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Jason Starr

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  • Gotham: City of Monsters by Jason Starr
    Gotham: City of Monsters (English, Paperback) Jason Starr

    The official link between Gotham seasons two and three, revealing Jim Gordon's return to Gotham City to set himself up as a freelance bounty hunter.

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  • Slide by Ken Bruen
    Slide (English, Paperback) Ken Bruen, Jason Starr

    Max Fisher used to run a computer Company; Angela Petrakos was his assistant and mistress. But that was last year. Now Max is reinventing himself as a hip-hop crack dealer and Angela's back in Ireland, hooking up with a would-be record-setter... in the field of serial killing. Will their paths cross again? What do you think?

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  • Gotham by Jason Starr
    Gotham (English, Paperback) Jason Starr

    Unmasking the atmosphere of political corruption and crime rampant in Gotham City, this novel feeds directly into the first episode of the TV series, culminating in the murder of the Waynes at the hands of an unknown assailant.


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  • Bust by Ken Bruen
    Bust (English, Paperback) Ken Bruen, Jason Starr

    5 [Important / Valuable] lessons you can learn by reading bust: 1. When you hire someone to kill your wife, don't hire a psychopath. 2. Don't use Drano to get rid of a dead body. 3. Those locks on hotel room doors? Not very secure. 4. A curly blond wig isn't much of a disguise. 5. Secrets can kill.

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  • Panic Attack by Jason Starr
    Panic Attack (Paperback) Jason Starr

    Adam Bloom has the perfect life in a big house with his wife and daughter Marissa, until late one night Marissa wakes him up and says 'somebody's downstairs.' Adam uses his gun to kill one unarmed intruder, but the other escapes. Life will never be the same again. Adam doesn't feel safe, not with the other intruder out there. As the family recovers and the Blooms' relationship falls apart, Marissa...

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  • Wolverine Max: Wolverine Max Volume 2: Escape To L.a. Escape to L.A. Volume 2 by Jason Starr
    Wolverine Max: Wolverine Max Volume 2: Escape To L.a. Escape to L.A. Volume 2 (English, Paperback) Jason Starr, Leo Fernandez

    After solving the mystery of Creed and the plane crash, Logan heads to L.A. - but after living in the past for so long, can he face his future? Logan plants roots in the City of Angels, hoping to lie low and rebuild his life...but a mysterious figure from his forgotten past returns and refuses to let sleeping dogs lie. It's the next gritty chapter in the MAX reimagining of Wolverine. Collecting:...

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  • Savage Lane by Jason Starr
    Savage Lane (English, Hardback) Jason Starr

    Unbeknownst to Karen Daily, her unhappily married neighbor has a rich fantasy life about her that has grown into a full-blown obsession, just as a revelation about Karen makes her the subject of rumor and a murder suspect?as well as the target of a psychopath. By an internationally best-selling author.

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  • Nothing Personal by Jason Starr
    Nothing Personal (Paperback) Jason Starr

    The DePinos are miserable, living in a tiny rundown apartment above a deli on Tenth Avenue. The Sussmans live in a posh building on the Upper East Side. When Joey DePino loses his job and is threatened by his bookies and loan shark, he involves the Sussmans in a sick, desperate plan to pay off his gambling debts. But ad exeutive David Sussman has his own problems, trying to stop his suddenly...

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  • Savage Lane by Jason Starr
    Savage Lane (English, Paperback) Jason Starr

    Savage Lane is Jason Starr's most accomplished novel yet, a searing, tense domestic thriller with hidden motives and dark secrets, where nothing is as it seems, and an honest, raw meditation on a declining marriage and obsessive love. When recently divorced Karen moves with her two kids into a nice suburb of New York she finds peace and joy for the first time in years. But unbeknown to Karen, her...

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  • Fake Id by Jason Starr
    Fake Id (English, Paperback) Jason Starr

    At 32 years old, Tommy Russo's dream of becoming a famous actor is fading fast, and he is splitting his time between gambling during the day and working nights as a bouncer at a Manhattan bar. When an opportunity comes along to join a smalltime horse-owning syndicate, Tommy jumps at the chance. Suddenly, he has a new dream - he could be a famous horse owner, in the winner's circle at Hollywood...

