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  • Kytice by Karel Jaromir Erben
    Kytice (English, Hardback)

    First published in 1853, these poems are among the best-loved and most widely read 19th century Czech classics. Kytice was inspired by Erben's love of Slavonic myth and the folklore surrounding such creatures as the Noonday Witch and the Water Goblin. Expanded in 1861, the collection published here has inspired generations of artists and composers, including Dvorak, Smetana, and Janacek....

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  • Bliss Was it in Bohemia by Michal Viewegh
    Bliss Was it in Bohemia (English, Hardback)

    A wildly comic story about the fate of a Czech family from the 1960s onwards. At turns humorous, ironic and sentimental, an engaging portrait of their attempts to flee from history (meaning the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia ) - or at least to ignore it as long as possible...

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  • Three Faces of an Angel by Pehe Jiri
    Three Faces of an Angel (English, Hardback)

    This novel about the twentieth century begins when time was linear and ends when the notion of progress becomes less well defined. "It strikes me that Josef Brehme lived in an epoch when time still proceeded in a straight line from the past to the future," muses his grandson, the talented, handsome, and cynical Alex Brehme, in his diary in late 2001. The Brehmes' story guides the reader through...

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  • Three Plastic Rooms by Petra Hulova
    Three Plastic Rooms (English, Paperback)

    A foul-mouthed Prague prostitute muses on her profession, aging and the nature of materialism as imagined in her own reality TV series. In an unvarnished mixture of vulgar and poetic language, the episodes combine the mundane with fetishism, violence and dark humour.

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  • And My Head Exploded by Geoff Chew
    And My Head Exploded (Hardback)

    Tales of desire, delirium and decadence from fin-de-siecle Prague. Short stories written by Julius Zeyer, Bozena Benesova, Milos Marten, Arthur Breisky, Jiri Karasek ze Lvovic, Frantisek Gellner and Richard Weiner

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  • Gaudeamus by Richard
    Gaudeamus (Paperback)

    Set in Slovakia from the mid-1970s onwards, historical fact, murder, loss and mourning combine delicately in a tale of love, loss, redemption and joy.

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  • Fox Season by Agnieszka Dale
    Fox Season (English, Paperback)

    Agnieszka Dale's characters all want to find greatness, but they realise greatness isn't their thing. But what is? And what is great anyway?

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  • In the Name of the Father and Other Stories by Balla
    In the Name of the Father and Other Stories (English, Hardback)

    Balla is often described as "the Slovak Kafka" for his depictions of the absurd and the mundane. In the Name of the Father features a nameless narrator reflecting on his life, looking for someone else to blame for his failed relationship with his parents and two sons, his serial adultery and his wife's descent into madness.

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  • Burying the Season by Antonin Bajaja
    Burying the Season (English, Hardback)

    Burying the Season is an affectionate, multi-layered account of small town life in central Europe beginning in the early 1930s and ending in the 21st Century. Adapting scenes from Fellini's Amarcord, Bajaja's meandering narrative weaves humour, tragedy and historical events into a series of compelling nostalgic anecdotes.

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  • Hear My Voice by David Vaughan
    Hear My Voice (Paperback)

    International diplomacy has stopped working. A new breed of authoritarian ruler has emerged, contemptuous of the rules of diplomacy and collective security, and willing to lie and bully to build power and influence. Europe's democracies are confused and defensive. It is 1938 and Germany is putting pressure on Czechoslovakia.

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  • Kytice by Karel Jaromir Erben
    Kytice (Multiple languages, Paperback)

    "This version is taken from expanded 1861 edition"-- t. p. verso.

    5 stars

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  • Prague, I See a City... by Daniela Hodrova
    Prague, I See a City... (English, Paperback) Currently Unavailable More details
  • Reds, Rats and Rock 'n' Roll by Pauls Bankovskis
    Reds, Rats and Rock 'n' Roll (Paperback)

    Soviet troops, teenage angst, ambition, loud music, rebellion and neighbours.

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