings - make their appearance. The stories presented here all feature food prominently; and each tale is followed by a simple recipe for a classic Chinese dish...

    $23.43 $25.25
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  • How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? by Mark Teague
    How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? (English, Hardback)

    Parents and children can never have enough ways to say "I love you"--and now, America's favorite dinosaurs are giving families a funny book, perfect for bedtime, storytime, anytime. Even when little dinosaurs are naughty, it's important to remind them that no matter what they do, they are always loved. In this book, readers will laugh aloud as parents cope with the typical antics of childhood, but in the end, hugs and kisses show your little one how much you care.

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  • Thunder Underground by Jane Yolen
    Thunder Underground (English, Hardback)

    A collection of poems explores the wonder underground, from animal burrows and subways to caves and magma.

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  • How Do Dinosaurs Go to Sleep? by Jane Yolen
    How Do Dinosaurs Go to Sleep? (English, Board book)

    Rhyming text and humorous illustrations share the antics of young dinosaurs trying to avoid going to bed.

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  • The Last Dragon by Jane Yolen
    The Last Dragon (English, Paperback)

    Master storyteller Jane Yolen and celebrated fantasy artist Rebecca Guay (Swamp Thing; Magic: The Gathering) weave a textured and lyrical tale of adventure, homelands, and heroism the hard way. Two hundred years ago, humans drove the dragons from the islands of May. Now, the last of the dragons rises to wreak havoc anew - with only a healer's daughter and a kite-flying would-be hero standing in...

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  • Mapping the Bones by Jane Yolen
    Mapping the Bones (English, Paperback)

    From the best-selling and award-winning author of The Devil's Arithmetic, Jane Yolen, comes her first Holocaust novel in nearly thirty years. Influenced by Dr. Mengele's sadistic experimentations, this story follows twins as they travel from the Lodz ghetto, to the partisans in the forest, to a horrific concentration camp where they lose everything but each other....

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  • The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Volume 2 by Stephen King
    The Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Volume 2 (English, Paperback)

    Collects short fiction from the pages of Fantasy & Science Fiction, featuring tales from such authors as Robert A. Heinlein, Harlan Ellison, Brian Aldiss, Robert Silverberg, Stephen King, Gene Wolfe, and Paolo Bacigalupi.

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  • Here's a Little Poem by Andrew Fusek Peters
    Here's a Little Poem (Paperback)

    A gloriously illustrated first book of poetry, collecting together verse from a range of well-known authors.

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  • Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales by Paula Guran
    Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales (English, Paperback)

    Includes fairy tales: imaginative reinterpretations of the familiar, evocative new myths, speculations beyond the traditional realm of "once upon a time."

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  • The Young Merlin Trilogy by Jane Yolen
    The Young Merlin Trilogy (English, Paperback)

    Jane Yolen's masterful Young Merlin novels for the first time together in one volume.

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  • Galaxy's Edge Magazine by Jane Yolen
    Galaxy's Edge Magazine (English, Paperback) $14.50
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  • Not All Princesses Dress in Pink by Jane Yolen
    Not All Princesses Dress in Pink (English, Hardback)

    Rhyming text affirms that girls can pursue their many interests, from playing sports to planting flowers in the dirt, without giving up their tiaras.

    $15.05 $17.99
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  • How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors? by Mark Teague
    How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors? (English, Board book)

    Dinosaur colors start with red: A red fire truck stuck under the bed, A purple towel left on the floor, A green sign taped to the closet door, The third board book by the bestselling, award-winning duo Jane Yolen and Mark Teague focuses on one of the most fun concepts learned in childhood: colors. Packed with vibrant illustrations of dinosaurs drawing, painting, and playing, this book will captivate and inspire children as they learn their colors.

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  • Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night, How by Jane Yolen
    Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night, How (English, Paperback)

    What if a dinosaur catches the flu?Does he whimper and whine between each "At-choo"?Does he drop dirty tissues all over the floor?Does he fling his medicine out of the door? Just like kids, little dinosaurs hate being sick. And going to the doctor can be pretty scary. How DO dinosaurs get well soon? They drink lots of juice, and they get lots of rest; they're good at the doctor's, 'cause doctors know best. As in their first dinosaur book, Yolen and Teague capture children's fears about being sick and put them to rest with playful read-aloud verse and hilarious pictures.

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  • The Salem Witch Trials by Jane Yolen
    The Salem Witch Trials (English, Hardback)

    Examines the political and social factors that may have played a part in the events that took place prior to and during the Salem Witch Trials, where townsfolk turned on one another, resulting in the death of many innocent people.

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  • Grumbles from the Forest by Jane Yolen
    Grumbles from the Forest (English, Hardback)

    Ever wonder what those fairy-tale characters were really thinking? Poets Jane Yolen and Rebecca Kai Dotlich twist fifteen favorite fairy tales into ?poem pairs? that feature wildly different voices and unexpected perspectives. The Gingerbread Boy sees the world as ?one mouth,? while his parents wonder if he'd have been happier as a sugar cookie; the Princess claims those mattresses kept her awake (not a silly pea), while the Pea complains that the Princess snores. Yolen and Dotlich's poems are astonishing and creative, filled with humor and magic, while Matt Mahurin's artwork is stunning and packed with surprises as well. This lavish volume includes end notes, briefly describing the stories and their history, and an introduction, inviting readers to imagine their own poems from unusual perspectives and ?make a little magic.?

    $15.84 $16.95
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  • Warrior Women by Carrie Vaughn
    Warrior Women (English, Paperback)

    Features tales of powerful women - or those who discover strength they did not know they possessed - who fight because they must, for what they believe in, for those they love, to simply survive, or who glory in battle itself.

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