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  • Hard Feelings by Jason Starr
    Hard Feelings (Paperback) Jason Starr

    For computer-networking salesman Richard Segal, life has been tough lately. He hasn't made a sale in months, his wife might be sleeping with an old boyfriend, and he's drinking again. On his way home from work one evening, he spots a familiar face across Fifth Avenue - Michael Rudnick, a guy who grew up across the street from him in Brooklyn. What seems like a harmless encounter becomes anything...

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  • Twisted City by Jason Starr
    Twisted City (Paperback) Jason Starr

    Times are hard for David Miller, a journalist for a second rate financial magazine who hates his boss, is tired of supporting his girlfriend's partying lifestyle and recently lost his sister to cancer. But things are about to get much worse. When he loses his wallet in a neighbourhood bar, he finds himself being blackmailed by junkies, lying to his family and friends and stumbling into a crime...

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  • Pimp by Ken Bruen
    Pimp (English, Paperback) Ken Bruen, Jason Starr

    Reteaming a decade after their award-nominated first collaboration, Bruen and Starr complete the saga of wannabe druglord Max Fisher and his one-time assistant Angela, now working in the capital of sin and depravity: Hollywood.

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  • Wolverine Max Volume 3 by Jason Starr
    Wolverine Max Volume 3 (English, Paperback) Jason Starr, Felix Ruiz

    On the outskirts of the casinos and neon lights of Las Vegas is a world of trailer parks and tumbleweeds - a world that Wolverine wants to call home. There he finds work as an extreme fighter, taking out his aggressions for pay in abandoned warehouses and backwoods bars. But he's sti ll not sure why he came to Sin City in the first place. Who wrote the note that led him here? And why can't he...

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  • The Max by Ken Bruen
    The Max (English, Paperback) Ken Bruen, Jason Starr

    When last we saw Max Fisher and Angela Petrakos, Max was being arrested by the NYPD for drug trafficking and Angela was fleeing the country in the wake of a brutal murder. Now both are headed for eye-opening encounters with the law - Max in the cell blocks of Attica, Angela in a quaint little prison on the Greek island of Lesbos...

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  • Ant-man: Natural Enemy Prose Novel by Jason Starr
    Ant-man: Natural Enemy Prose Novel (English, Hardback) Jason Starr

    Marvel's smallest hero stars in his biggest story yet: an all-new, original prose novel timed to coincide with the Ant-Man feature film! Meet Scott Lang: ex-con, single father and part-time super hero. Scott and his teenage daughter, Cassie, are just settling down in a new city when a criminal from Scott's past comes gunning for them. But is the killer really after Scott, or the secrets of the...

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  • Bloodlines by Jason Starr
    Bloodlines (English, Paperback) Jason Starr

    From provocative peeks into the lives of jockeys, trainers, owners, and breeders, to the down and dirty doings of bookies and gamblers, here is a literary tribute to a favorite national pastime. Editors Maggie Estep (Diary of an Emotional Idiot; Flamethrower) and Jason Starr (Twisted City; Lights Out) have brought together original fiction and nonfiction from some of our most beloved writers. Lee...

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  • The Craving by Jason Starr
    The Craving (Paperback) Jason Starr

    Mild-mannered stay-at-home dad Simon Burns has undergone a life changing transformation - after being indoctrinated into the pack, he has become a werewolf. Fearing that the truth would end his marriage, Simon has told his wife Alison that he is suffering from a psychological condition in which a person thinks he is a werewolf.

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  • Wolverine Max Vol. 1: Permanent Rage by Jason Starr
    Wolverine Max Vol. 1: Permanent Rage (English, Paperback) Jason Starr, Connor Willumson

    Wolverine in A MAX series by crime novelist Jason Starr! In Tokyo, Logan gets pulled into a terrorist's plot. In the aftermath of a plane crash that wiped his memory, Wolverine investigates his own past... Who are Victor Creed and Mariko Yashida; what do they mean to Wolverine and what secrets are both hiding? Framed for Creed's vicious acts, Logan becomes public enemy number one. When the chance...

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  • Fugitive Red by Jason Starr
    Fugitive Red (English, Paperback) Jason Starr

    In the style of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, Jack and Maria's marriage is shaky when a friend tells Jack about a new extramarital dating website. Jack follows up and meets Sophia?who goes by the name Fugitive Red. A steamy online affair ensues, but when goes to meet Sophia in person, he finds her dead?and he becomes the prime suspect.

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